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A New Way of Bus Traveling by
Jef Bayley
The Bon Ton Bus is a rock star style tour bus for afuent European
vacationers that place a high value on their time. Created by Jef Bayley of
Florida, we sell a more efcient method of orbiting Florida by combining
overnight accommodations in a custom made tour bus with 10 bunks that
double as your hotel, thereby eliminating your need to personally navigate to
hotels or points of interest. Jef Bayley invented the Bon Ton Bus to save
Florida travelers the time of packing and unpacking and it’s more fun than
other methods of travel. Our tours are more intense and more efcient for
visitors desiring to see more points of interest in less time while
simultaneously socializing with likeminded adventurers that appreciate
exclusivity. Jef Bayley lives in Florida and invented a 2nd model of travel to help Meet
Up or Linked In groups by using a Rock Star style tour bus as the mobile
venue for exclusive events for 10. Your group members pay closer attention
to getting signed up more swiftly for exclusive events. Jef Bayley help’s
make sure your event is especially fun and memorable. The Meet Up
Machine's shape shifting dynamic means you greatly expand the scope of
your events since your able to plan strategic stops around a given region
that align with the objectives and theme of your event. Your group conducts
their rap sessions in between stops on the crawl which converts the Ho Hum
and drudgery of driving into 100% of productive, comfortable and
simultaneous fun with food and drinks along the way. This shape shifting
platform cooked up by Jef Bayley increases efciency and simultaneously
makes your events more interesting and sensational.
It’s interesting that Jef Bayley started the company after personally traveling
in this efcient apparatus himself for 15 years. He now brings this efciency
to both the European traveler and the executive interested in maximizing
their time for business or pleasure and doing so without compromise of
accouterments and comforts of home. You can see why Jef Bayley fnds this
work so much fun the moment you meet and see the zeal Jef has for
entertaining his clients. Jef Bayley can be reached via his LinkedIn profle if
you’d like more information on this shape shifting method of orbiting Florida.

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