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All About Company Registration Number
Acompany registration numbera unique number that is specified for one company only. is With the help of this company registration number, it is easier to identify a company. This number is a unique combination of characters that can be composed of alphabets or numbers. Thecompany registration numberis also known as company number or CRN. The number is also used for the verification that your company is legally registered with the Companies House.
The company registration number:
The registration number of a company is automatically assigned to a company by the Companies House. The company number is only provided to the companies that can be incorporated at the Companies House i.e. limited company or limited liability partnerships. Sole traders, on the other hand, are not incorporated so they are not provided with the registration number. As a business owner, you don’t have the authority to select a specified number for your company. Moreover, you cannot reserve a number. It will be provided to you by the Companies House automatically. The specified number will remain with the company and will be used for all the official workings of the company. Where to find a company registration number?
There are a lot of places where you can find the registration number. These places are explained below: It is displayed on the certificate of incorporation that is provided by the Companies House. It also contains the official name of the company.
Thecompany registration numberis displayed on all of the emails and letters that are officially sent to the related people. Every correspondence material will contain the name and the registration number of the company.
If the company has undergone a change of the name, the registration number will be present on the certificate of the change of name. After the approval of name change, the Companies House will issue a certificate that will contain the new name and the registration number of the company.
All the official letters and the documentations will contain the company registration number on it. Moreover, the letters sent or received from the Companies House will also contain the registration number. The number of the company is also displayed on the public registered that can be accessed at the hour of need. The need of company registration number:
There are a lot of situations in which acompany registration numberis required for the completion of the procedures. Following are the scenarios in which you need a registration number:
When the name of the company is changed When the official address of the company needs to be changed When the SAIL address of the company is changed or set When the location of statutory records is to be changed. This transfer can be done between the registered office and the SAIL address. When the company is appointing or removing a director, an LLP member or a company secretary. When the details of the company’s director need to be changed. While the confirmation statement is to be filled While the filling of the company’s annual accounts While filling the copies of resolution When the shares of the company have to be allotted or when there are any changes in the undertaking of the company’s share capital. When the company is to be resolved. When the date of company’s accounting reference is to be changed
Apart from the above-mentioned situations, there are also some points at which thecompany registration numberwill be submitted to the HMRC: When the company is registering for the corporation tax or filling the company tax, the registration number will be provided to HMRC.
When the company is to be registered for VAT or while submitting the VAT returns While registering for PAYE or submitting PAYE reports A company registration numberhas a specified format that will be used to create the registration number. It will consist of 8 numbers and 2 letters that will be followed by 6 numbers. Make sure you have your owncompany registration numberbefore start working as a legally registered company in the UK.
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