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MP-NRLF r OK Tin of California,University 'i> ^7 No.\< 7 .las>s.icLLS.sion .(o ( (-?^J : BIRMINGHAM. HISTORY AND GENERAL DIRECTORY OF THE BOROUGH OF BIRMINGHAM, WITH THE REMAINDER OF THE PARISH OF ASTON, HANDSWORTIITHE SOHO AND PART OF INCLUDED BEING OF COUNTYTHE OF V/ARWICK. Ancient and Modern History of this PopnlousThe Borough AND ITS SUBURBS, compiled with great care and labour, from personal application to allHas been the Societies, Associations, places of Business, privatePublic Buildings, Residences, and Public Interest, from which much new and useful informationall places of has been and Shaw, the former Historians of Binningham,derived; and Hutton fully consulted. progress of the varied ^Manufactures, and the increaseThe rise and of the Population out and also the Charities from thefully pointed ; Commissioners Report. BY FRANCIS WHITE AND Co., of the History, Gazetteer, and Directory of NottinghamshireAuthors Directories of; Hull, York, and the East Riding of Yorkshhe; Newcastle, and the principal Towns the Counties ofDurham and Northumberland:in every copy ofwhich was sold two after Publication,months PRINTED FOR THE AUTHORS, ROYALBY JOHN BLURTON, STEAM-PRESS OFFICES, CASTLE STREET AND KING STREET, byAnd Sold F. White and Co., 54, Ilennitaije Street^ SHEFFIELD. Price to Subscribers, Os. in cloth boards, or 1 Is. in calf binding Non-Subs. 25. 6d. extra. ; 1849. (^ (oCp 7 —; PREFACE. History and Topography of the Borough ofthis attempt to present to the Public aIn arrangementscomplete Directory of the Inhabitants, under twoBinningham, with a Trades and Professions atthe Sm-names in Alphabetical order, with thefirst, giving classified under the Headslength, places of Business, and Residences second, offiill ; acknowledge their great obligationtothe LiteraryTrades and Professions—the Authors Gentlemen ofthe Borough, who have so freely furnishedthem with variousand Official Subscriberssources of information; and also to the numerous who have favoured them the present Volume will foomdwith their support to so liberal an extent; and hope be published for this populous Borough.the most complete Book of Reference ever embraces General History and Description of the TownThe Plan of the Work a AuthorsBirmingham, extracted from the works of ancient and modemand Borough of togetherParliamentary Reports of Public Charities, Population, &c. ;and fi-om the Biograpliical elicited bywith variety of Statistical, Commercial, and information,a thosecomprehensive view of the rise and progress ofpersonal inquiry ; with a full and beautiful Manufactures of which Birmingham is the emporium, to which it and the immediate much of their present wealth and importance. Lists ofMagis-locality owe trates, Public Officers, Streets, Courts, Places, Squares, Terraces, &c., with an Alpha- addresses Inhabitants, followedbetical arrangement of the of the by a Directory classed according Trades and Professions the whole preceded by a Table shevringto the re-; ciprocal distances of all the Towns from each other, and from London and a general; Index, which points out the page at which every subjectmay be instantly found. The History, Gazetteer, andpresent Volume being part of a General Directory of the County ofWarwick, which will complete in about five months, and willappear be accompanied the County, prepared expressly for th«with a large coloured sheet Map of Work. WHITE & Co.E. Shefieldy Ajn-a 1849.20, vs v:'X P < O C3 r .- — cCO so CO o o «o o «o o c to cc cc as — —o o — —to to — CO lO \u -I C-i to X -1\z c n n V. to >— — to >CO CO CO 1^ C-1 lO Cti CO CX) «£> o mi o -1 to to c^ Co to 10 tc i:> — — to "^J — — 10 — lo ^ :r. '^ro cc S V8 >— •—^ to to •— to CO CO — to — n C-i to to »(>> toCO O --I o o Co o — Pto C C 'O VO 4- 10 CC to — c-< 3 JL -1 — o to to to— - — — r' 5- - ^fO 18 s tT C-i ^1 ^1^ CO O Ci o c o I Od— -- «0 14 toC: > os -1 14 — to 1^ Ci c cc o _^ o H p V 1 INDEX.GENERAL -2 Churches in Aston,Air, (Natural) Buildings, 70 752, Trinity,AliUTinon, Burials, 45 Holy.'IJ 7 St. James's,Al])liabetical Directory, 88 Buttons, 31, 33 7 -289 Callum's Repository, 60 St. John Baptist,to 7 Churches in Edgbaston,Amusements, Canals, 395 854 49, to 401 St. Bartholomew, 8Ancient State. 2. 33 Carriers, 398 St. George's,Castle Bromwich tt Hall, 72 8Annual Rental, I Cathie.) Church of the Saviour, 8Antiquities, Cathedral,(Roman 939 Church, Church of England Lay As-Architecture, 36 Catholic (Roman) sociation, 8Art Union, (Roval) 20 10, 73 Clodshale Walter, de, 41Ashted, Cemeteries—Church ofEng-7 land, General, 14 Coaches, 396 to 397Assay Oifice, 32, 53 13; Coining Machines,Assemblies, 54 Chalybeate Spring, 2 32 Aston, CoUis R. tfe Co. 35Aston, Hall, Union, Charities, 61 to G.71 ; 72; 71; Convent of Sisters ofMercy,Directory, 402 75 to 7875; Asylum Children, 28 Charters, 45 10for 11 Corn Exchange, 31Athceneum, 20 Chapels, (Dissenter's) 12 Corporation, Members,Athenic Institution, 19 Baptist, 37Bailiff, (High and Low) 2 (General) 12 (Petition for) 45 Coventry, (send him to,) 44Bankruptcy and Protective Calvinstic, 12 Offices, Meeting, 13 Courts, 5753 Friends County,Banks, 39 Inde} indents, Bankruptcy, 59 ;12, 74 58 Request, HonourBarracks, 48 Jews- Synagogue, 13 57; ; .luntingdon, 12 of Tutbury, 59Baskerville John, 34 Lady Baths, (Ladywell and Bal- LatterDay Saints 13 Cridda, 28 Crosses, (Old,sall Heath) 55 Methodists, II New Con- New, and; 45 jVIethodist, 11 Welch, ) 44Battles—Birmingham, nexion ; (feCamp Hill, 44 New Jenisalem,12 Deaf Dumb Institution, 26 II Democratic Club, 54Bellows Makers, 28 Presbyterian, Birmingham General,Bene- Primitive Methodists, 1 Denby, Earl of, Shot, 45 28volent,
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