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4.:i. "^ß^"^!^H^ . »rtr '"^P"^"'' ^rv..^4 .jgr*t^^«^- ..'v, y-.;^:, .4^ Alt^ *» v> •*t> -,> |.-*£.k-,;'.< :>v /.^yF J^r^^ BIOMETEIKA FOK THE STATISTICAL STUDY OFA JOURNAL BIOLÜGICAL PROBLEMS EDITED IN CON8ULTAT10N WITH FRANCIS ÜALTON BY W. F. R. WELDON KARL PEARSON AND C. B. DAVENPORT LIBRARY YORK^nW BOTANlCAL ÜAltDENVOLUME II November 1902 to November 1903 CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITVAT THE PliESS LONDON: C. J. CLAY AND SONS, AVE MARIA LANE AND H. K. LEWIS, GOWER STREET NEW YORK : THE MACMILLAN COMPANY LEIPSIC : BROCKHACS BOMBAY AND CALCUTTA : MACMILLAN AND CO., LIMITED [All Ri())ttA rcst:rvcd\ CONTENTS. Memoirs. PAGE Systematic Fitting of Curves to Observations and Measnre-I. Oll the 1ments. Part II. By Kaiu, Pearson, F.R.S Study of the Effect of Environment upon the FormsII. Quantitative froni Cold Spring Harbor,of Xassa obsoleta and Xuxsa trivittuta Abigail Camp Di.mon 24Long Island. By \V. Weldox,III. the Ambiguity of Mendel's Categories, By F. R.ün UF.RS IV. Cooperative Investigatioiis on Plants : I. On Inhiiitaiice in the Shirley Poppy .......... 56 and Arrangement of the Bony Plates of theV. On the Number 11.')Young John Dory. By L. W. Bykxe VI. Notes on the Theory of Association of Attributes in Statistics. Udny Yule 121By G. VII, A Further Study of Statistics rehxting to Vaccination and Siiiall- 135pox. By \V. R. Macdonell Investigations on Phmts : II. Variation and CorrelationVIII. Cooperative in Lesser Celandine l'roni divers localities . . . .145 Report on the Result of crossing Japanese Waltzing MiceIX. Second with European Albino Races. By A. D. Dakbishire . 165 By \V. F. Siieppakd . 174X. New Tables of the Probability Integral. XI. Variation in .£^H/)0(7H7-HÄ Pnrfea (M'ii Heller. By E. H. J. Sciu'steu 191, Xll. The Lixw of Ancestral Heredity. By Karl Pearson . .211 Appendix II. On Inheritance (Grandparent and Offspring) in Thoroughbred Racehorses. By Norman Blanchard . . 229 Appendix III. On Inheritance (Great-Grandparents and Great- Grcat-Grand])arents and Offspring) in Thoroughbred Race- horses. ]iy Alice Lee 234 Contents iii PAGE Actinosphaerium Eichurni A Biometrical Study in tho MassXIII. Ri'liilicilis of NucliMis aiul Cytoplasin. \',y GeoFFREY ÖMITII . i-il XIV. A Proliiriinary Atteinpt to ascertain tho llelationship between sizo of Body insize of Coli and Daplniin VKtcjnd Strauss. 2.";5By E. Wakhun XV. Graduation and Analysis of a Sickuoss Table. B}' W. Palin Elderton 2üO XVI. On tlie Probable Errors of Frequency Constants. (Editokial.) . 273 Third Report on tlie HybridsXVII. between Waltzing Mice and Albino Races. ün the result of Crossing Japanese Waltzing Mice with " Extracted " Recessive Albinos. By A. D. Darbishire . . 282 XVIII. Mr Bateson's Revisions of Mendels Thoory of Heredity. By W. F. R. VVeldon 2SÖ XIX. Mendels Laws and sonie Records in Rabbit Breeding. By F. A. Woods 299 XX. Ueber Asymmetrie bei Gelasiniiis puyilutor Latr. Von Georg DUNCKER 307 VariationXXI. and Correlation in Arcella vulgaris. By Raymond Pearl and Frances J. Dunbar 321 XXll. On the Laws of Inheritauce in Man. I. Inheritauce of Physical Characters. By Karl Pearson 857 XXIII. Variation in Ophiocoma Nigra 0. F. Müller. By D.C. McIntosh 463 XXIV. Tables of Powers of Natural Numbers and of Sums of Powers of Natural 1Numbers from —100. By W. Palin Elderton . 474 XXV. Assortative Mating in Man. A Cooperative Study . . . 481 Miscellanea. (i) Note on the Results of Crossing Japanese Waltzing Mice with European Albino Races. By A. D. Darbkshire.... 101 (ii) Interpolation by Finite Differences. (Two Indopendent Variables.) By W. Palin Elderton lOö (iii) Variation in tho Muscatel {Adoxa Moschatellina, L.). By Henry Whitehead 108 (iv) Seasonal Change in the Characters of Aster prenanthoides Muhl. Note on a paper by G. H. Shull 113 : iv Contents PAQE on Intensity of(v) Note on the Influence ofChangc of Sex the Heredity. By FuANK E. Lutz 237 Craniological Notes: Attack on the Arithinelic(vi) Professor von Törük's Jlean. By K. PearsüN 339 (vii) Homogeneity and Hetcrogeneity in Collections of Crania. PearsoxBy K. 345 (viii) Preliniinary Note on Interraoial Chamcters and their Corre- lation in Man. By S. Jacob, A. Lee and K. Pearson 347 (ix) Inlieritance of Finger Prints 356 (x) Inheritance in Phaseoliis viifmris. By W. F. K. W. and K. P. . 499 to " Analysis of(xi) Addendniii Oraduation and a Sickness Table." By W. Pamx Ei.derton 503 Craniological Kotes (xii) Homogeneity and Hetcrogeneity in Crania. By Charles S. Myers 504 Reniarks Peau.soxon Dr Myers' Note. By K. . . 506 (xiii) On Cranial Types. vonBy Professor Aurel Török . 508 Remarks on Professor von Török's Note. By K. Pearson 509 Plates. Frontispiece. Francis (Jaltox, froni a photogiajili, with sketch. Presented to Biometnka by E. B. Piate I. Young John Dory, showing position of anterior dorsal and anal plates 120to face p. Subject and name indices will be isstied every years embracing severalfeiv volumes.