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DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY NICHOLS O'DUGAN DICTIONARY OF BYEDITED SIDNEY LEE VOL. XLI. NICHOLS O'DuGAN MACMILLAN AND CO. & CO.LONDON : SMITH, ELDER, 1895 JDft Z8 -D4 \83 v/.A-l LIST OF WEITEES IN THE FORTY-FIRST VOLUME. J. G. F. . J.A. A. . . G. A. AITKEN. , G. FOTHEHINGHAM.G. ALLEN. M. F THEJ. W. A. . . J. W. REV. DR. FHIEDLANDER. R. GW. A. J. A. . W. A. J. ABCHBOLD. RICHARD LL.D.GABNETT, J. T. G. . . J. T.W. A WALTEB ARMSTRONG. F.S.A.GILBERT, LL.D., . BAGWELL. G. GR. B-L. . . RICHARD GORDON GOODWIN. R. B. . G. F. RUSSELL BARKER. A. GG. F. THE REV. ALEXANDER GORDON. Miss BATESON. R. E. G. . . R.M. B E. GRAVES. R. THE REV. BAYNE. J. M. G. . . THE LATEB RONALD J. M. GRAY. THOMAS BAYNE. J. C. H. . . J. CUTHBERTT. B HADDEN. . . R. BEAZLEY. J. A. H. . . J. A.C. R. B. C. HAMILTON. THE REV. H. E. D. BLAKISTON. C. A. H. . . C.H. E. D. B. ALEXANDER HARRIS. B. . . G. C. BOASE. T. F. H. . . T. F.G. C. HENDERSON. T. B. . . THE REV. PROFESSOR J. A. H-T. . J.G. BONNEY, A. HERBERT. F.R.S. W. A. S. H. W. A. S. HEWINS. R.A. R. B. . . THE REV. A. BUCKLAND. G. J. H. . . GEORGE JACOB HOLYOAKE. F. B LADY FRANCES BUSHBY. W. H. ... THE REV. WILLIAM HUNT. H. M. C. . . THE LATE H. MANNERS CHI- A. J THE REV. AUGUSTUS JESSOPP, D.D.CHESTER. M. . Miss A. M. COOKE. C. L. K. . . C. L. KlNGSFOBD.A. C-E. T. THOMPSON F.S.A. J. K JOSEPHC COOPER, KNIGHT, F.S.A. C. H. C. . C. H. COOTE. W. W. K. . COL. W. W. KNOLLYS.. W. C. . P. J. E. L. . . PROFESSOR J. E. LAUGHTON.P. , W. COURTNEY. L. C E. L Miss ELIZABETH LEE.LIONEL F.S.A.CUST, J. A. D. . . J. A. DOYLE. S. L SIDNEY LEE. R. D ROBERT DUNLOP. R. H. L. . . ROBIN H. LEOGE. W. J. F. . . W. J. F.S.A. A. G. L. . . A. G. LITTLE.FITZPATRICK, W. G. D. F. THE G. D. FLETCHER. J. E. L. . . JOHN EDWARD LLOYD.REV. W. VI List of Writers. j. H. L. . . THE BEV. J. H. B.D. E. G. P. . . Miss E. G. POWELL.LUPTON, M. MACD. . M. P.MACDONAGH. D'A. ... D'ABCY F.B.C.S.POWEB, J B. M. . . J. . .B. MACDONALK. B. B. P. B. B. PBOSSEB. J. M-N. . . . THE BEV. JAMES MACKINNON J. M. B. . . J. M. BIOG. Ph.D. C. J. E. . . THE EEV. C. J. BOBINSON. E. C. M. . . E. C. MABCHANT. J. H. E. . . J. H. BOUND. L. M. M. . . MlSS MlDDLETON. W. B-E. . . WALTEB BYE. A. H. M. . . A. H. MILLAR. L. C. S. . . LLOYD C. SANDEBS. N. M . NOBMAN M.D.MOOBE, T. S THOMAS SECCOMBE. G. P. M-Y, . G. P. MORIABTY. W. A. S. . . W. A. SHAW. J. B. M. . . J. BASS Mri-LiNGER. C. F. S. . . Miss C. FELL SMITH. A. N. . . . . ALBEBT NICHOLSON. L. T. S. . . Miss LUCY TOULMIN SMITH. P. L. N. . . P. L. NOLAN. B. H. S. . . BASIL HABBINGTON SOULSBY. F. N. . . . . FBEDEBICK NOBOATE. L. S LESLIE STEPHEN. G. LE G. N. . G. LE GBYS G. S-H. . . . GEOBGE STBONACH. D. J. O'D. , D. J. O'DONOOHTJE. C. W. S. . . C. W. SUTTON. F. M. O'D. , F. M. F.S.A.O'DoNOGHUE, J. T-T. . . . JAMES TAIT. 8. P. 0. . CAPT. S. P. OUVEB. H. E. T. . . H. B. F.S.A.TEDDEB, W. P-H. . THE LATE WYATT PAPWOBTH. X LL. T. . D. LLEUFEB THOMAS. K. P. . . . KINETON PABKES. 2. V THE EEV. CANON VENABLES. H. P HENBY PATON. E. H. V. . . COLONEL B. H. VETCH, E.E., C. P THE BEV. CHABLES PLAITS. C.B. B. L. P. . , B. L. POOLE. G. W GBAHAM WALLAS. 8. L.-P. . . . STANLEY LANE-POOLE. F. W-N. . . FOSTEB WATSON. A. F. P. A. F. PoLLABD. W. W. W. . SUBGEON-CAPTAIN W. W. WEBB. B. P. . Ml8S POBTEB. W.W WABWICK F.S.A.WBOTH, DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY Nichols Nichols NICHOLS. also so that he devote himself[See NICOLLS.] might entirely to Nichols removed hisJAMES theological study.NICHOLS, (1785-1861), printer office in 1832 to Hoxtonprintingand was born at Wash- Square,writer,theological where he remained the rest of his life. Here6 1785. toington, Durham, April Owing he some excellent editions ofThomasprintedlosses he had to work in a atfamily factory '' 'Fuller's Church from the of to History (1837), HistoryHolbeck, Leeds, age eight ' ' of and The andCambridge (1840),but studied the Latin in Holytwelve, grammar ' 'ProfaneState Pearson onthe Creed'(1841),moments. His father was afterwardsspare ' ' and Warburton's Divine(1845), Legationable to send him to Leeds school.grammar and edited books for William(1846), manyNichols was for some time a private tutor, ' In an notice in the Athe-Tegg. obituaryand entered into business as asubsequently naeum'two works are and bookseller at especially commended,Leeds.printer Briggate, 'which cannot be forsurpassed judgment,He some smallprinted volumes, including ' and' on the of thezeal, care, scholarshipPoems and partseveralByrom's (1814), pam- ' the PoeticalWorks ofThom-editor, namely,and edited the Leeds Ob-phlets, Literary son and the Works of Dr.Completevol. from to [1849]server,' i., January September But his chiefYoung [1855].' publication1819. This he toperiodical proposed replace was 'The Exercises atprobably Morninga of a more ambitiousby monthlymiscellany St. and inCripplegate, Giles-in-the-Fields,butremoved toLondonandcharacter, opened divers SermonsSouthwark, being preacheda office at 22Warwick New-printing Square, fifth' A.D. collated and1659-1689,' edition,Street. His best known Cal-gate work, ' 6 vols. 8vo.corrected, London, 1844-5,vinism and Arminianism compared (1824), in 26He died Hoxton on Nov.was Square 1861,here written and Of thisprinted. book, 76. Hemarried Miss of Stock-aged Burseywrote to the Rev. Neville WhiteSouthey in and had' ton-on-Tees 1813,28 many children,Oct. 1824 : It is in a mostput together ofwhom two survive. but it is the most valuableunhappy way, 'was one of theNichols rare race of contribution toour ecclesiastical thathistory ' learned and a man of unboundedprinters,has ever fallen into handsmy '(Selections information Dec.(Athen
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