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Session 2017
Épreuve :LV1 Anglais
Durée de l’épreuve : 2 heures
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I.Compréhension de l’écrit Documents 1 et 2 A.1 . Commemorating the First World War Document 1 B.1) Name Contribution Date John Mc Crae Wrote a poem entitled “Flanders Fields” 1915 Moina Michael Advertized the poppy 1918 Anna Guérin Manufactured and supplied the poppies to raise 1921 money for war orphans British legion Started producing the poppy in Britain 1922 (and then other ( until today ) charities) 2) Photo C inspired the poem “In Flanders Fields” 3) 2 sentences which show that the poppy is still used as a symbol today are: - l. 15/16 “ It continues to do so today” -l. 20 /21 “The poppy continues to be sold worldwide” C.1) Apart from being a symbol of remembrance, the poppy was also used “to raise money in support of ex-service men and the families of those who had died in the conflict.” l. 11-12 2) “war orphans” l. 13/14 and “ disabled ex-servicemen” l.15 benefited from the money raised by the sale of poppies. D. A) white- poppy colour: reconciliation and pacifism B) animals killed in the war -poppy colour : purple C) dead soldiers and civilians -poppy colour : red 2 Propriété exclusivedeStudyrama.Toutereproductionoudiffusioninterditesans autorisation.
Document 2 E.1) Name : Oswald Davis City : BirminghamName : David HOLDWAY-DAVIS Age : 20Military rank : Corporal City, Country : Brisbane , Australia Military mission: dispatch rider (sending messages riding his motorbike) during the Job : building apprentice Battle of the Somme Hobby : motorbiking Hobbies: 1. writing 2. motorbiking 2) BOX A BOX B 1) Great great- uncle 4) Philip 2) Oswald Davis 3) Died 1962  3) Although the men in grey boxes belong to different GENERATIONS, they have a SIMILAR or COMMON (MOTORBIKE) passion. F.THE SPECIAL JOURNEY Countries of origin of the participants -England  -Australia -France -New Zealand Means of transport -motorbike Itinerary -Departure: Abbeville st -1 stop: Amiens nd -2 stop: Senlis-le-Sec -3rd stop : Thiepval G.c. honour soldiers.The main goal of the special journey is to
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H.Oswald refused to share his experience of the war. FALSE1) a) l. 26/27 He “ left an archive of work, including his war diary, (…) available to download fromtriumphonthewesternfront.com b) Oswald was very good atmechanics. TRUE  l. 32 “ he somehow managed to do all his own repairs”  c) Oswald has to overcome a lot of obstacles to survive. TRUE l. 32/33 He managed to “ drive through mud-filled craters, dodging shrapnel and bombs, and deal with lice, hunger and constant fear.”  2) David considers his great great-uncle Oswald as a war hero. He says that he achieved many acts of bravery (l.5) and he could ride his motorbike through the battlefields of the Somme during WWI. At the end, we can read online 33/34 “His sense of duty was awesome” showing that David is proud of his ancestor. 56 words II.Expression écrite Ci-dessous les corrigés possibles des 2 sujets d’expression A et B (un seulement est à choisir par le candidat) SUJET A Il s’agit de faire un discours pour l’ouverture d’une exposition de la première guerre mondiale. Il faut choisir l’une des 3 femmes dans les encadrés pour honorer les femmes qui ont aussi aidé pendant la première guerre mondiale 1.La première est Jane Ann Jones qui s’occupait des stocks de l’armée, de l’équipement des soldats. Elle envoyait également les messages aux soldats et écrivait leurs mémoires. 2.La deuxième femme est Ethel Betty Stonehouse qui travaillait pour les services d’espionnage du MI5 célèbre agence anglaise. Elle s’occupait des soldats en permission dans leur pays et de leurs familles. ème 3.La 3 femmeGrace Mitchellétait infirmière en France, Belgique et Allemagne. Elle s’occupait de rapatrier les victimes en Angleterre. Elle a laissé un album de photos de cette période .
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Ci-dessous un corrigé possible de la 3ème femme, transposable aux 2 premières. I am here today to speak in honour of the soldiers –men and women- who fought during the Great War. We are going to open this exhibition entitled “World War one: women during the war” and I would like to pay tribute to a great woman who contributed to the war effort. Her name wasGrace Mitchell. She was born in 1897 and she was a nurse during the First World War, you can imagine how she helped our privates and healed them from the atrocities of the war. She worked in French, Belgian and German hospitals and she was always there to treat them with the simple cures she could find. She looked after the soldiers and evacuated them to Britain when they could no longer fight. She was so loving and caring that she was still remembered by soldiers after her death in 1963. She was also keen on taking photographs, that’s why we have a lot of pictures of the soldiers she cured. I invite you to go through her album that you will find in this exhibition. Thanks for listening Enjoy your visit. 188 WORDS SUJET B Le sujet B n’est pas en rapport avec les textes de compréhension écrite. Il s’agit d’une expression sur le monde actuel autour de la notion « Idea of progress » au programme de terminale toutes séries. On demande au candidat de choisir un des éléments de la liste et de le mettre en relation avec les années 2010. Ci-dessous un corrigé possible sur les imprimantes 3-D. I would say that 3-D printers symbolize the 2010s because they represent an amazing invention for the future. Can you imagine creating something real just with a computer and a printer? I saw in a TV report that this invention has helped medical surgery. An organ can be created with the 3-D printer and it can be put inside the body of a patient who is very ill. For example, it can be a heart or a brain. Maybe one day, they will be able to create an arm or a leg and replace somebody’s. It makes me think of medical discoveries like transplants, cloning or creating babies. These inventions can revolutionize our way of life. I chose this invention because I think that it is the only one which can really improve science. I believe that smart devices are also important for our generations but not as important as 3-D printers. To conclude, I think all the elements in the list have contributed to make our decade memorable. 5 Propriété exclusivedeStudyrama.Toutereproductionoudiffusioninterditesans autorisation.
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