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bac 2013 sujets corrigés anglais LV2 série L, série ES et série S

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Sujet corrigé Bac 2013 Anglais LV2 Séries L, ES et S Correction sujet ANGLAIS LV2 séries L, S, ES BAC 2013 DOCUMENT A A. The document is an excerpt from a press article published in the Los Angeles Times, published in June 2012. B.2. It compares two reality shows. C.

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Sujet corrigé Bac 2013 Anglais LV2 Séries L, ES et S
Correction sujet ANGLAIS LV2 séries L, S, ES BAC 2013   DOCUMENT A   A. The document is an excerpt from a press article published in the Los Angeles Times , published in June 2012.  B.2. It compares two reality shows.  C. If you take part in "the Great Escape" you may win less money than in " The Amazing Race ", however the competition will not last a week and it will demand no/little physical effort.  DOCUMENT B   D. The document is an excerpt from a novel entitled Speak for England, written by James Hawes and published in 2006.  E. 2. Brian Marley is a contestant on a TV reality show and has managed to become the last contestant in the tropical forest.  F. Their main motivation is money and becoming famous: "their greed for money and their lust for that modern sainthood, media fame" l.14/15.  G Right/Wrong  1. Right : "...after that seventh unbearable, sleepless vigil in the forest"l.4/5 ""the days were horrendous"l.5 / "were they really going to stay another week in the soaking, sauna-hot, pitch-black forest" l. 9/10 / "the unspeakable, crawling, winged nightmare of the rainforest" l.15/16  2 Wrong "when he had been on the verge of quickly giving up on the chance of winning..."l. 5/6 "Marley had hesitated, pen in sweating hand"l.11 "Live in front of the cameras, he had almost cracked." l. 13  DOCUMENT A and B   H. 1 A treasure Hunt : The Amazing Race, The Great Escape  1. A chance for families to work together :The Great capture,  2. A show where the contestants can decide whether to stay or leave Brit Pluck, Green Hell, Two Million,  1. A show where contestants are eliminated : the Amazing Race , The Great Capture  2. A show where contestants are transformed physically and mentally Brit Pluck, Green Hell, Two Million  I. The reality game "The Amazing Race" seems to correspond best to the game described in document B. First the amount of the prize is similar : a one-million-dollar cash prize for "The Amazing Race
"and a two million one for "The Brit Pluck" game. Both games are based on how enduring the contestants are. They are supposed to go beyond their limits at all cost and the shows last weeks and encourage the viewers to identify to the contestants, as opposed to "The Great Escape".  QUESTIONS SERIE L   J "The Great Escape" and "Amazing Race" evoke something positive, a contest invented to make people dream, escape from the real world in a race that will astonish, surprise and entertain them. As opposed to those two names, the game christened "Brit Pluck, Green Hell, Two Million" brings to mind a game that will deal with courage, success and failure, terrible ordeals to overcome, suffering and the ultimate reward for the winner : becoming a millionnaire.  K 1 critical. Sarcastic  K. 2. The narrator firmly intends to overcome the different ordeals he knew he would have to face and go through . He plans to become the winner of the million cash prize, if he survives the remaining week of solitude in the rainforest. The name of the game is almost a summary of what the narrator tells of his experience of the game.  EXPRESSION   Sujet 1 : opinion personnelle, il faut essayer d'argumenter en ne se contentant pas de condamner ou de louer les "reality shows". Donnez des exemples et structurez votre devoir.  Sujet 2  : dialogue avec le personnage Marley qui doit développer ses réponses. Différentes pistes à développer : les épreuves physiques et morales endurées pendant le jeu, la célébrité et l'argent gagné, peut-être les changements que cette victoire a apportée dans sa vie : famille, amis....  Sujet 3 : opinion personnelle. Essayer de nuancer, expliquer et développer votre point de vue, éviter le plan : oui, non, oui et non... Prenez parti!
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