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    ECI DEVELOPMENT Ltd.   Grand Bayman, Belize Gran Pacifica, Nicaragua Gran Caribbean, Costa Rica   
    Managua, Nicaragua 2007
I. Executive Summary  About this Document  This is not a solicitation for the sale of stock. That can only be accomplished through a direct inquiry for a prospectus from our subscription administrator, Georgetown Trust, Ltd. The information contained in this document is believed to be current and reliable. It has not been formally reviewed or approved by any governmental agency. The project team welcomes feedback, which can be communicated via email from the project website. All prices quoted in the prospectus are in US dollars unless otherwise noted.  Introduction  ECI Development Grand Bayman Belize Gran Pacifica Nicaragua Gran Caribbean Costa Rica  What would you do with over 5 miles of beachfront?  Have you ever kicked yourself for not doing something that would have turned a small investment into a sizable fortune? If you bought Pacific real estate in Costa Rica 10 years ago, you may have netted 5 times your initial investment. Not bad. Now imagine being the developer who made 20 times or more. This is your opportunity to own part of the development company and share in the larger profits made at this level.  The next areas of the region experiencing a major wave of appreciation right now are Belize, Nicaragua, and the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Timing is important. More so, however, is the way you get involved. If you want to catch this wave, and for once you’d like to be the developer, then please give this opportunity your serious attention.  Your investment is unique in five ways.  1. This is your opportunity to be part of the development company and own the real estate at the wholesale price. You will be joining a team that includes a large international hotel chain, Ernst and Young, a global accounting and hotel consulting firm; Ron Zurcher, architect of three Marriott hotels and the Four Seasons in Costa Rica; Urban Design Associates, Disney’s choice for master planning at Celebration; Tommy Haugen, architect and creator of numerous golf courses throughout the US; and a cadre of influential Central Americans. This powerful A-team has proven its skill over the last seven years by dealing effectively with the many challenges that face projects of this scale. Not only do you profit from the price differential between wholesale and retail, as retail prices continue to appreciate based on the macro trends of the region, the overall return will grow greater as well.  
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