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Teaching GIS for Land
Zhanjing (John) Yu
Evergreen Valley College, San Jose, California
James Crossfield
California State University at Fresno, Fresno
7/13/2006 1Outline of the Presentation
Lab activities
Term projects
7/13/2006 2Introduction
The main components of the course was
developed by Dr. James Crossfield as part of a
NSF project to develop a land surveying
(geomatics) program for two-year colleges.
The course has been taught twice at Evergreen
Valley College. Santa Rosa Junior College and
other colleges also use part of the curriculum.
It is a 3-unit class with two hours of lecture and
three hours of lab, and is a lower-division class.
7/13/2006 3Introduction
Clarke, K. Getting Started with Geographic Information
System, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2003
FGCS, Multipurpose Land Information Systems: the
Guidebook, Updated through 1994. The guidebook is
at this
Omsby et al., Getting to Know ArcGIS, Second Edition
Updated for ArcGIS 9, ESRI Press, 2004
Reference book
Burrough and McDonnell, Principles of Geographical
Information System, Oxford University Press, 2000
7/13/2006 4Introduction
Learning Outcomes:
Use GIS related software.
Apply GIS knowledge in civil engineering and land surveying
Incorporate CAD drawing and surveying data into GIS.
Analyze and interpret data
Build a multipurpose land information system with GIS
technology by linking geodetic reference, base map, cadastral
overlay and other information overlays
Identify, formulate and solve GIS problems
Recognize the need for lifelong learning and gain lifelong
learning skills
Recognize the need for professional registration or
licensing in land surveying
7/13/2006 5Lectures
What is GIS?
General Definition
Basic features of a GIS package
Data entry, editing and validation
Graphical and image data, alphanumerical data
Creating maps, graphs and tables
Linkage among various data elements
Ad hoc query and analysis
Data storage
7/13/2006 6Lectures
GIS and the Land Surveyor
Both deal with spatial data
Land surveyors are the ultimate positional data suppliers
for GIS
GIS originated from automated map making which is part
of a surveyor’s job
GIS is also know as LIS, Landing Information System in
the surveying community, which deals with land records
and associated information
The Real Property Connection
Licensing examinations include GIS
The Multi-Purpose Land Information System
7/13/2006 7Lectures
Geodetic Reference Framework in LIS/MPC
Geodetic Coordinate System (Geographic Coordinate)
Projections used in SPCS
State Plane Coordinate System (SPCS83)
NSRS (National Spatial Reference System)
PLSS Corners
Local established control points tied to the NSRS
Datums and Coordinate System Recommended
NGS Datasheet
7/13/2006 8Lectures
Base Map
Parts of A Map
Map Scale
Map Accuracy
Types of Base Maps
7/13/2006 9Lectures
Cadastral Overlay
Property Descriptions
Metes and Bound
PLSS aliquot parts and lots
Platting (parcel maps)
Parcel Map
7/13/2006 10

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