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Conquering the frontiers for luxury
a niche player
the BRIC nations
to be on track
the upper-middle-income bracket
a household
disposable annual income
to post (revenue growth)
a flagship store
a concession
second-tier an outlet a franchise/franchised/franchising wholesale/wholeseller retailers
eBay's legal woes
wares counterfeit goods a lawsuit to file a suit damages a fashion house a fake a feea flat feea bid peer-review
Bodyshop and L’Oréal
the high street
socially responsible
Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
to engage in the (CSR) agenda a grant/to grant to rank a stance to take a stance
Japan’s luxury-goods market
a (big) label
ordinary middle-class office workers
the lure/to lure
How to reach second base on line
a defining feature
the mass market
the essence of a brand
a branded on-line community
Luxury handsets
prominent, high-end labels
a customer base
brand equity
status seekers
a differentiator
cutting-edge glitzy in-house to jump on the bandwagon
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