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Vocabulary from the K.D. Nickel case study
(to be learnt by students as preparation for session 1, Tuesday 31
March 2009 – they
should be able to explain meaning through synonyms and phrases)
department store
entry-level sales personnel
to leave the store in a huff
management set-up
120,000 square feet
(equivalent in sq. metres)
to be sought after
to throw in the towel
to chew the fat
to suit someone
to run a business
to cost an arm and a leg
to take someone to the cleaners
an affair with an old flame
cash register
a ledger
to tally
virtually all
to keep a lid on something
a lawyer
to arouse suspicion
to be shattered
to skim cash
to be prosecuted
to be fired
it all mounted up
to be made redundant
to confront someone
to be turned over to the police
he was driven to it by….