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Project Management Framework
Represented by:
Eng. Mohammed M. Abd El Latif, PMP
Definition of a Project
Any work that: Has a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end. Creates a unique product , service or result. Done for a purpose. Has interrelated activities. Is progressively elaborated - distinguishing characteristics of each unique project will be progressively detailed as the project is better understood
Examples of Projects
Developing a new product or service. Effecting a change in structure, staffing, or style of an organization. Designing a new transportation vehicle. Developing or acquiring a new or modified information system. Constructing a building or facility. Building a water system for a community in a developing country. Running a campaign for political office. Implementing a new business procedure or process. 01/02/10
Definition of a Program
A program is “a group of projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits not available from managing them individually”. Many programs also include elements of ongoing operations as shown in the following examples:
Examples of Programs
The “XYZ airplane program” includes both the project or projects to design and develop the aircraft, as well the ongoing manufacturing and support of the craft in the field. Utilities often speak of an annual “construction program,” a regular, ongoing operation that involves many projects.