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Dual common source MOSFET Power Module
VDSS= 200V RDSon= 4mmax @ Tj = 25°C ID= 372A @ Tc = 25°C
Application AC Switches Switched Mode Power Supplies Uninterruptible Power Supplies Features ® Power MOS 7MOSFETs - LowRDSon- Lowinput and Miller capacitance - Lowgate charge - Avalancheenergy rated - Veryrugged Kelvin source for easy drive Very low stray inductance - Symmetricaldesign - M5power connectors G1 D1 S D2 High level of integration S1 Benefits S2 Outstanding performance at high frequency operation G2 Direct mounting to heatsink (isolated package) Low junction to case thermal resistance Low profile Absolute maximum ratingsSymbol ParameterMax ratingsUnit VDSS Drain200 V- Source Breakdown Voltage Tc= 25°C372 ID ContinuousDrain Current Tc278 A= 80°C IDM PulsedDrain current1488 VGS- Source Voltage±30 V Gate RDSon- Source ON Resistance Drain4 mPD MaximumPower DissipationTc= 25°C1250 W IAR Avalanchecurrent (repetitive and non repetitive)100 A EAR Repetitive50Avalanche Energy mJ EAS SinglePulse Avalanche Energy3000  TheseDevices are sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge. Proper Handing Procedures Should Be Followed. APT websitehtt :/www.advanced ower.com1 6