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El Greco

80 pages
ETYAMERICAPRINTED FORBYSOCIETY OF AMERICATHE HISPANICe>SPAINART INOF THE H1SPANIC SOC1ETYUNDER THE PATRONAGEAMERICAOFEL GRECOFort eight illustrations, with text byyManuel B. CossíoDirector the Pedagógica! Museum fMadridof oHIJOS DE J. THOMASc. Mallorca, - BARCELONA391EL GRECORoyall Tyler,Translated byCalendars State Papers-Editor of the Spanish ofLondonPublic Record Office,froniillustrations that accompany this text are not chosenTHEthe whole of El Greco's work. (1)of travellers in Spain the painter'sFor the greater conveniencestill to be found in the variouschief works here reproduced areinstitutionsMuseums of the country, in the churches and public (2),seconded by the people'svhere the greed of dealers and owners,attackedJifference concerning its artistic patrimony, has not yethem.El Qreco's ñame, Domenicos Theotocopon/os was transformedin ltaly and Spain into Domenico and Dominico Theotocoputi. Hesigned thus on legal documents, and in both forms on his pictures,but in Greek. Ao¡l>]VíXO? OeOTOXÓTCOuXoc;. Occasionally heused abbreviations. His contemporaries called him invariably Do-minico Greco, and el Griego.Hewas a Cretan. He added the adjective on some of his pictures:Xpr/í, the His contemporary, Paravicino, affirms on severaloccasions: Crete gave him the light of day, and Toledo his skill withthe brush. (Creta le dio la vida los pinceles Toledo).ySee El Greco,(1) by M. B. Cossio. With 193 illustrations. Ma-drid. V. Suárez, ...
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