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Feel Relax using this type of Incredible Cotton Sheets

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Feel Relax using this type of Incredible Cotton Sheets

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Ajouté le : 28 décembre 2011
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Because of the present recognition of eco-friendly products, cotton sheets are now even more popular
than ever. And that’s saying something, because cotton has always been a popular fabric for bed sheets.
Another reason cotton is gaining in recognition is that it is a renewable resource.
waterproof mattress protection
is breathable, comfortable, long-lasting and fairly simple to take
care of. You can buy a good cotton sheet at an affordable price. And if you'd like a premium sheet,
Egyptian cotton sheets are widely considered to be as soft and luxurious as any sheet on the market.
The most common means of gauging the quality of cotton sheets is to check the thread count, which is
the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of material. But some experts say that
thread count is overrated as an indicator of quality, and that the weave and material matter as much as
the thread count.
You can purchase cotton in several kinds of weaves, but the most popular weaves are percale and
A sateen weave crosses over four threads and then under one, giving the fabric a smooth, fluid look, but
also so that it is vulnerable to snags. Sateen offers gloss, softness and smoothness, but some people
consider it too soft or too slippery.
Percale comes with an even over-under pattern of weave that yields crispness to sheets. Some people
like percale due to its durability and crispness.
Organic Cotton
Organic cotton
mattress topper
is grown and manufactured without the use of chemicals. Because
cotton isn’t a food crop, there are few regulations about the chemical sprays used for cotton, and some
of these sprays are highly toxic. It’s debatable how much harm these toxins in sheets can do to you, but
many people prefer not taking the chance, so they obtain organic cotton sheets. If you decide to go that
route, make certain the sheets are certified organic. You can obtain organic cotton sheets in either a
sateen or a percale weave.
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Egyptian cotton sheets
is made from either of two special types of cotton, Gossypium barbadense and
Gossypium hirsutum, both recognized for their long staples (fibres). These extra long staples result in
cotton sheets that are much finer than sheets produced by other types of cotton, with a higher thread
count. The high thread count means that the fabric is softer and is more tightly wound than other cotton
It might seem that the incredible softness of Egyptian cotton would make the fabric weaker and less
durable than other cotton, but in fact, the opposite is true. Because Egyptian cotton treads are extra
long and more tightly woven, the fabric is actually stronger and more durable. And since the threads are
thinner, Egyptian cotton fabric is also lighter in weight and more breathable than other types of cotton.
Egyptian cotton is entirely picked by hand, ensures the highest degree of purity. Unlike mechanical
picking, hand picking puts no stress on the staples, leaving the fibres straight and unimpaired.
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