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French and English furniture, distinctive styles and periods described and illustrated

692 pages
ANDFRENCH ENGLISH FURNITUREF R E < Hty\ND RM] I SLScFURN EI/l'XCOUDIST! vft-TIVtSTYLES A' D PE i \ O D SDESCRIBED A ; !>ILIJ'S FRATh JB VESTHER SINGLE'] ONH . I)'HODDERA*>IOSOhzDO_FRENCHAND ENGLISHFURNITUREDISTINCTIVESTYLES AND PERIODSDESCRIBED ANDILLUSTRATEDBYESTHER SINGLETONAUTHORAU OF THE FURNITUREOF OUR FOREFATHERSILLUSTRATED FROMORIGINAL SOURCESBYH. D. NICHOLSLONDONHODDER & STOUGHTONPATERNOSTER^^ ROWMCMIVA.Printed in U. S.PREFACEPREFACEthis work is to allIHE purpose of provide'who are interested in French and Eng-lish since the Renaissance pe-furniturewith a and detailedriod comprehensiveview the various or Aperiods styles.ofis devoted to each andtheperiod,chapterin in accordance with the im-size,chapters naturally varyand the So as Ihavelength of different periods. farportancebeen able to discover in there is no workresearches,my pre-the same aim and as this one in existence.of scopeciselyas abooks have been written about whole,furnitureManythe butandthe Frenchhistoryoffurniture, especially styles-enables the student to learn withdo not know one thatI oftime and all that is toslight expenditureof energy necessaryto a room inknow in order jit up any given style. Anyonewho wants to and decorate aLouisXV.boudoirfurnish prop-or a or an bedroom,dining-room, Empireerly, Heppelwhitecan all about it in the The collector,following pages.jindandthe the the even thestudent, cabinet-maker, ...
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