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Getting a good quality Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers

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Getting a good quality
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers
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Getting a good quality
Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers
Just what is a duvet? A simple question without a simple answer. It depends on who you're
talking to.
Is a comforter the same as a duvet? Though many people in the United States think they are,
traditionally comforters and duvets aren’t comforters and duvets are different, at least from a
traditional standpoint. Traditionally speaking, a duvet is used as the sole covering a sleeping
person has in bed, but a comforter goes on top of a sheet, and sometimes over a blanket, too.
Down under, Australians originally called a duvet a “continental quilt,” and today a duvet is
often called a “doona.” In parts of Europe, any thick blanket is apt to be called a duvet.
The word “duvet” is French for “down,” and the original duvets were made in France out of
eider duck down.
Because duvets weren't used with
Egyptian cotton sheets
, they tended to get dirty quickly.
That, combined with the fact that down feathers bunch up when washed in water and thus lose
much of their insulating value, soon led people to begin to use duvet covers.
Today, with the invention of synthetic fill materials that are machine washable, duvets aren't
always filled with down, so duvet covers aren't quite as crucial. But it's still much easier to wash
a duvet cover than a duvet or a comforter. And, since duvet covers come in such a wide range
of colours and designs, it's much easier to match up a duvet cover with your bedroom theme
than a duvet. And you can also just change colours or styles when the mood hits you. Getting a
new duvet cover is a great way to do a mini-remodel of your bedroom without breaking the
Duvet covers come in a variety of fabrics, but many people consider duvet covers made of
Egyptian cotton to be the best. Because of its comfortable feel, Egyptian cotton
silk duvet
referred to as the “king of all cottons.”
Egyptian cotton is made from premium cotton famous for its long fibres (staples). The extra
length of these fibres allows the cotton to be much finer than that of other types of cotton,
BeddingSetsUK.com © 2011
which makes for fabric with a higher thread count. The higher the thread count is, the more
tightly wound the weave is and the softer and smoother the fabric will feel.
Because they're so soft, it’s natural to think that Egyptian cotton duvet covers must be weak.
Not true at all. Egyptian cotton
duvet covers UK
material is stronger than other varieties
because the threads are lengthier and more tightly bunched together than in other cottons.
This smaller, yet stronger, yarn creates a fabric that is stronger and lighter in weight, and also
breathes well.
Egyptian cotton is entirely picked by hand, guaranteeing the highest levels of purity. Unlike
machine picking, hand picking puts no stress on the staples, leaving the fibres straight and
With a reasonable amount of care, an Egyptian cotton duvet cover can retain its distinguished
look and comfort for decades.
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