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0, 3 : Oi 3 i 5 [ 9i INNER TEMPLARS71 WHOVOLUNTEERED AND SERVED IN THE GREAT WAR a ^- LIBRAKYUCS6 PREPARED BYBOOK WASTHIS TREASURERDARLINGSIR CHARLES THE HONOURABLEOF& THE BENCHERS INNER TEMPLEOF THESOCIETY NAMES OFCOMMEMORATE THETO SOCIETY WHOMEMBERS OF THETHOSE —TO THEIR LASTING HONOUR & THAT YEAR OFHOUSE—IN THEOF THIS TOOKMCMXIV & AFTEROUR LORD HIS FORCESSERVICE WITH MAJESTY'S OF THE REALM &FOR THE DEFENCE ENEMIESTHE KING'STHE DEFEAT OF NOTEEXPLANATORY is Roll names ina of Enlistment. TheTHIS comprise alreadySection I those who were in the ofserving Army and Navy at the outbreak together withwar those who joined between Aug. 4 Dec.and The later se6lions cover suc-31, 19 14. cessive periods of three months. The entry of onnames the Roll ceased with the coming into force of the first Military Service A61. The names printed in red indicate those who were killed in adlion, died of wounds, or died of illness contradled on service. ANN: DOM: MCMXIV ET ANTE Bn. Roy. Munster Fus. CaptainM. R. Leeson-Marshall 3 Corps Engineers MajorW. A. O'Meara of Roy. J. MajorW. W. Grantham 6 Cycl. Bn. Roy. Sussex R. Northumbrian (N.R.) R.G.A. CaptainWalter Hedley 2 Scottish Horse CaptainWilliam Loring Engineers CaptainH. L. Meyrick Corps of Roy. S. M. Collins Div. Sig. Coy. R.E. Lieutenant27 The Hon. H. Robson Northumberland Yeo. The Hon. A. M. Henley General Staff Captain A. Hay Inns of Court O.T.C. MajorJames W. H. Wellsman 12 Bn. London Reg. Captain GranthamF. W. 2 Bn. Roy. Munster Fus. Captain F. Barker Bn. Roy. Berkshire R.G. Lieut.-Colonel3 T. Gloucestershire Yeo.Colledge 2 Lieutenant J. Thomas Royal Flying CorpsCarthew Captain The Suffolk HussarsHon. E. Cadogan Lieutenant H. S. Roberts Royal Welsh Fusiliers 2J. Q^Henriques 16 Bn. London Reg. CaptainJ. Adrian Clark Bn. London Reg. Captain23J. H. B. Fletcher Bn. London Reg. Lieutenant7J. ANN: DOM: MCMXIV ET ANTE P. LE Breton 28 Bn. London Reg. 2 Lieutenant R. F. Hayward 22 Bn. London Reg. Lord Wm. Percy Bn. Grenadier Guards LieutenantI Christopher Bushell Roy. West Surrey R. 2 Lord Elcho Gloucestershire Yeo. Lieutenant Inns of Court O.T.C.H. W. Malkin Surrey Yeomanry LieutenantEastman Bell MontgomeryshireR. Wynne Bankes Yeo. GloucestershireE. B. Herbert Yeo. 2 Lieutenant J.A. H. S. Howard Yeo. CaptainW. H. L. MacCarthy Roy. Army Medical Corps H. 6 Bn.T. Cawley, M.P. Manchester R. Captain T. H. Bethell Bn, Roy. Warwickshire R. Captain7 L. P. Clay Yorkshire Dragoons Lieutenant C. H. F. Thompson Bn. London Reg. Captain5 Hodgson I Bn. Roy. W. Surrey R. CaptainC. B. M. LieutenantL. L. Cohen London Reg.Bn.13 Blake Flying Corps 2M. B. Royal Stein 12 Bn. London Reg. 2 LieutenantL. J.Field ArtilleryPaul Stomm Royal
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