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Without you

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Without youSometimes I’m lost without youWhen the sun sets at dawnWhen the sun goes red, orange and purple blueI see your smileThe

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Ajouté le : 04 janvier 2012
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Without you
Sometimes I’m lost without you
When the sun sets at dawn
When the sun goes red, orange and purple blue
I see your smile
The clouds draw your face again and again
Even the rainbow agrees
Sometimes I’m lost without you
Whatever the time
A.M P.M pain
A.M P.M cry
Baila runs and dances in the sun
I can feel her happy heart
She ‘s never made lovers’ vows
She smiles
She always smiles
And I love her joy
And I love her most
When I’m lost without you
Whatever the day
Whatever the horizon
You’re still hanging on to the stars waving, waving
The wind is your laughing breath in my ear
And your kiss is the salt on my lips
But when I turn around
You’re not there
Sometimes I’m lost without you
And I know I will always be
When I walk on the sand and you’re not with me
It’s only a desert place now
I always see our two dogs play
and be happy running on the shore
I know it sounds silly
But it’s still reality to me
Sometimes I’m lost without you
And it’s you I see
Wherever I walk
Wherever I go
A.M P.M pain
Sometimes I’m lost without you
It’s you I see
It’s you I see
when Baila dances and runs on the beach
the stars dance in the sunny sparkling waves
Love is not a desert place
It’s a colourful cupcake
It’s an endless heartbreak
It’s an English dress
It’s Adele’s voice in my ear
It’s England’s cliffs at hand
And a boat leaving Calais’ strand.
Juliasmile1 3 janvier 2012
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