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Renaissance Architecture and Ornament in Spain Arquitectura ornamentación del Renacimiento eny España ' -*:> ^ -:';/ ... 1 1 ft •'^ :;? :n *, •* •v.i V high)itichesBurgos (about 2feet 6theprovince ofMonastery Silos inthe ofr/ie Custodia,from RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE AND ORNAMENT IN SPAIN ARQUITECTURA Y ORNAMENTACIÓN DEL RENACIMIENTO EN ESPAÑA A series examples selected the purest worksof from executed between the years 1^00-1^60 MEASURED AND DRAWN TOGETHER WITH SHORT DESCRIPTIVE TEXT ANDREW N. PRENTICE A.R.I.B.A., SOANE MEtJSlXIST 1888 NEW EDITION WITH INTRODUCTION AND ADDITIONAL ILLUSTRATIONS BY HAROLD BOOTONW. B.ARCH., A.R.I.B.A., A, N. PRENTICE BURSAR LONDON ALEC TIRANTI 1970 , 130o TO MR. & MRS. M. MUGURUZA OTAÑOJ. in appreciation of their many kindnesses PRINTED BY LAWRENCE BROS. (Weston-super-Mare) LTD., WESTON-SUPER-MARE BOUND BY C. & H. T. EVANS LTD., CROYDON 1970 ALEC TIRANTI LTD., 72 CHARLOTTE STREET, LONDON Wl© MADE AND PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ISBN o 85458 180/4 b. Headpiece from the original book ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Permission to reprint Andrew Noble Prentice's book has been gener- ously granted to us by his heirs, and by his original publishers Messrs. B. T. Batsford Ltd. The Prentice drawings reproduced in figures b, d, e, are in theg, R.I.B.A. Drawings Collection and our thanks are due to the Librarian for kind permission to reproduce these, and for his courtesy in connec- tion with figures 82-84, 86-88, 91, 102, 108, 116, 117. Our thanks are also todue the Ministerio de Información of Madrid for figures 72-77, 85, 89, 90, 92-94, 97, 109-113, 121-124, 128-132. The remaining photographs are theby Editor Harold W. Booton. _?^ 77 Í. CONTENTS Acknowledgements 5 ANDREW NOBLE PRENTICE by H. W. Booton 11 GLOSSARY 12 INTRODUCTION 13 Footnotes 21 PREFACE by A. N. Prentice 23 DESCRIPTIVE NOTES TO PLATES 1 to 60 by A. N. Prentice 25 NOTES TO PLATES 61 to 132 by H. BootonW. 33 INDEX 36 índice ANDREWNOBLE PRENTICE por H. W. Booton 39 INTRODUCCIÓN por H. W. Booton 41 Notas 50 PREFACIO A. Prenticepor N. 51 1-60DESCRIPCIÓN DE LAS LAMINAS por A. N. Prentice 53 61-132 DE LAS por H. W. Booton 61