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Brehm and Dobson Insurance
Choosing The Right Auto Insurance Company
It should be a given that having adequate auto insurance is an absolute must have no matter what state you
live in or how often you drive. Most states by law require that your automobile be covered before you take to
the roads to avoid bad situations becoming worse should an accident arise. Choosing the right auto insurance
company is nearly as important as having the insurance itself, so there are many things to look for when
choosing a reliable company that will provide you and your family with the coverage you need.
First of all, it?s a good idea to visit the web site for your state?s department of insurance. You may not
have known that your state even has such a website, but each one does. A department of insurance will
serve as a resource for publishing consumer reviews both good and bad regarding insurance companies that
sell policies in that particular state and how many complaints they received per claims filed. It might be
tempting to assume that a big name company will provide satisfactory service, but it could be that a smaller
Ballston Lake auto insurance company provides much better customer service and rates. It?s also helpful to
know that these sites will provide some basic rate comparisons, which will help you narrow down your list of
Another step in choosing auto insurance that many people don?t initially consider is to check with the local
body shops in their area and ask them which insurance companies they might recommend. The manager of a shop that you trust and frequent will be able to provide an interesting perspective. They frequently deal
with insurance adjusters and various companies and can give some insight into which companies are the
easiest to work with in regards to both process and staff when trying to collect on a claim for a vehicle that
has been damaged in an accident. They also know which companies, in an effort to cut costs, are more likely
to try to push for vehicle parts that are aftermarket instead of original equipment.
Check the J.D. Power and Associates ratings regarding surveys they have conducted for major insurance
companies and the auto coverage they provide. Their website will help in comparing prices, claims handling,
and overall customer satisfaction while rating some of the major auto insurers in a yearly report.
If you?re still having trouble finding a company to cover your needs, check with a local agent. There are two
different kinds of agents; independent agents and captive agents. An independent agent acts as a broker
who is able to represent many insurance companies without being biased towards one company in particular,
and because of this might be more apt to help you find a company based on your needs rather than their
personal gain. A captive agent represents a single company and sells that company?s insurance only.
Having your own insurance agent is a great advantage because it means this person has an interest in
keeping you satisfied as a customer of theirs. They can more easily become familiarized with your specific
situation and help guide you in finding the very best policy available for your needs and your price range
while helping to establish a good relationship between the two of you.
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