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Club Penguin Item Adder 2015

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The Club Penguin Item Adder for 2015 will let you add any item to your CP account for free! Get the Item Adder today and start adding exclusive items to your Club Penguin account. You can add igloos, furniture, clothing, and many more items! Visit:

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Ajouté le : 30 janvier 2015
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Club Penguin Item Adder 2015
Have you ever missed out on a rare or exclusiveClub Penguinitem because you didn't have a membership or you didn't log in when it was available? Since there is no trading on Club Penguin, if you miss out on an item, then you're pretty much out of luck – until now. Introducing the Club Penguin Item Adder for 2015!
Using the CP Item Adder will allow you to add ANY Club Penguin item to your account, including rare or past items that you missed out on! The item adder tool connects to the Club Penguin servers to add the items directly to your account without you having to purchase them from the catalog.
How Do I Use the Club Penguin Item Adder?
The CP Item Adder is available for free to any Club Penguin players. You can get the hack tool by visiting theClub Penguin Item AdderCheck outmust download the Item Adder to use it. website. You the FAQ's at the bottom of this page if you have any questions.
Once you have installed the CP Item Adder, it's very easy to use. Just follow these instructions and you'll be able to add any item to your Club Penguin account instantly!
Step 1:Download the Club Penguin Item Adder onto your computer. It is a very small program so it wont take up much space on your computer. The Item Adder is tested regularly to ensure that it is safe and virus-free.
Step 2:You'll see the options menu thatOpen the Item Adder by clicking on the icon on your desktop. looks like this.
Step 3:First you need to type in your username and password. This is necessary so that the items are added to your Club Penguin account. We do not save this information or share it with anyone.
Step 4:WeEither enter the Item ID number if you know it or choose an item from the drop-down list. have a list of Club Penguin item ID numbers if you need to look one up.
Step 5:After you pick which item you want to add, just click the “Add Item” button to add the item to your CP account. It's that easy!
The Club Penguin Item Adder works almost instantly so you should be able to log in to your accoutn and view the item right away!
Visit our website to view a full list of over 1200 different Club Penguin items like igloos, furniture, pins, clothes, and more!
CP Item Adder FAQ's
Do I have to download the Item Adder to use it?
Yes, if you want to add items to yourClub Penguinaccount then you must download the item adder tool. This is because the Item Adder works by accessing your account through a unique access point. Other item adders that claim to be “no download” are usually scams or they will get your account banned. If thousands of CP players are adding items through the same access point, then the Club Penguin admins will eventually find out.
How often can I use the Club Penguin Item Adder?
Technically you can use the item adder as often as you want but we recommend only using a few times per day. If you add a hundred new items to your account in one hour then it's going to look suspicious to the Club Penguin admins.
I just created my Club Penguin account today, can I use the Item Adder on it?
We do NOT recommend using the item adder on brand new CP accounts. This is because most new players don't have many items at all. If the admins see a brand new account with lots of rare or exclusive items, you will probably get banned. We only recommend using the item adder on Club Penguin accounts that are over a month old.
Why can't I find the download link for the Item Adder on your website?
Sometimes we have to take down the Item Adder tool for maintenance to make sure that it's working properly. If you don't see the download link, then try checking back later when the tool is available.
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