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Paper machines, winders, coaters, supercalenders
Benefits of the Interactive e-Audit
Consolidation of different data types; operation, production, electrical and mechanical.
Structured sampling and archiving of data, optimized for continuous analysis and fast access to data.
Independent evaluation of controls and operation.
Benchmarking of the controls performance.
Identification of improvement initiatives.
Development of a plan of actions with objectives, justifications and priorities.
Early detection of controls or equipment performance deterioration
Quicker and more efficient diagnostics from SPN expertise, access to the data and equipment history.
Sustainability of controls and equipment performance, ensures continuity in the follow-up.
Identification of additional optimization potentials
Continuous training, improvement of technical personnel knowledge and competence
The Interactive e-Audit is an efficient and economical solution which enables production and maintenance managers
to reach and most importantly to sustain a high level of operation performance and stability.
The Interactive e-Audit intervention is implemented in 3 phases:
Phase 1 (n-Spektor): Deployment of a data collection strategy
Phase 2 (n-Study): Equipment and controls evaluation, identification of potential improvements
Phase 3 (n-Watch): Continuous monitoring and optimization of the systems
For each of these phases, SPN engineers closely collaborate with mill’s personnel and specialists (consultants or
suppliers) ensuring the best utilization of the expertise and the state-of-the-art techniques.
SPN Consultants, 2 Place du Commerce, Nuns Island, Quebec, H3E 1A1, Tel 514-766-2671
n-Watch: Sustainability of gains + Optimization
Implementation of
Performance indicator
The n-Watch service is unique, very efficient and offers a very high ratio of benefits/cost.
It is the solution for the essential monitoring of the equipment and the controls which otherwise, for economical and
technical reasons, could not be handled by the maintenance and operation personnel.
Interactive e-Audit
- Paper Production
Optimization management
Efficient allocation of expertise,
identification of additional optimization
potentials, tasks follow-up and
maintaining of machine history.
Continuous monitoring
Verification of key performance indices
by experts, detection of deviations and
analysis or potential risks.
Automated analysis
Continuous analysis of all the data for
monitoring of operation and systems
Data acquisition
Data gathering and consolidation.
Transfer to our data center for
archiving and automated data
The Interactive e-Audit
utilizes our integrated
technology going from data
acquisition to optimization
Intervention: Interactive e-Audit – paper production
Phase 1 (n-Spektor): The deployment of a measuring strategy utilizes our
n-Spektor data acquisition platform and includes:
Study of the configuration of the existing systems and controls;
Identification of measuring points and data collecting methods;
Specification and supervision of the installation, configuration of the
data acquisition system.
Phase 2 (n-Study): The n-Study covers:
Revision of control strategies and equipment set-up;
Data analysis and verification of the controls performance and
equipment operation;
Identification of corrective actions and performance improvement
Phase 3 (n-Watch): The continuous monitoring service n-Watch is a
rigorous and methodical follow-up, it includes:
Continuous and automated analysis of all acquired data;
Triggering of alerts on deviations or incidents;
Targeted expert analysis, sending of observation reports which include
details and recommendations;
Follow-up of tasks and recommendations;
Maintaining of site history.
Examples of n-Watch interventions
SPN Consultants, 2 Place du Commerce,
Nuns Island, Quebec, H3E 1A1, Tel 514-766-2671
Interactive e-Audit
- paper production
Interactive e-Audit, n-Spektor, n-Study, n-Watch are registered trademarks of SPN Consultants Inc.
Electrical, controls
• Detection of intermittent faulty
operation of electronic components or
communication between systems.
• Detection of deviation in calibration of
control signals.
• Quick identification of defective control
• Error in control strategy or tuning
parameter settings.
• Sheet breaks due to a faulty detection
of break.
• Modification of span of adjustments for
the winding parameters to prevent
operation errors.
• Detection of backlash in motor – roll
• Detection of gradual increase of
frictions in the rider roll movement.
• Identification of a progressive loss of
front drum traction.
• Confirmation that problem is solved
following part replacement.
• Identification of the nature of
vibration with relationship to speed,
diameters, paper grades and other
• Detection of accidental
change in operating
• Detection of change in the
paper characteristics
(Tension CD) due to a faulty
operation of paper quality
control system (QCS).
• Detection of a deterioration
in roll stability at the winder
or at the reel.
Examples of analysis included in the n-Study
• Global evaluation of drives and controls stability and
• Detailed time and motion study.
• Motor power requirements, machine speed-up study.
Examples of n-Support interventions
• Analysis of roll defects.
• Design and implementation of control strategies adapted
to the operation.
• Specialized technical support.
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