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14th Annual Thea Awards - March 8, 2008
Award for Outstanding Achievement: Attraction Rehab
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
Disneyland, Anaheim, CA
Walt Disney Imagineering
Bruce Vaughn, Chief Creative Executive
Craig Russell, Chief Design and Delivery Executive
Tom Fitzgerald, Executive V.P., Senior Creative Executive
Tony Baxter, Senior Vice President
Rick Rothschild, Executive Show Director, Senior V. P.
Skip Lange, Executive Production Designer, Vice President
Kathy Mangum, Executive Producer, Vice President
Bruce Gordon, Senior Show Producer, Director
Kevin Rafferty, Concept Writer Senior, Director
Mark Mine, Director, Technical Concept Design
Chris Tietz, Concept Designer Senior, Director
Chris Turner, Concept Designer Senior, Director
Doug Griffith, Character Development Designer Principal
Susan Dain, Production Designer Principal
John Gizienski, Production Designer Principal, Senior
Chris Runco, Concept Designer Principal
Laurel Hartwell, Design Administrator
Chuck Miller, Principal Dimensional Designer
Gary Moyer, Principal Dimensional Designer
Todd Neubrand, Principal Dimensional Designer
John Mauvezin, Principal Dimensional Designer
Scott Goddard, Principal Dimensional Designer
Erma Bohler, Senior Dimensional Designer
Steve Cotroneo, Senior Dimensional Designer
Tony Enriquez, Principal Dimensional Designer
Valerie Edwards, Director, Sculpture
Nancy Hickman, Director, Theatrical Design
Suzanne Holzer, Dimensional Design Administrator
Jean Kattelman, Senior Staff Assistant
Jeff Kilbane, Senior Dimensional Design Consultant
Ron Pardini, Senior Dimensional Design Consultant
Emilio Loza, Senior Dimensional Design Consultant
Lori Peikarski, Senior Dimensional Design Consultant
Jim Towler, Senior Dimensional Design Consultant
Project/Construction Management,
Jim Thomas, Senior Vice President, Project Management
Bryan Elliott, Senior Vice President, WDI Anaheim Portfolio
John Drager, Director, Project Management
David Van Wyk, Executive Director, Project Management
Annette Escobosa, Project Estimator, Senior
Jeff Webb, Vice President, Estimating
Christina Leach, Construction Coordinator
Pam Norton, Staff Assistant, Senior
Walter Smith, Director, Project Planning & Scheduling
Lloyd Bressler, Director, Construction Management
Jim Hanson, Construction Manager, Senior
Dennis Barlow, Construction Manager
Irmgard Berry, Staff Assistant, Senior
John Stoddard, Manager, Contract Administration
Susan Wood, Manager, Finance
Catherine Larkin, Manager, Contract Administration
Ken Denski, Contract Administration, Principal
Bill Sugimoto, Project Planner/Scheduler, Principal
Vicki Knapp, Dir., Div. Sched. & Integrated Mgmt. Controls
Mario Dutra, Project Planner/Scheduler, Senior
Leo Anderson, Mgr., Construction Field Operations Senior I
Frank Addeman, V. P., Planning/Scheduling & Mgmt. Controls
William Willcox, Ride Project Engineer
Richard Scholl, Ride Control Principal Engineer
Todd Camill, Mechanical Engineer
Charles Flueck, Mechanical Engineer
David McCartney, Principal Mechanical Engineer
Joel Payne, Mechanical Engineer
Alex Burkat, Principal Mechanical Engineer
Ed Fritz, Director Ride Mechanical Engineering
Merle Quick, Principal Mechanical Engineer
John Van Oort, Principal Mechanical Engineer
Larry McAfee, Principal Animation Designer
Myra Conti, Senior Staff Assistant
Russel Dunn, Senior Animation Designer
Michael Gordon, Senior CAD Designer
Robert Sebesta, CAD Design Principal/Field Specialist
Eugene Radu, Senior CAD Designer
Mark Sumner, Senior Technical Director
Michael Wallden, Mechanical Engineer
Rick Hyman, Senior CAD Design Principal/Field Specialist
Tanner Renke, Engineering Intrern
Thom Self, Mechanical Technician
Tim Stone, Principal Mechanical Engineer
Bob Wolf, Principal Technical Writer
Rod Kurihara, Director, Ride Control Group
Engineering and Environmental Design,
Mike McCullough, Vice President
Jude Ryan, Staff Assistant Senior
Ginny Jones, Staff Assistant
Jose A. Cuevas, Civil Engineer Senior
Joseph Z. Almurda, Civil Engineer
Michael J. Terwilliger, Civil Designer Principal
Pedro E. Velasco, Director, Civil Engineering
Roy Lemon, Civil Engineer
Yifat Vapnik, Civil Designer Principal
David S. Naylor, Structural Engineer
Kent R. Estes, Structural Engineer Principal
Leland F. Rorex, Manager, Structural Engineering
Michael Sacco, Structural Engineer Senior
Robert Z. Shmerling, Structural Engineer
Paul Singsanong, Structural Designer
Surapol Singsanong, Structural Engineer
Ali R. Tarazkar, Mechanical Engineer Senior
Leonid Makovoz, Mechanical Design Principal
Reza Pezeshki, Manager-Mechanical Engineer
George Aziz, Mechanical Engineer
Ali Reza, Mechanical Engineer
Shahrokh Shahfar, Mechanical Engineer Principal
Al X. Terrazas, Electrical Engineer
Carlos Olguin, Electrical Engineer
Crispin Quinones, Electrical Designer Senior
Curt A. Strumlauf, Electrical Engineer Principal
Henry Ortiz, Facility Designer Principal
Jeffrey E. Flitman, Electronic Engineer Senior
Manouk Kaynakian, Electrical Engineer
Nhan Nguyen, Electrical Engineer
Rosauro L. DeRamos, Electrical Engineer
Boanerges V. Bolanos, Concept Designer Principal
Deborah Y. Low, Architect Senior
Gary L. Williams, Facility Designer Principal
Greyson T. Lum, Facility Designer Senior
Helen S. Fong, Architect
Richard R. Pugh, Director, Facility Standards & Specs
Robert Barragan, Architect
Ronald A. Ortiz, Facility Designer Principal
Steve M. Izuhara, Specifications Analyst
Thomas A. Sze, Architect
William S. Orr, Project Architect Principal
Xiaoning Zhou, Architect
Calvin Lee Walsten, Landscape Architect Senior Principal
Garth W. Dahlgren, Landscape Architect
Jeffrey L. Compass, Landscape Architect Principal
Philip J. Schenkel, Landscape Architect Principal
Steven G. Wagner, Landscape Architect Principal
Ellen Guevara, Interior Designer Principal
Stephen C. Wilson, Interior Designer Principal
Todd D. Dalsimer, Interior Designer Senior
Victoria C. McCullough, Director, Interior Design
Bernardo A. Baldonado, Fabrication Designer Senior
Christopher N. Barker, Director, Graphic Design
Christopher R. Florin, Graphic Designer
Gary Y. Tokumoto, Fabrication Designer Senior
Gregory A. Paul, Director, Specialty Design
Joanna Hamaguchi, Graphic Designer Principal
Louis L. Lemoine, Graphic Designer Principal
Melinda S. Wilson Fisher, Manager, Specialty Design
Miriam Ben-Ora, Specialty Designer Principal
Peter S. Roses, Project Design Manager Senior
William L. Tyson, Director, Project Design Management
Kathryn M. Barnes, Interiors Intern
Christopher W. Hastings, Show Lighting Designer Senior
Cristina I. Brower, Show Lighting Designer
David A. Taylor, Show Lighting Designer Senior Principal
Edward J. Zeigler, Show Lighting Designer Principal
Eric Zudak, Show Lighting Designer
Kenneth R. Lennon, Show Lighting Designer Principal
Lesli Bjork, Show Lighting Designer
Michael P. Valentino, Show Lighting Designer Principal
Paul A. Beasley, Show Lighting Technical Designer Senior
Andrew A. Sanchez, Show Set Designer Principal
Douglas J. Laher, Show Set Designer
Edward J. Hanna, Production Designer Principal
James B. Robledo, Show Set Designer
Jeffrey P. Wildman, Set Decorator Senior
Kenneth C. Gomes, Set Decorator Principal
Lisa D. Stein, Show Set Designer
Martin H. Christensen, Production Designer Principal
Michael D. Murray, Show Set Designer Senior Principal
Shawn G. Tuohey, Show Set Designer Senior
Jeanette L. Swett, Staff Assistant Senior
Ronald F. Schaefer, Document Control
Sharon R. Hare, Specifications Support
Show Design & Production
Kathleen Duncan, Design & Production Manager
Tracy Cathey, Design & Production Manager
Brad Wines, Design & Production Manager
Mark Gilbert, Design & Production Manager Principal
Project Coordination
Diane Manzi, Project Coordinator
Omar Fuentes, Project Coordinator Senior
Edith Saucedo, Project Coordinator
Chris Kelly, Project Coordinator Senior
Manufacturing & Prototype Operations,
Dale Doria, Director, Production Operations
Diane Binford, Manager, Show Programming/Animation
Vic Martin, Manager, Animation Systems
John Bradbury, Manager, Finance
Michelle Lavigne, Operations Services Administrator
Animation Systems
Larry Sheldon, Technical Specialty Animation Senior
Duane Drake, Manufacturing Technician Principal
Jack Christensen, Manufacturing Technician Principal
Ruben De La Torre, Manufacturing Technician Senior
William Gonzalez, Manufacturing Technician Principal
Steven Shinkle, Manufacturing Technician Principal
Richard Berryman, Installation Supervisor
Donald Updyke, Manufacturing Technician Principal
Show/Animation Figure Finishing
Tod Mathis, Show Artisan Principal
Heather Greene, Show Artisan Principal
Eric Shipley, Show Painter
Erick De la Vega, Show Painter
Aina O’Kane, Fabricator
Michelle DeVille, Fabricator
Trung Ngo, Show Artisan Principal
Kirstin Ruhs, Show Artisan Principal
Plastics Production
Fintan Burke, Technical Manager, Materials
Christopher Mazzella, Manufacturing Technician Principal
Darrell Payne, Technical Advisor
Frank Villalpando, Manufacturing Technician
Kim Vradenburg, Manufacturing Technician Principal
Jeffrey White, Manufacturing Technician Senior
Michael Traxler, Manufacturing Technician
Show Programming/Animation
Juan Alvarez, Show Programmer
David Bell, Show Programmer Principal
Rick Daffern, Show Programmer Senior
William Swapp, Show Programmer Senior
Ethan Reed, Show Animator Senior
Planning & Material Control
Lisa Deer, Systems Planner Principal
Amrit Pal Sangha, Quality Assurance Specialist Principal
Ernesto Santacruz, Quality Assurance Specialist Senior
Technical Specialists
Jerry Bailey, Planner Principal
John Argo, Planner Senior
Janet MacDonald, Planner Senior
Kim Spaeth, Buyer Senior
Robert Blanchard, Tech. Specialty Show Set Prod., Senior
Wilberto Centeno, Material Handler, Principal
Fred Ortega, Dimensional Design, Senior
Steven Schaefer, Material Inventory Analyst, Senior
Rodney Turner, Material Inventory Analyst, Senior
Gilbert Malakoff, Show Artisan Principal
Pedro Flores, Technician Principal
Barry Golding, Technician Principal
Trinh Mai, Technician Principal
Jack Raupach, Technician Principal
Show Systems
Jody Gerstner, Executive Director, Electronical Engineering
Show Control
Randall Hill, Electronics Engineer, Principal
Kristin Jones, Electronics Engineer
William West, Software Engineer, Senior
Ken Scherer, Technician Principal
Gerald Dooley, Software Engineer Principal
James Hendrickson, Electronic Engineer, Principal
Robert Litjen, Software Engineer Principal
John Noonan, Technical Director, Show/Ride
Thomas Leach, Audio Video Engineer, Principal
Carlos Teran, Audio Video Engineer
Michael Barnett, Audio Video Engineer, Principal
Robert Bronsdon, Audio Video Engineer, Principal
Gregory Kadorian, Technical Director, A/V Engineering
Martin Kindel, Audio Video Engineer, Principal
Special Effects
Jack Gillett, Special Effects Designer, Principal
Thomas Brentnall, Imaging Engineer, Principal
Jose Gutierrez, Special Effects Designer, Principal
John Hagen-Brenner, Special Effects Designer, Senior
Rick Harrington, Special Effects Designer, Senior
Raymond Jones, Speciale Effects Designer, Senior Principal
Gilles Martin, Special Effects Designer, Principal
Keven Schlender, Special Effects Designer, Senior
Kenneth Smith, CAD Designer, Principal
Christian Bodden, Special Effects Designer, Principal
Salvatore Ingraldi, Special Effects Designer, Senior
Steven Johnson, Effects Designer, Principal
Steven Kosakura, Electronic Engineer, Senior
Eugene Radu, CAD Designer, Senior
Harold Happe, Theatrical Systems Design Principal
Disneyland Resort Scientific Systems
Kathryn Drach, Software Engineer, Principal
Cindy Shulstad, Scientific Systems, Group Leader
Show Art
Greg Combs, Director, Show Art
Show Set Design
Andrew Sanchez, Show Set Designer, Principal
Set Decoration
Ed Hanna, Production Designer, Principal
Show Lighting
Michael Valentino, Show Lighting Designer, Principal
Christopher Hastings, Show Lighting Designer, Senior
Lesli Bjork, Show Lighting Designer
Jeff Leatherwood, Audio Visual Specialist Associate
Data Management
Judy Resh, Technical Standards Analyst Principal
Margot Moss, Technical Standards Analyst
Carolyn Ojeda, Manager, Data Mgmt.&Technical Publications
Kristine Veatch, Data Analyst, Senior
Jon Carver, Technical Standards Analyst, Senior Principal
Jaime Gutierrez, Document Control Specialist, Senior
Ana Medina, Document Control Specialist, Senior
Purchasing & Contracts
Chris Frischmuth, Purchasing Assistant, Senior
Derek Holzer, Buyer, Senior
Judith Liss, Procurement Specialist
Gilbert Quintana, Procurement Specialist, Senior
Robert Scarnechia, Procurement Specialist
Robert Skinner, Manager, Purchasing
Alberto Vispi, Procurement Specialist, Senior
Research & Development
Susan LeBer, Director, R&D Operations
Alfredo Ayala, Technical Staff, Principal
Gary Schnuckle, Technical Staff, Senior
Benedict Schwegler, Vice President/Chief Scientist-
Environmental Science/Technology Group
Lanny Smoot, Technical Staff, Director
Theme Park Productions
David Katzman, Director, Creative and Production
Marianne McLean, Producer, Visual Effects
Linda Folsom, Senior Production Executive
George Scribner, Concept Designer Senior, Director
Brian Nefsky, Casting Coordinator
Kathy Janus, Visual Effects Coordinator
Sound and Media
John Kestler, Supervising Sound Editor
Michael Fricassi, Associate Media Designer
Greg Lhotka, Chief Engineer, Sound Mixer Principal
Glenn Barker, Media Designer Principal
Steve Kadar, Techincal Staff Principal
Thomas Leach, Audio Video Engineer Principal
Michael Barnett, Audio Video Engineer Principal
Kurt Kinzel, Director, Audio Technology
Tom Myers, Sound Designer
Marilyn Waters, Dialogue Editor
El Kalnins, Composer/Arranger/Orchestrator
Belinda Broughton, Concert Master
Pete Anthony, Conductor
Thomas Newman, Music Consultant
Reggie Wilson, Orchestra Contractor
Booker White, Copyist/Music Prep
Armin Steiner, Scoring Engineer/Music Mixer
Wendy Leitman, Vice President, Music Legal
Chris Montan, President, Walt Disney Music
Post Production
John Dennis, Director, Music Production
Lucas Phelan, Production Assistant
Cindy Tsujimura, Post Production Coordinator
Louise Gladden, Manager, Post Production
Curtis Harlow, Systems Administrator
Tim Landry, Principal Digital Media Designer
Bryan Jolley, Senior Digital Media Designer
Joseph Husung, Digital Media Designer
Ken Horii, Digital Media Producer
Michael G. Jakcson, 3D Animator
Scott Sohan, Senior Video Editor
Ron Harris, Digital Media Designer
Michael Iwerks, Digital Media Designer
Andy Castiglione, Video Engineer
Jaimie Raskin, Executive Director, Production Finance
Connie Stamos, Principal Production Accountant
Stephanie Shelley, Assistant Production Accountant
Pixar Animation Studios
Liz Gazzano, Executive Producer
Roger Gould, Creative Director
Alex Mandel, Project Manager
Brice Parker, Editorial Coordinator
Rosaleen O’Byrne, Technical Coordinator
Jaclyn Brodsky, Animation Coordinator
James Hummel, Production Coordinator
Krissy Cababa, Editorial Coordinator
Morgan Karadi, Management Assistant
Steve Bloom, Editor
Tim Fox, Assistant Editor
Bobby Podesta, Animation Lead
Stephen Gregory, Animation Lead
Animators: Ben Catmull, Kevin Chesnos, Youngjae Choi,
Jon Collins, Alex Fleisig, Scott Lemmer, Sam Marin, Amila
Puhala, Patrik Puhala, Elliot Roberts, Nickolas Rosario,
Roger Rose, Ross Scroble, Stephen Wong, Lindsay Vander
Tony Apodaca, Supervising Technical Director
Jesse Hollander, Lighting Lead
Edwin Chang, Generalist
Holly Lloyd, Lighting Technical Director
Mira Nikolic, Effects
Liz Carter, Lighting Technical Director
Tolga Goktekin, Effects
Josh Qualtieri, Technical Director
Nemo: Anthony DeMarco
Marlin: Jess Harnell
Dory: Jennifer Hale
Mr. Ray: Bob Peterson
Crush/Seagulls: Andrew Stanton
Squirt: Nicholas Bird
Bruce: Barry Humphries
Chum: Bruce Spence
Anchor: Eric Bana
Bloat: Brad Garrett
Bubbles: Stephen Root
Gurgle: Austin Pendleton
Chicken Fish: Katherine Ringgold
Tad: Austin Corini
Pearl: Erica Jones
Captain: Jim Pike
1st Mate: Gail Knight
Bridge: Debra Skelton
Safety Spiels (English): Thomas Bromhead
Safety Spiels (Spanish): Maria Elena Nava
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Resort Operations
Tom Turley, Manager, Attractions Program Development
Gregory Vershay, Principal Engineer I
Paul Spitsen, Guest Services Mgr. II, Attractions Operations
Joshua Catalfo, FT Attractions H/H
Casey Collins, FT Attractions H/H
Mike McPheron, FT Attractions H/H
Curt Sanders, Director, Resort Development
Disneyland Resort Maintenance
Jeffery Corder, Manager, Attractions Maintenance
Billy Meeks, Manager, Attractions Reliability Team
Theresa Strachan, Engineer II, Mechanical
Peter Norris, FT Mechanic, Sound
Anthony Sigler, FT Mechanic, Sound
Disneyland Resort Shops
David Caranci, Manager, Resort Enahancement
Michael Sweeney, Operations Manager, Custodial
Marc Hiraoka, Manager, Buildings & Facades
Tim Deane, Reilability Manager I
John Rice Marine Engineering
John Rice, Bill Hoag, Antonio Lopez, Ron Hobbs
Eberhard Vonoff, Mike Weast
AMEC Dynamic Structures
Bill Page
Garner Holt Productions
Garner Holt, Aric Adolph, Philip Previtire, Thomas Cabral,
Scott Burson, Craig Montanari, Chuck Parmenter, Harry
Whitten, James Brown, Adam Evers
Scenario Design
Paul Buckley, Tom Stapleton, Larry Reinhold, Kelley Ritch,
Ralph Ramirez, Jameel Haiat
Arron Szabo, Jon Koepfli, Shawn Siquiera
Duncan Foster, Victor Hobbs, Thom Roy
Dunn Edwards
Clyde McLean, Don Mellon
Modern Masters
Chris Cargo
Turner Construction Company
Tom Donohue, SPD Dept Manager
Kevin Dow, Operations Manager
Shelly Wong, Project Manager
David Livingston, Project Manager
Peter Davidson, MEP Coordinator
Michael Gonzales, Asst. Superintendent
Bryan Licht, Asst. Superintendent
John Martinez, Superintendent
Ted Gillenwaters, Superintendent
Mark Schabell, Superintendent
Mustafa Jaafil, Superintendent
Gene Caulkin, Superintendent
Carlos Orosco, Safety
Anthony Crawford, Safety
Iracel Alejandre, Lead Engineer
Matt Morettini, Cost Engineer
Josh Gruning, Engineer
Yevgenya Donskaya, Project Coordinator
Allison Laufer, Intern
Advance Mechanical Contractors
Mike Collins, Superintendent
Nick Sabula, Vice President
Cal-State Rebar & Prestress Corp.
Tim Harry, Foreman
Ed Portugal, Project Manager
Cosco Fire Protection
Mike Hasse, Project Manager
Robert Alves, Designer
CP Construction Services, Inc.
Mike Estrada, Project Manager
Antonio Chavez, Foreman
The Culver Group
Jeff Culver, Party Chief
Jeffrey Glynn, PLS, Vice President
DMA Greencare Contracting, Inc.
Robert Doucette, Foreman
Dennis Aldridge, President
Giroux Glass Company, Inc.
Jim Drum, Project Manager
Glore & Associates
Linda Beck, Project Manager
Bill Glore, Project Manager
Key Air Conditioning Contractors, Inc.
Larry Stikeleather, Vice President
Jose Guzman, Foreman
Lawrence B. Bonas Company
Joel Cardinas, Foreman
Matt Oelschlager, Project Manager
Lemar Construction Inc.
Chuck Navarez, Foreman
Dean Lemar, President
Martin Bros./Marcowall, Inc.
Safi Morou, Project Manager
Greg Rowell, Foreman
Morrow Meadows Corporation
Bob Anderson, Project Manager
David Hickok, Foreman
Pan Pacific Plumbing
Pat Green, Project Manager
Reed McMackin, Chief Estimator
PBC Commercial, Inc.
Marshall Barabasch, Project Manager
Penhall Company
Mike Blond, Sr. Project Manager
Sal Robledo, Project Manager
Rock & Waterscape Systems, Inc.
Casey Quinlan, Foreman
Allan Dupuis, Project Manager
The Rouse Company
Brian Davison, Project Manager
Saddleback Waterproofing
John Sopchak, Project Manager
Larry Goldenberg, President
Smith-Emery Company
Mark Lastufka, Supervisor
Charlie Vowel, Inspector
S & R Architectural Metals, Inc.
Carl Edwards, Project Manager
Roy Maple, Operations Manager
Superior Gunite
Jose Galan, Foreman
Ron Federico, Vice President
WA Rasic Construction Company, Inc.
Jose Lopez, Project Manager
Tom Murdock, Superintendent
Washington Ornamental Iron Works, Inc.
Steve Simester, Project Manager
Kevin Frazelle, Superintendent
WS Klem Contractor, Inc.
William Klem, PM / Owner