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EmpoweringMaritime Service Providers
iDirect, Sea Tel, Uplogix and Parallel have created an integrated network architecture to help maritime VSAT service providers meet growing customer demand
Maritime companies are transforming their businesses through the power of VSAT networks. Vessels can now run an increasingly wide range of critical applications like electronic navigation, real-time engine monitoring and Voice over IP – gaining greater productivity and improving business operations.
Yet, as maritime companies increasingly rely on broadband networks, there’s more at stake for service providers. They need the most reliable and powerful hardware and network technology to support demanding broadband applications. They need to integrate and control a diverse set of communications devices located onboard customer vessels. And they require deep visibility into the performance of their network in order to manage operating costs and deliver constant customer satisfaction.
In this complex market, service providers must develop an integrated network architecture that addresses all these requirements. How well they accomplish this will impact their profitability, business reach and customer reputation. Today, iDirect, Sea Tel, Uplogix and Parallel are partnering to unite their respective technology strengths. In this report, learn how these four industry leaders enable service providers to build and manage a best-in-class maritime network.
IP broadband infrastructure
Empowering Maritime Service Providers
Marine antenna platforms
ervice providers face several critical choices as theyThe second major decision for a maritime service S look for the right technology to handle growingprovider concerns interoperability with marine market demand. The first consideration is core satelliteantenna systems. Having a reliable and powerful communications infrastructure. iDirect is widelyrouter onboard is critical for customer satisfaction, considered to be the clear leader in TDMA-basedbut is not the only concern. Service quality also satellite systems. And today, eight of the top tendepends heavily on the precision and reliability of maritime service providers have built their businessa vessel’s satellite antenna and how well a satellite on iDirect technology.router and antenna work together to ensure connectivity and performance. TM The iDirect Intelligent Platformis comprised of several powerful technologies. A universal TDMA hubFor decades, Cobham Sea Tel has been the world’s enables service providers to integrate satellite capacitymarket share leader in stabilized Ku-band and C-band across up to five satellites in Ku-band or C-band.marine antenna systems, with more antenna systems Highly efficient broadband routers are engineered toinstalled and operating than any other company. handle real-time business software, Voice overMany of the leading maritime VSAT deployments IP traffic and other bandwidth-inteboth iDirect and Sea Tel equipment applications. And the platformoard. And today, iDirect and Sea Tel features advanced technologiesave completely integrated all of their Integrated specifically designed to helprespective hardware products. Network Hardware service providers efficiently manage globally deployedThis provides several advantages iDirect and Sea Tel devices work mobile networks.for service providers. One critical in unison to provide reliable, benefit is the ability to enable cost-efficient broadband service iDirect first made waves moreAutomatic Beam Switching. When that can support bandwidth-than seven years ago when ita vessel approaches a satellite intensive applications and introduced a TDMA-based VSATbeam edge, an iDirect router seamless global coverage. system that shares bandwidthinitiates an automatic re-pointing of efficiently across multiple vessels.he antenna and transfers connectivity TDMA networks are a game changnew beam. The iDirect router They enable service providers to oer communicatesto the antenna through the a much-needed broadband upgrade to pay-control unit, ensuring the switchover happens per-use narrowband connectivity. And they establishreliably and smoothly. To facilitate this, iDirect has an affordable alternative to SCPC systems, which candeveloped a standard called OpenAMIP that ensures lock each vessel into the high, and often unnecessary,full interoperability between the antenna control unit cost of a dedicated satellite link.and the router.
iDirect’s TDMA system combined with the company’s award-winning Group Quality of Service technology stretches bandwidth efficiency even further. Service providers can establish customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and tailor them to the real-time needs of a vessel’s individual applications onboard. The iDirect platform improves upon the traditional L-band service model, which only guarantees best effort data throughput. With iDirect, service providers can guarantee predictable data rates within a more attractive flat-fee pricing model that encourages greater network usage.
The integration of iDirect and Sea Tel technology also enables service providers to reach the broadest possible market. iDirect’s Spread Spectrum capability enables VSAT connectivity to work efficiently over Sea Tel’s line of 60cm Ku-band antennas. These smaller Ku-band antennas are less costly and easier to install than traditionally larger systems, and are rapidly growing in popularity. With iDirect’s implementation of Automatic Beam Switching, service providers can provide seamless connectivity across multiple Ku-band beams, as integrated Ku-band networks become a new standard for global coverage.
iDirect • Sea Tel • Uplogix • Parallel
Partnership at Work
Uplogix automates remote management and control of the entire onboard communications and networking infrastructure, resulting in higher uptime and lower maintenance costs.
Parallel SatManage
Uplogix Control Center
iVantage™ NMSInternet
iDirect Hub
SatManage provides a fully automated, integrated NOC for network performance reporting and management. In addition, SatManage extends critical network statistics and measurements to end customers.
Sea Tel Antenna
TM iDirect’s Intelligent Platformprovides a complete set of satellite hubs, routers and management tools to deliver broadband connectivity onboard a vessel. iDirect’s TM iVantage operatingsoftware integrates with Sea Tel, Uplogix and SatManage to improve total network performance.
Sea Tel DAC
iDirect Router
Uplogix Appliance
End User Applications
Sea Tel provides industry leading stabilized Cband and Kuband antennas and controllers. Through the OpenAMIP standard, Sea Tel antennas work in tandem with iDirect routers and send critical data to Uplogix and SatManage to improve service reliability.
Empowering Maritime Service Providers
With a strategy to remotely access and controlcan generate a wealth of statistical reports and gain network devices, service providers can avoid costlycritical insights to improve their operations and site visits. And they gain peace of mind, knowingoptimize SLAs. they can quickly respond to problems onboard a vessel to keep both their service and their customers’SatManage also features built-in functionality to enable operations online.ship operators to adhere to ITU and FCC regulations relating to frequency coordination requirements and Network operations center and customer portalvessel tracking intervals for earth stations on vessels. SatManage creates automatic alerts when a vessel is on A fourth major consideration for maritime servicethe fringe of violation, which allows vessels to rectify providers is creating a compreheniv oerations quickly, enabling full compliance Network Operations Center whichregulations. can monitor and optimize overall service performance.IntegratedWith SatManage, service providers Network Managementalso can offer their customers To enable this, iDirect, Sea Teldirect access to their network Uplogix and SatManage combine and Uplogix have integratedstatistics. They can create a to give service providers the peace their systems with the widelycustomer Web portal that shows of mind that their network can beh, acclaimed SatManage softwarevessel location, signal strengt immediately controlled suite developed by Parallel.SLA measurements and other and managedfrom With SatManage, serviceinformation. This transparency communications hardware to providers can fuse disparateincreases customer confidence and satellite bandwidth.helps them make more informed and NOC applications onto a single system, automate and executeely operational decisions. NOC processes and view real-time k performance indicators through a Web-A high-performance, resilient network based portal. Stretching VSAT broadband coverage across One key benefit of SatManage is the ability tothousands of miles of ocean is a challenging business. monitor and optimize bandwidth utilization.To create a reliable maritime offering, service providers Service providers can gauge how satellite capacitymust be able to support real-time applications, is being consumed and receive real-time alertsmanage distributed networks and integrate global when bandwidth quality is in jeopardy. Workingnetwork operations. TM with Uplogix and iDirect’s iVantageNetwork Management System (NMS), SatManage canWith the combined advantages of iDirect, Sea Tel, pinpoint the root cause of a problem enablingUplogix and Parallel, service providers gain a winning service providers to address it immediately.formula. They can meet growing customer demands with the confidence that their network is built on the Another advantage is the ability to consolidatebest technology available, and that it is fully integrated data from the iVantage NMS as well as from satelliteto provide greater reliability and manageability. routers, antenna controllers and other core networkAchieving this is a critical advantage as the market for devices. Based on this information, service providersbroadband at sea accelerates.