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How To Find Reputable Home Inspectors
One of the most important parts of the home-buying process is the home inspection, no matter whether
you?re buying a brand new home or an older home. Home inspectors take a look at the systems and
structure of a home for anything that buyers should be aware of in order to avoid code violations and so
proper repairs can be made before they move in. A home inspector should also inform hopeful homeowners
about their home so that they can be fully informed about the major purchase they are about to make or the
property they are about to sell.
When you?re first searching for a reputable home inspector, ask your friends, family and co-workers who
have recently bought a home for recommendations. How did they like the experience? Was it affordable? Are
there any inspectors you should stay away from? You should also ask how thorough the inspector is and what
kind of papers and documentation they?ll give you once they?re done.
If you?re unable to find anyone who can offer suggestions and recommendations, start your search on the
Internet. Ask home inspectors for references that you can call and search for reviews as well while you?re
searching online. Local real estate agents and banks might have suggestions that they can make for you.
As you?re interviewing potential inspectors, be sure that you ask if they belong to any professional trade
organizations within their industry. You?ll also want to ask if they have any special licenses or professional
education and if they?ve recently completed any continuing education coursework. All of this will let you
know how truly committed they are to being the very best home inspector in their field.
Once you?ve found a home inspector, you?ll want to educate yourself on what they?ll look at. You should
also take a look over your home loan to make sure there isn?t anything in particular that you?ll need to get
looked over, like your septic system. If your home inspector skips over something the first time or doesn?t
fit your lender?s qualification requirements, you might have to pay for two home inspections. Reputable
inspectors will look at and report on the current condition of your home?s systems, including plumbing,
heating, electrical and cooling. A home inspector should also examine the full structure of your home in
addition to the roof, insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, foundation and attic. Make sure the inspector
looks at the support structures as well.
As far as documentation, your home inspector should give you a checklist of what will be inspected and the
final results of the inspection. They should also offer you photos of any problem areas they notice. Experts
recommended that you ask your inspector what types of reports you should expect to get and that you get
the level of thoroughness that you?re paying for.
The final thing you?ll want to be sure of with home inspectors is that they are insured with an errors and
omissions policy, which means that your chances of being reimbursed for damages are increased in the event
that your inspector is ever found to be at fault for contract breaches or errors. If your inspector does have
insurance, you?ll want to ask what is covered under that insurance for your protection, as well as their
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