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Depixelizing Pixel Art

8 pages
Depixelizing Pixel Art Johannes Kopf Dani Lischinski Microsoft Research The Hebrew University Nearest-neighbor result (original: 40 x 16 pixels) Our result Figure 1: Naive upsampling of pixel art images leads to unsatisfactory results. Our algorithm extracts a smooth, resolution-independent vector representation from the image, which is suitable for high-resolution display devices. (Input image © Nintendo Co., Ltd.). Abstract higher resolution artwork. For this reason, classical pixel art is usu-ally marked by an economy of means, minimalism, and inherent We describe a novel algorithm for extracting a resolution- modesty, which some say is lost in modern computer graphics. The independent vector representation from pixel art images, which en- best pixel art from the golden age of video games are masterpieces, ables magnifying the results by an arbitrary amount without im- many of which have become cultural icons that are instantly recog-age degradation. Our algorithm resolves pixel-scale features in the nized by a whole generation, e.g. "Space Invaders" or the 3-color input and converts them into regions with smoothly varying shad- Super Mario Bros, sprite. These video games continue to be en-ing that are crisply separated by piecewise-smooth contour curves. joyed today, thanks to numerous emulators that were developed to In the original image, pixels are represented on a square pixel lat- replace hardware that has long become extinct. tice, where diagonal ...
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