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(Adapted from an article written by Roger Killen on September 17th, 2010 for his Area Governors. Thank you Roger!) INTRODUCTION Our new website allowsanyoneto post an Event to the District Events Calendar. No password is required. Thistutorial is designed to simplify the process for you. THE MECHANICS
1. Hoveron the Events tabin the top navigational bar. 2. Clickon “All Events” from the drop down box. 3. Youwill be taken to a page that displays all of the listed events in order of date. 4. Clickinon the small arrow will display a list of categories that you can add your event to.
5. Atthe bottom ofanyof the Category pages locate and click on this button 6. Clickinon the Add an event link should load ua white screen with the followinheader:
7. EntertheSubjecte.g., Area 24 Speech Contest. This is the event title and you should create it to attract attention to your event. It willhighlighted inBoldprint in the Category listing. When a viewer clicks on it, they will be taken to the event details. 8. Clickon the down arrow to the right of the drop down menu that says “Please select a category.” At this point in time, you are only able to choose one category for your event.
9. Clickon your chosen category e.g., Speech Contests. 10. Chooseyour requiredAccess Level. Please leave it at the default setting of “Public."11. Pleaseignore theEvent Colour/Choose Colourfunction as it doesn't seem to work.12. Thedescription of your event goes into theActivitytext field. Think marketing! You are trying to entice people to attend your event. 13. Youwill notice a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). You can format the text that you will add in thisActivityfield.
14. Youcan either type and format your content directly in this field or copy and paste it from your word rocessor rogram.Cut, copy & paste function buttons are available in the WYSIWYG
editor Ifyou are having difficulties pasting into theActivityfield, it may be because your browser settings do not permit this function. A work around is to copy your text from your word processor program, click on your desired insertion point in theActivityfield, then on your keyboard press the Control key and the letter V. Your selected text should be inserted. 15. AddtheLocationof your event. If it is in a special room or building, please add it here. If there are special directions to your venue, they should be added in the previousActivityfield. 16. TheContactbox should include the name of the person that should be contacted for details & logistics of the event. That may or may not be you as the event submitter. Phone number and e mail contact info should be included. It will be visible in the calendar entry. 17.Extra Info… is for any info that didn't seem to fit into theActivityfield. 18.Your Nameis for contact purposes for the Events Coordinator. It doesnotget posted on the event listing. If you want your name to be featured, you should probably add it to theContactbox. 19.Your email address… this too is so that the Events Coordinator can contact you to advise that your event has been published or to ask you a question about your event if there is a problem or the content is unclear. Your email address doesnotget posted to the event listing unless you have added it to theContactbox. 20.Please fill in the captcha fields. Yes it is a pain but it is necessary to prevent robots from hijacking the site and spamming us to death. They can be difficult to read but if you click on the top arrow you can load new ones until you find one that you can read.
21. Inthe next sectionStart, End, Durationyou will schedule your event. In most cases you will click onDoing so sets theStart dateto its default setting of starting at 08:00 am and ending at 05:00 pm. You will need to change the start, end, am & pm boxes for your particular event.
Clicking on the tincalendar as indicated by the red arrow will load a small
calendar such as this oneThe month listed at the top is difficult to read and I am trying to resolve it. Stay tuned. You have your choice of month and year. 23. Yourfinal choice is theRepeat typei.e. No Repeat, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly. At this point in time you are not able to indicate first Monday, second Tuesday or any thing like that. For those type of events please add it to the details of your event and create separate entries for each event. 24. Pleasedoublecheck your entry before hitting theSavebutton which is located at the top of this screen.Savemeans submit. 25. WhenyouSaveyour entry you will be notified on the screen that your event has been submitted. 26. OurEvents Coordinator, Jon Cain or I will review your submission and publish it to the calendar. When we do so, you will receive acknowledgement of your event being published via the email address that you provided in the form. Please allow enough lead time for us to publish your event. 27. Whenyour event has been published, please check it for accuracy. If there is an error or you need to change your details, send a message to our Events Coordinatorjon.cain@d21toastmasters.caadvising him of your requested changes. You CANNOT edit the posting yourself. If your event changes are significantly different, you may want to submit a new event posting and contact the Events Coordinatorjon.cain@d21toastmasters.cawith a request that the old posting be removed. 28. Whenyour event is published it will show as being created“by Anonymous”;don’t be offended – this simply means that your event was submitted without a password. October 25, 2010 Rae Stonehouse DTM PDG D21 Webmaster
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