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B2B Internet Marketing Is Not Just Your Website Anymore

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WSI B2B Marketing is a pioneer in “integrated” Internet Marketing as digital has gone beyond “just websites” to include a wide array of solutions. We partner with B2B businesses to accelerate their growth and increase brand awareness. We were founded in 2005 by Hube Hopkins and are headquartered in Charleston, SC. To learn more visit;
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B2B Internet Marketing Is Not Just Your Website Anymore
B2B Internet marketing is on a very exciting growth pattern. Where just a few years ago it was centered on having a great website and working on SEO and spreading your name, now it encompasses a wide variety of technologies which have changed the business world forever.
The Many Faces of B2B Internet Marketing
Everywhere you turn today you can see great examples of methods to bring your story to existing and potential business clients.Your website today plays a crucial role but has become a tiny sliver of a complete strategic plan.How many of these technologies do you use in your B2B Internet marketing today?
Your Primary Website A Company Blog Executive Blogs Training Blogs Facebook Pages Twitter YouTube and other Video outlets LinkedIn Webinar Software Internet Video Conferencing Instant Messaging Software Skype or other Internet calling programs. PPC Advertising PPV Advertising
This is just a start to the list of technologies and ideas which companies are using to enhance brand awareness and to engage with their business partners.Let us examine a few of the critical items in the list.
The Power of Video
Video is playing an important role in B2B Internet marketing today.You can explain products, processes, and engage clients at a deeper level when they can actually see a product in use or view an explanation in comparison to only seeing the written word.
Video can take two distinct forms.The most commonly thought of form is in recorded videos hosted on the company website, YouTube, or other video platform.The second use of video is live streaming video used in video calls, conferencing, and live webinars.
The impact you can have on your business partners by conducting virtual meetings where they can actually see your face, hear your voice, and view your computer screen is amazing. Suddenlypoints of contention melt away as everyone is seeing the same data and can share their views instantly instead of through protracted phone calls and emails.
Empowering Your Employees to Create Deeper Bonds
One of the most powerful examples of using B2B internet marketing today comes from Google.Examine the numerous blogs, video channels, and other outlets they allow their employees to use to educate business partners.They have created an impressive library of training material and information which engages clients and brings them business at a very low cost. Another example comes from another leader in the industry.You can browse through hundreds of blogs, videos, and training sessions which have been created by Microsoft employees.They conduct live training sessions which bring in hundreds of people and give them deeper insights into their customers’ opinions and needs. Where Do You Stand in Your B2B Internet Marketing Strategy? How many of these technologies does your company currently use?Which ones are important for your employees and your customers?It is time to closely evaluate yourB2B Internet marketingplans and start using these amazing resources to grow your business.One thing you can be sure of this is only the beginning. TheInternet is a breeding ground for amazing innovation you need to watch.
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