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Best Practice GuideBest Practice Guide Marketing on Facebook1
IntroductionThe Facebook ecosystem Five guiding principles · Build a strategy that is social by design· Create an authentic brand voice · Make it interactive· Nurture your relationships· Keep learningFacebook by objective · Foster product development and innovation· Generate awareness · Drive preference and differentiation · Increase trafic and sales· Build loyalty and deepen relationships · Amplify recommendation and word of mouth  ·GaininsightsHelpful Resources2
Best Practice GuideIntroductionAt Facebook, everything we do is about making the world more open and connected. This has a profound impact on the way people communicate and interact. We are continually developing authentic ways for people to connect with one another as well as with the businesses, brands and institutions they care about, both on Facebook and across the web. Facebook allows marketers to stay connected with people throughout their day whether they are on their computers or mobile devices, at home or at work, watching TV or shopping with friends. This allows businesses to create rich social experiences, build lasting relationships and amplify the most powerful type of marketing – word of mouth. Connecting with people is just the beginning. In the pages that follow, you will ind best practices for reaching your businesses objectives on Facebook.3
Best Practice GuideThe Facebook ecosystem1Build The irst step is building your presence with a  Facebook Page. Pages allow you to create an identity for your business in the social graph - the map of the connections among people and the things they care about. If you have physical store locations, link your Page with a  Place. You can use  Social Plugins, the  Graph API and  Apps on Facebook to create social experiences involving your products and online properties that are engaging and personalized. 2Engage Creating these Facebook touch points allows you to start building your fan base and engaging with your customers.  Facebook Like Ads are the quickest way to acquire fans.  Publishing and engaging in conversations with your fans will allow you to deepen relationships and gain valuable insights. 3Amplify Every time someone interacts with your business, that action gets published into the  News Feed, creating word of mouth. These organic stories are extremely effective at getting others to engage and take action, and can be shared with a much larger number of potential and current customers by using  Facebook Ads and  Sponsored Stories. Facebook Ads include the names of friends who have already connected to your business. Sponsored Stories enable you to increase the distribution of News Feed stories about your business. Together, these tools give you the effectiveness of earned media, at the scale and predictability of paid media. Every campaign you run has a lasting impact via the relationships you build along the way. This is the new word of mouth and research has shown it’s twice as effective at driving results.4
Best Practice GuideFive guiding principles12345Build a strategy that is social by designCreate an authentic brand voiceMake it interactiveNurture your relationshipsKeep learning• Social should be baked into everything you do, not added at the end of a campaign or done on the side• People on Facebook are clear and open about who they are - be the same by providing straightforward information about your business• People spend time on Facebook communicating and sharing with others, so always engage in two-way conversations • Just like in the real world, building relationships with people on Facebook takes time and requires a long-term investment • Facebook allows you to get feedback from people in real time, giving you the ability to iterate on the ly• Facebook should be integrated with your broader marketing efforts and part of how you reach your business objectives • Facebook is an ideal place to bring your brand personality to life through an authentic and consistent voice• Think about the aspects of your brand that are inherently social and create content that people will be excited to pass along• Keep content fresh and easy to consume, use ads to stay in touch, and reward people for their loyalty through Deals and promotions• Use reporting tools to learn about your fans and the content and products they ind most interesting5
Best Practice GuideFacebook by ObjectiveFoster product development and innovationGenerate awarenessDrive preference and differentiationIncrease trafic and salesBuild loyalty and deepen relationshipsAmplify recommendation and word of mouthGain insights6
gsthgisni niaBy combining OnStar’s virtual advisor in-car telematics service with Facebook’s Graph’s API at the end of 2010, General Motors was the irst car manufacturer to offer drivers the opportunity to post and listen to audio status updates from the car through a simple push of a button. Chevrolet promoted the innovative service in its “Best First Date” 2011 Super Bowl television commercial. OnStar is rolling out the product by inviting customers to sign up for the public beta test of the service on its Facebook Page.7RBS Insurance enlisted its Facebook community to determine the features that should be included in a new iPhone app for its Direct Line insurance product. It drove people to a custom application on its Facebook Page, where it could present new concepts to existing and new customers. The result was over 600 unique comments on app features and product preference and differentiation5 steps to foster product development and innovation12345Run a creative Drive awareness of and reinBuild a social product caPamgepsaign to soliFaccietb ook AdsrtQiucesitionastion in theSo cial PluginstIadregneAttpi pfsa you n aFdaniceedbo nokce wei tyh ouGrra ph APIexperience by using  oBne  yproeusre Fnat caenbdo oakc tiPvaeg e papinput for your  campaign by promoting Campaign Reporting the Graph API and  throughout the product increase traffic and salesnew product it across your marketing and Page InsightsSocial Pluginsdevelopment cycle a. Run a contest or event to channelsa. Optimize your Facebook a. Enable people to like a. Use publishing and gather input on Facebook a. Run a Facebook Ads campaigns by testing individual products and Facebook Questions to by building an application campaign that includes which audiences are more content across the web  get feedback, iterate and Ftaoc egboaotk hAdesr submisSspioonsnosred StoriesSponsPoagreesd Stories for PlacesresponsiEvveen ttso different Graph APIwith the GrParepmihu mA PI Apps on Facgebeonokerate futureD epalrsoduct b. Have the community vote App Usedcreativeb. Use SociaSl aPmlpuligngi nAdss and marketing ideasbuild loyaalnty da npd rdoeevpiedn ree liatniocneshniptsives for  Promote the campaign b. Use this information to like the Activity Feed, b.participationin your other marketing direct future marketing Recommendations, channelssuch as TV, email, effortsComments and Live Stream  print or on your websiteto make experiences off of Facebook socialPagesSponsored StoriesFacebook AdsQuestionsSocial PluginsApps on FacebookPagesFacebook AdsSponsored StoriesQuestionsEventsGraph APIApps on FacebookSocial PluginsBest Practice Guide > Facebook by ObjectiveFoster product development and innovationFacebook allows you to learn about your target audience and to understand their interests and generate awarenessfriends. For this reason, Facebook can be used to generate new product ideas and innovations. Our platform tools allow you to build entirely new social product experiences like an online store that displays only your friends’ favorite products, or a car in which you can access your News Feed. You Spocnsaorend  Staorilesso enlFiacsebtoo k yAdosur FacePbageosok commPulacnesity to helEvpe ntcsrowd-soSocuialr Plcugien syour nGeraxpht A PIproducAptp s iond Faeceabo.okDealsproduct development & innovationIntroductory toolsAdvanced toolsamplify recommendation and word of mouthCampR peianggnaProitecob naFspo pAcebon Faps ookApsthI eggisnusermlaes syemtnwithted erna intahCdna sutS rettanBrmstectfeEfd rGpa hPAIokSocial Pluginsc atebnatni argeAPdaI bookFaceries StorodeopsnSlseaDsegaPstnevEsdA e)Pagesavailablw dile yidsen(touQseitnos
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