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Calgary Acupuncture: An Alternative Cure from the East Calgary is one of the wealthiest cities in Canada, known for its unpredictable weather and cultural diversity as well as for the health and wellness clinics found here. Aside from massage, a new form of therapy has become popular inCalgaryacupuncture. What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a traditional medicine which originated in China several thousand years ago. It involves the use of especially thin needles to puncture the skin at particular points, called acupuncture points, and stimulate the body’s “Qi” or energy.
Since it has been introduced to the western world, acupuncture has gained following not only as therapy, but as an alternative cure for different diseases. InCalgary, acupuncture clinicsare not only meant for stress relief, but also for curing ailments.
Principles of Acupuncture
The basis of acupuncture is the Chinese belief that human health is simply a balance of the elements in the body; of hot and cold, as represented by the Yin-Yang cycle. According to this belief, imbalance is the probable cause of diseases and acupuncture aims to restore that balance by stimulating certain points in the body.
There are hundreds of acupuncture points in the human body and each one has a particular effect when stimulated by a needle. These points are said to cure numerous diseases, from colds and fevers to more serious heart problems and cancer. Another key concept in acupuncture is the “Qi,” a Chinese word for energy. The human body is said to be made up of different Qi, and they help maintain its balance. When an acupuncture needle makes contact with an acupuncture point, it helps stimulate and improve the flow of Qi in the body to help restore its natural balance. Acupuncture in the West In modern cities likeCalgary, acupuncture andother alternative types of therapy is popular because they are inexpensive and natural. Acupuncture, in particular, has no harmful side effects to the body, unlike taking food supplements and other forms of western medicine.
As for efficacy, there are numerous cases which prove that acupuncture is an effective cure for different diseases. In China, it has even been used as an anesthetic in surgical operations.
Calgary acupuncturelike in most western cities, have yet to offer clinics, the same advanced medicinal uses of acupuncture. However, they do have a wide range of options for therapeutic acupuncture for stress and other minor ailments. Still, promising developments continue to be made in the study of this age-old cure from the east.
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