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June 2010

Dear AISD Friends and Family,

As representatives of the Community Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC), we are pleased to
share with you the results of the recent Bond Programs Surveys. Thank you to those who
responded to the survey – your feedback is important to the implementation of current and
future bond programs and we truly appreciate your participation.

The annual surveys, administered to parents, teachers and staff at campuses with recently
completed renovations and improvements, allow us to receive feedback from the community
on the progress of the 2004 and 2008 Bond Programs at an individual facility level.

Once the survey is complete, AISD staff, contractors and the CBOC go through a deliberate
process to review and respond to the feedback provided by the community. The results are
first compiled into a report for the review of a subcommittee of the CBOC. After reviewing, the
committee meets with AISD staff, including AISD Construction Management Director Curt
Shaw, to analyze and discuss on a campus-by-campus basis the specific feedback addressed
in the survey. AISD project managers for each facility are informed of any concerns and work
with contractors and staff at campuses to resolve the issues.

The feedback from the surveys is being used not only to address any current issues but to
also know what to be aware of as we continue to work on bond program projects and plan for
future renovation and improvement projects.

Please take time to review the following documents, included is a comprehensive report on the
number of responses per campus, results of quantifiable data, and feedback from AISD on
your comments organized by campus.

For more information on the 2004 and 2008 Bond Programs, visit,
and for any questions or concerns related to the bond programs, please call the hotline at
512.414.BOND (2663) or use the form available at

Thank you,

AISD’s 2004 and 2008 Bond Programs Community Bond Oversight Committee

Willis Adams Staley Gray Mary Ann Neely
Ramon Alvarez Jackie Hawkins Sarah Price
Margarito Aranda Lawrence Huang Jim Recek
Mary Ann Auster Bobby Jenkins * Steve Rogers
Mark Boyden Cindy Lara Arthur Turner
Cari Clark Rashaanne Lewis Jeff Walker
Kennard H. Wright Nan Clayton Eliza May *
Ashton Cumberbatch* Beverly Mendez Peck Young
Janet Dewey Carolyn Merritt

* Denotes tri-chair June 2010

AISD Bond Programs Surveys Participation

Faculty/Staff Parent TOTAL
Surveys Surveys SURVEYS
Completed Completed COMPLETED
Allison Elementary School 19 3 22
Bedichek Middle School 21 0 21
Burnet Middle School 66 2 68
Doss Elementary School 23 0 23
Eastside Memorial High School 10 2 12
Lamar Middle School 49 0 49
Lanier High School 35 0 35
Mathews Elementary School 13 0 13
Menchaca Elementary School 22 0 22
Nelson Field Bus Terminal 40 6 46
Saegert Bus Terminal 3 1 4
Webb Middle School 21 5 26
Wooldridge Elementary School 29 68 97
TOTAL 351 87 438

June 2010

AISD Bond Programs Surveys Results
Level  of  Satisfaction  
91% 90%
88% 87%
Community involvement Process to solicit Interaction with AISD bond Quality of AISD
community opinions personnel communication
 June 2010

AISD Bond Programs Surveys Results
Level  of  Satisfaction  
Safety Efficiency Quality
 June 2010

AISD Bond Programs Surveys Results
Level  of  Understanding  
58% 60%
Know about design and construction Know who to contact with questions
 June 2010
AISD Bond Programs Surveys Feedback
The following issues were identified in the Bond Programs Survey concerning the renovations at
Webb Middle School. To maintain confidentiality, these issues have been compiled without using
any participant’s exact comment. The feedback on specific issues outlined below was provided by
AISD staff and the project manager for renovations at your campus. Comments relating to topics
outside of the scope of the bond programs are not addressed in this feedback.

Survey participant comments are identified in bold and are immediately followed by AISD feedback
on each comment.

Construction Issues

• There were problems with the work done - no speakers, bells, phone jacks, or Internet
ports and holes in the walls.

The new fine arts addition and renovated classroom space at Webb opened for the first day of
classes of the 2009-2010 school year with some of the telecommunication and data systems in
an unfinished state. Within a few weeks of the start of school, the contractor had completed the
work, and all systems were operational.

• It was difficult to get the construction staff to fix problems.

Prior to the start of any bond project on a campus, a Campus Task Force (CTF) is established.
The CTF is a five- to six-member committee, appointed by the principal, with representation from
instructional staff, administrative staff, parents, and community. The CTF acts as the campus
oversight team for the implementation of the bond project scheduled for that campus. The CTF
meets regularly with the AISD project manager, the project architect/engineer, the construction
manager or general contractor, and a maintenance department representative. The CTF is
provided with information and updates on the projects and asked to disseminate that information
to the CAC, PTA, and other staff, parents, and community members. It is at the CTF meetings
that the campus administration and task force members are able to communicate construction
problems to and receive feedback from AISD project management staff and the project’s general
contractor. These meetings were established to promote effective two-way communication
between the task force and the project management/construction team, and ensure the
accountability of all parties responsible for the success of the project. To our knowledge, all
problems presented to the AISD project manager and other project staff regarding the project
were remedied. We are unaware of any problems that were not corrected.
Safety/Security Issues

• Several items went missing during construction and have not been replaced.

The AISD project manager acknowledges that one antique bell in one of the hallways was
mistakenly removed during the construction, and was misplaced. It could not be found, and it
could not be replaced. Although other school or personal items may have been lost during the
construction project, the AISD project manager does not recall receiving a list or lists of those
items. As a rule, lost items are replaced by either the contractor or the District without

35 June 2010
AISD Bond Programs Surveys Feedback
• The construction staff would go into locker rooms to do work while students were

This should not have occurred. Temporary locker room portables were provided when the
majority of renovations to the locker rooms were undertaken to prevent this type of situation. We
believe this may have occurred shortly after the locker rooms had been turned over for use by
the school and construction workers were completing some “punch list” items. In the future, any
similar situation should be immediately reported to the AISD project manager by campus
administration so that corrective action can be taken without delay.

• There needs to be more safety precautions taken.

The District employs third-party safety consultants to make periodic site visits to ensure the
contractor’s safe performance of the work. If violations are observed, “stop work” orders are
issued and an immediate response from the contractor is required. Since campus staff is
typically ever-present at the school, they are encouraged to help identify unsafe conditions so
they can be rectified as soon as possible.

Not Meeting Needs/Additional Needs

• The elevators do not appear ADA compliant.

The two elevators installed as part of this project (both during design and after installation) have
passed the inspection of a Registered Accessibility Specialist licensed by the State of Texas.

• The school could be more ADA compliant.

Webb Middle School was built in 1968, at which time there were no ADA standards. Under the
2004 Bond Program, two new elevators were installed, faculty and student restrooms were
renovated to meet ADA requirements, and the new fine arts addition was constructed to be fully
ADA compliant. Any remaining ADA issues have been noted during a facility-compliance survey
and will be considered for inclusion in future capital improvement programs.

• The lock on the orchestra room does not work and the lock core on the practice room
door was not replaced.

These noted deficiencies have been cured, and if they reoccur, upon notification they will be
remedied. The contractor provides a one-year warranty on the project, as a minimum.

• When will the west parking lot be expanded?

Additional parking spaces will be built during the summer of 2010.

• An additional sidewalk is needed between the main building and the portables.

To our knowledge, every existing portable has a paved sidewalk approach from the main

• Some renovations have not been completed.

Except for additional parking, which will be constructed this summer, all of the scope of work for
Webb under the 2004 Bond Program has been completed.
36 June 2010
AISD Bond Programs Surveys Feedback


• Why weren’t doors and other building materials recycled?

The project utilized all green-building strategies possible; and the new Fine Arts addition meets
the Austin Energy Green Building Program two-star rating, which requires a high percentage of
waste material to be diverted from going into a landfill.


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