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Oxford Tutorial & Honors
Thesis Requirements
Doug Corbitt, Tutorial Instructor
Phil Frana, Tutorial Coordinator
Phillip Melton, Tutorial Instructor
Lisa Mongno, Thesis Instructor
Ellen Stengel, Thesis Instructor
Oxford Tutorial (3.0 hrs.)
The Oxford Tutorial is a hybrid course
involving in-class work and an
independent tutorial.
The tutorial class with the
Honors instructor lasts one
semester, and may be
repeated once.
The tutor's commitment is one
hour per week in the tutorial
The thesis topic must be
interdisciplinary in nature.
Both traditional and creative topics
require the approval of the tutorial
coordinator—you may not register for
the class without this consent.
It is a requirement that you have the
agreement of the adviser, which also
involves the selection and agreement
on a topic, before enrolling in tutorial.
The tutorial involves research: reading,
summarizing, evaluating, and engaging
the topic and pertinent ideas.
Tutorial students act in the role of
guides and teachers; tutors act as
sounding boards and domain experts.
The outcome of the tutorial semester
includes a thesis statement, goals, and
a précis or work plan for writing.
Tutors recommend course grades, but
the instructor of record is the final
arbiter of the grade.
Honors Thesis (3.0 hrs.)
The Honors Thesis is a hybrid course
involving in-class writing and an
independent tutorial.
The thesis class with the
Honors instructor lasts one
semester, and may not be
repeated for credit.
The tutor's (advisor's)
commitment is one hour every
other week in the thesis
The student must engage a second
reader to critique the thesis work.
The two main tasks of the thesis class
are the writing and oral presentation of
the thesis.
Students should not sign up for
thesis until they are ready to
A complete draft of thesis is
due at midterm.
As in the tutorial semester, advisors
recommend course grades, but the
class instructor is the final arbiter of
the grade.
All advisors must attend the final thesis
presentation & sign a hard copy of your
thesis indicating their approval of the
finished work.
An electronic copy of the thesis must
be submitted to
Honors College reserves the right to
require adjustments to the thesis, or
even ultimately reject the final
Tutors/advisors receive $300 in
departmental travel money for each three
students they advise to successful
completion of all thesis requirements.
Significant process-related problems are
resolved by a special committee composed of
the student, all tutor/advisors, the class
instructor, and at least one honors
administrator (Phil, Donna, Rick). A special
meeting must be convened if you change your
thesis topic or wish to switch your tutor or
advisor. If the advisors or committee members
ultimately reject the final thesis, the student
must begin afresh in selecting both a new tutor
and topic.
Outstanding Thesis Awards
The Honors College grants Outstanding Thesis
Awards as a way of recognizing scholars whose
work is exemplary and the mentors who have
advised them. Nominations are solicited from
advisors each semester, and voted on by the
Honors faculty. All decisions to give this award
must be unanimous, though multiple awards
may be given in each semester.
Criteria considered for this award includes (but
is not limited to):
The thesis' contribution to the body of
knowledge in this field, basis in original
research, and complexity of inquiry
necessary to answer the research
The student-scholar's dedication to the
project throughout the tutorial and
The scholar's broad familiarity with
relevant theories or schools of thought.
The likelihood of this work to be
presented or published.
The student's excellence both in writing
and in the technical/methodological
demands of the relevant fields. This
may include exemplary writing,
presentation, and/or artistry.
Awards are announced at the Honors College
Senior Banquet.
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