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Marine pump-out stations

36 pages
ErivîfÔrirfiënfMa:Pump-OutStatioi^y-MARINE PUMP OUT STATIONSWater is one of our most precious resources. But, it is alimited resource. Cleanwater—necessaryfordrinking, rec-—reation and the survival ofaquatic life can only be main-tained ifwe use it wisely.Becausewe alluse water,wehavea collectiveresponsibilityto keep it clean.In recent years, there has been a large increase in thenumber ofboats on provincial lakes and rivers. Thismeanswe have to be even more diligent in taking care of thewaterways we use for recreation. Provincial boating andmarina regulations are designed to protect and preserveOntario's waterways for its citizens and visitors.© Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1988ISBN 0-7729-4325-7.KEEPING OUR WATERWAYS CLEAN:WHATCANYOUDO?Environment Ontario has designed and implemented pollu-tion abatement projects to restore and preserve the health ofprovincial waterways. But what can you do ?• Inform yourselfand your family about the causes ofwater pollution and its dangers.• Check your personal habits when fishing and boating.Keep riverbanks and shorelines clean.• Don't throw empty cans, bottles or other garbage over--board it is illegal. Keep garbage properly containeduntil you reach an onshore disposal site.• Ensure the onboard sanitary facilities are in good oper-ating condition.• Never flush away what can be put into the garbage.Some objects cannotbe broken down in water and causeserious pollution problems.• pollution ...
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