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Olivier Bernardi D´epartementdeMath´ematiques Universite´ParisSud 91405 Orsay Cedex, France Tel. +33169153173 / Fax.+33 169157234
Position since October 2007:
email:olivier.bernardi@math.u http://www.math.u
Languages:French (native), English (fluent), Italian, Spanish and German (intermediate).
Education 200306Ph.D.thesisincomputerscienceatUniversit´eBordeaux(LaBRI). Combinatorics of maps and the Tutte polynomialquusBoleilreMibydesivrepus,.ue´olteMExaminers: Philippe Flajolet, Christian Krattenthalerand Gilles Schaeffer. 200203Masterincomputerscience,Highesthonors(mentionTr`esbien). ´ ´ JointprogramEcolenormalesupe´rieure,EcolePolytechniqueandUniversit´eJussieu. ´ 200003Student(fullfellowship)atEcoleNormaleSupe´rieuredeParis(ENSUlm). ´ 2000Nationalcompetitiveexaminations.AdmittedtoEcoleNormaleSup´erieuredeParisandto ´ Ecole Polytechnique.
Research experience and invited stays 2008 VisitingFellow (1 month) at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge.Combinatorics and statistical mechanics. 2007JuniorResearchFellow(2months)atErwinSchro¨dingerInstitute,Vienna.Discrete models in statistical physics. 2006  07Postdoctoral researcher (1 year) at the Center of Mathematical Research, Barcelona. Enumerative combinatorics and random structures. 2006 Predoctoralresearcher (2 months) at Laboratoire de Combinatoire et d’Informatique Math´ematique(LaCIM),Montreal.Map enumeration and statistical physics. 2002 Intern(6 months) at NewYork University.Inference of gene regulatory network from large scale expression data, supervised by Denis Shasha. 2001 Intern(2 months) at INRIA  SophiaAntipolis.Permutation networks and fault tolerance, supervised by JeanClaude Bermond.
Teaching Experience ´ 2007  08Instructor at Ecole Polytechnique. st Advanced algorithmic methodsyear. Master in computer science, 1 TeachingassistantatUniversite´BordeauxI. 2005  06 rd Probability and statisticsyear. Bachelor in computer science, 3 st Introduction to computer science Bachelor in computer science, 1year. TeachingassistantatUniversit´eBordeauxI. 2004  05 rd Probability and statistics Bachelor in computer science, 3year. rd Algorithms and data structures Bachelor in computer science, 3year.
Articles in journals: Intervals in Catalan lattices and realizers of triangulations, with Nicolas Bonichon. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, Vol 116(1), pp 5575, 2009. Solution to a combinatorial puzzle arising from Mayer’s theory of cluster integrals. Se´minaireLotharingiendeCombinatoire, Vol. 59, Article B59e, 10pp, 2008. Tutte polynomial, subgraphs, orientations and sandpile model:new connections via combinatorial em beddings.Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 15(1), Article R109, 52pp, 2008. A characterization of the Tutte polynomial via combinatorial embedding. Annals of Combinatorics, Vol 12(2), pp 139153, 2008. On triangulations with high vertex degree. Annals of Combinatorics, Vol 12(1), pp 1744, 2008. Bijective counting of Kreweras walks and loopless triangulations. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, Vol 114(5), pp 931956, 2007. Bijective counting of treerooted maps and shuffles of parenthesis systems. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Vol. 14(1), Article R9, 36pp, 2007.
Articles in refereed conference proceedings: A bijection for covered maps on orientable surfaces, with Guillaume Chapuy. Short abstract in Topological and Geometric Graph Theory (TGGT) 2008. Catalan’s intervals and realizers of triangulations, with Nicolas Bonichon. Extended abstract inFormal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics(FPSAC) 2007. Bijective counting of Kreweras walks and loopless triangulations. Extended abstract in FPSAC 2006. On triangulations with high vertex degree. Extended abstract in FPSAC 2005.
Submitted publications: On the growth rate of minorclosed classes of graphs, with Marc Noy and Dominic Welsh. A linear algorithm for the random generation of regular languagesemOhmiGrene´.z,wit A bijection between welllabelled positive paths and matchings, with Bertrand Duplantier and Philippe Nadeau. Counting simplicial decompositions of surfaces with boundarieshJua,wit´u.ejnRo
Conference talks and seminars
6 Invited talks or lectures: Jul. 2009Berlin, Germany Nov. 2008Temuco, Chile Apr. 2008Cambridge, England Apr. 2008Cambridge, England Mar. 2008Marseille, France Feb. 2007Montreal, Canada
DocCourseatTechnischeUniversita¨t(9hourslecture). Workshop on Randomness and Enumeration (3 hours lecture). Combinatorics and Statistical mechanics, Workshop 5. Combinatorics and Statistical mechanics, Workshop 4. Al´eaworkshop. Workshop on Combinatorics and Statistical mechanics.
12 talks in conference and workshops: FPSACconferences(NankaiandSanDiego),WorkshopatESI(Vienna),WorkshopatCRM(Barcelona),S´eminaire LotharingiendeCombinatoire57(Ottrott),Journe´esgraphes(Bordeaux),Summerschoolongeometric ´ combinatorics(Vienna),Journe´esG´eoCompatEcolePolytechnique(2×school onPalaiseau), Summer algorithms(Montpellier),WorkshopAl´ea(Marseille),Journ´eesarbres(Bordeaux).
27 talks in seminars: University of Bordeaux (6),CRM Barcelona (4),University ParisSud (3),UQAM Montreal (2),Oxford University (1),University of Geneva (1),ESI Vienna (1),MIT Cambridge (1),New York Univer sity (1),Waterloo University (1),Technische University Berlin (1),Humboldt University Berlin (1),UPC ´ Barcelona (1),University Paris VI (1),University Paris VII (1),Ecole Polytechnique (1).
Administrative tasks
2007  08: Organizationof theSeminars on mapsat University ParisSud. 2006  07and coorganization of the: CreationSeminars for young researchersat the CRM Barcelona. 2005of the conference: CoorganizerDoctorants et Entreprises (IDeE)Innovation :. 2004  05: Vicepresidentof the the Ph.D students’ association (AFoDIB) at Univesity of Bordeaux.