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WiNTeB Workshop Speaker Biographies

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WiNTeB Workshop Speaker Biographies

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WiNTeB Workshop Speaker Biographies
Mark Cummings
is a Special Assistant to the Vice President of Research and Dean of
Graduate Studies and Visiting Research Professor at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta.
is the founder and Managing Partner of enVia, a venture project spun out of the Stanford
Research Institute (SRI).
At enVia, Mark was the founding CEO of three venture backed
companies: Morphics, SkyCross and RFco. He holds a PhD from Tohoku Imperial University in
Information Sciences and an MBA from Wharton School of Business in Communications
He is involved in cooperative Research at Stanford University.
He currently
participates in IEEE 802.19 where he played a leadership role in the creation of the TV White
Space Coexistence Task Group (802.19.1), and Infrastructure 2.0 industry standards groups.
Mark is the principal inventor on the earliest patent granted on the use of reconfigurable logic for
SDR (Software Defined Radio).
He chaired the Organizing Committee of the SDR Forum and
was its first Technical Committee Chair, served as Chairman of the Board of Directors and, most
recently, drove the MLM (Meta Language for Mobility) Working Group.
Earlier in his career,
he founded the Pocket Intelligence Program at SRI International (Stanford Research Institute).
He helped found and sat on the Board of Directors of PCMCIA, and the Smart Card Industry
Mark was an early member of IEEE 802, a contributor to the X.25 standard and
designed the first international X.25 network.
Mark helped organize the first satellite pay cable
network, HBO (Home Box Office)and the first digital broadcasting system (DBS / Lotus Signal),
set the architecture for the next generation EFTS system for the US Federal Reserve System, and
the architecture for the international banking system for Mitsui Bank.
Victor Frost
is on assignment as a program director at the National Science Foundation
CISE/CNS division since February 2009.
He is the Dan F. Servey Distinguished Professor in
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Kansas Information and
Telecommunication Technology Center.
From 1987 to 1996 he directed the
Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory (TISL--a predecessor of ITTC) at
KU. He became ITTC's acting director in January 1998 and its director in August 2000.
holds affiliated positions in the Bioinformatics and Computational Life-Sciences Laborty and the
Communications and Networking Systems Laboratory at KU.
He received his Ph.D. degree in
electrical engineering from KU in 1982.
Victor has performed research for numerous
corporations, including Sprint, NCR, BNR, NEC, Telesat Canada, AT&T, McDonnell Douglas,
DEC, and COMDISCO Systems. Victor’s research has also been sponsored by Government
agencies, including, NSF, DARPA, Rome Labs, and NASA.
He has been principal investigator
on 31 research projects and has published more than 100 journal and conference articles. Victor
served as a Guest Editor for the IEEE Communications Magazine (March 1994 and August
1997) and the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (May 1995).
He was an
Associate Editor for the IEEE Communications Letters and is currently an area editor for ACM
Transactions on Simulation and Modeling of Computer Systems.
His current research interests
are in the areas of network quality of service, integrated communication networks and high-
speed networks; they have included projects such as MAGIC and AAI high-speed, wide-area
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