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Medical Credentialing via Primary Source Verification: How it’s saving Human Lives!

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Medical credentialing is the process of verifying information about medical staff and physicians to ensure legitimacy and experience which certainly save human lives.

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Ajouté le : 20 juin 2012
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Medical Credentialig via Primary Source Verifiction: How it’ savingHuman Lives! Medicalcredentialingistherocessperformedtoprotectthepublicfr msubstandardandincompetenthealthcarpractitionerssuchasDoctors,physicia s,nursesetc.Thesehealthcarepractitio ersmakeerrorsthatultimatelyledtoproblemswithatientsafetyandhighqua itycare.Infact,superficialandinadeq atecredentialsreviewandevaluationarep acticesthatcanbefoughtwithfutureri kmanagementproblems. Theprocessofremovinganincompetentpractitionerfromthemedi alstaffcanbelengthy,emotionallyandrofessionallyexhausting,andfiscallyamagingtoahospital.Someexpertsestim tethatnearly7%ofphysicianapplicatio scontainsomefalsification.Listeningtoallthesefactsandthedangersattachedtoaumanlife,theimportanceofmedicalcred ntialingprocesstocatchtheinconsiste ciescannotbeoverestimated at any cost. Inaddition,anineffectivmedical credentialing rocesscanbefinanciallyroblematicforahospital.Iahospitaldoesnotproperlycredentialaphysicianwhoultimatelycausesharmtopatient,thehospitalcanbeheldliablofa medical malpracticelawsuitandalsobeenfinanciallyaccountableforthephys cian’sactions.Threeextremelyachingthin swillhappenafterthat;
1.Ahospitalwillloseitsreputationonceandforever. 2.Thetrustofapatientianyothermedicalpractitionerwillbelo t. 3.Severfinanciallossd etomalpracticelitigationandpeoplecanalsobesenttorisonforthatmedicanegligence.
Ontheotherhandandonaositiveside,comprehensivemedicalcre entialingdoneontheprincipalsofprimarysource verificationcannotonlyboostthereputationofahospitalanditsphysiciansutalsotheyhavebeenmentionedvol ntarilybytheatientsabouttheirhigherstandards,qualityserviceandexcellentpatientsafetymeasures.
What are the 5 Primary Source Verification Methods which strengthens the Medical Credentialing Process?
Doctors and medical staffbackground checkand medical credentialing through primary source verification method is a process which needs expertise, experience and care. As the credentials are being verified from the source of origin and it’s the origin verification that means the process will be authentic and without doubts. For example, this may include medical schools, licensing agencies, and specialty boards to guarantee that statements about training, experience and other qualifications are legitimate, unchallenged and appropriate.
In primary source verification method, medical credentialing background check companies directly contacts a medical school or state medical board to verify education and licensure, respectively. The core criteria defined as; Professional Qualification, Training and Experience VerificationEducational qualification and all related elements can be verified by sending letters to each institution individually (school, training program, specialty board, etc.). Independent medicalcredentialing and background screening companiesare helpful in this regard as they are fast and accurate. Perform Medical License Verification:What can be revealed when doing medical credentialing via primary source verification. Mentioned in 6 points below, State of licensure, license number, date of original licensure and expiration date Name (first and last) of the person initiating the verification call Name (first and last) of the person verifying the information Are there any current, past, or pending restrictions on the license? Are there any current, past, or pending disciplinary actions against the practitioner? Current Competence verificationCompetence assessment is an important part of medical credentialing and it is carried out on initial appointment and at least every two years thereafter, normally at the time of reappointment/reappraisal. Competency Verification can be sent to the Medical Director of the hospital under whom the person has worked in recent past. Mental and Physical ability to perform requested Privileges:
Clinical privileges are limited by the individual's professional license, experience, and competence. And ability of performing specific patient care, an adequate amount of work knowledge and minimum experience should be judged via references and patient medical records.
Criminal offence or Sexual Harassment Records Check:
There are many criminal offence and sexual harassment/abuse cases registered every year. Doctors, dentists, nurses and other medical practitioners are being punished and their licenses have been revoked. So it’s essential to check criminal background and sex offender records of a person to ensure the patient safety. Conclusion:The above discussion and the primary source verification practice define the quality of medical credentialing which is directly proportional to patient safety.Medical Credentialing is a tough task to handle, as it holds fatal risks. So it’s essential for the medical staff recruitment agencies and employers that they take help of credentialing and background check companies, which are resourceful, experienced, fast and accurate. It cannot only save a lot of hiring time and cost but it will help saying innocent human lives. Muhammad Saad Khana Writer, Social Media and Business Management is Thought Leader Working withData flowthe world's leading primary Group, source verification company headquartered in Singapore. His current research is about HowMedical Credentialing via Primary Source Verification methodis helpful in saving human lives.