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Dell Boomi AtomSphere - 01 Basic Training
1. Dell Boomi AtomSphere - Platform Orientation & Basic Concepts

a. Intro to AtomSphere
i. Atomsphere Access Best Practices
ii. Atomsphere Integration Overview
iii. Support Portal Overview
iv. File Integration Overview

b. Building Your 1st Integration
i. Folder & Component Organization
ii. Connector Overview
iii. FTP Connector (Read)
iv. Disk Connector (Write)

c. Setting Up Your 1st Test
i. Atom Overview
ii. Boomi Document Overview
iii. Test Mode Features

d. Document Structuring
i. Set Properties Step (Document File naming - Static)
ii. Profile Overview (XML)
iii. Set Properties Step (Document File naming - Dynamic)

e. Data Translation
i. Map Component Introduction
ii. Flat File Profile Overview
iii. Boomi Suggest
iv. Mapping Basics
v. Map Function Overview

f. Branching & Document Output
i. Branch Step Overview
ii. Set Properties Step Placement

2. Dell Boomi AtomSphere - Basic SaaS to On Premise Integration

a. Intro to Web Service Integration
i. Salesforce to Database Integration Overview
ii. Web Service API Connector Overview
iii. Folder & Component Organization
iv. Salesforce Connector (Read)
v. Salesforce Request Parameter Building

b. Intro to Database Connector
i. Database Connector (Write)
ii. Database Profile (Write)

c. Advanced Mapping & Document Logic
i. Advanced Mapping (XML to DB)
ii. Updating Profiles
iii. User Defined Functions
iv. Decision Step Overview

d. System Synchronization
i. Database to Salesforce Integration Overview
ii. Database Connector (Read)
iii. Salesforce Connector (Write)
iv. Connector Calls

e. Dynamic File & System Commands
i. Mail Connector (Write)
ii. Message Step
iii. Set Properties (Mail Subject - Static)
iv. Program Command Step (SQL Write Statement)

3. Dell Boomi AtomSphere - Basic Administration, Troubleshooting
& Error Handling

a. Process Deployment & Automation
i. Cloud training Support Integration Overview
ii. Copy Action Overview
iii. Deploy Overview
iv. Process Automation and Atom Management

b. Process Administration
i. Revision History Overview
ii. Connection Licensing
iii. Processing Reporting Overview (Part1)
iv. Processing Reporting Overview (Part2)

c. Account Alerting & Custom Notifications
i. Exception Step
ii. Deploy Actions
iii. External Alerting Options
iv. Notify Step
v. User Management Review

d. Document Tracking & Process Deactivation
i. Document Tracking
ii. Process Deactivation

Dell Boomi AtomSphere - 02 Advanced Training

1. Dell Boomi AtomSphere - Document Efficiency Design

a. Business Rules
i. Business Rules Overview
ii. Business Rules Demo
iii. Business Rules - Process Development Review

b. Dynamic Process Properties
i. Dynamic Process Properties Overview
ii. Dynamic Process Properties Demo
iii. Dynamic Process Properties - Process Development

c. Dynamic Document Properties
i. Dynamic Document Properties Overview
ii. Dynamic Document Properties Demo
iii. Dynamic Document Properties - Process Developer

d. Document Caching
i. Document Caching Overview
ii. Document Caching Demo
iii. Document Caching - Process Development Review

e. Try Catch
i. Try-Catch Overview
ii. Try-Catch Demo
iii. Try-Catch - Process Development Review

2. Dell Boomi AtomSphere - Enterprise Architecture

a. Boomi Assure
i. Boomi Assure Overview

b. Environment Deployment Options
i. Environment Deployment Overview
ii. Envint Creation and Deployment Demo

c. Flow Control
i. Flow Control Overview
ii. Flow Control Demo

Dell Boomi AtomSphere - 03 Integration Architecture
1. Dell Boomi AtomSphere - Integration Process Design
a. General Process Design Best Practices
b. Architecting for ETL Processing
c. Ag for High volume Real Time Processing