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BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE L'EPFLEPFL - BibliothèquePhone :+41 21 693 64 03 Rolex Learning CenterFax :+41 21 693 51 00 Station 20E-mail CH 1015 LausanneWeb : FOR ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONOF A DOCTORATE THESIS
Preamble Within the framework of its mandate as legal depository of EPFL theses, the Bibliothèque de l'EPFL wishes to give greater recognition to the doctorate theses completed at the EPFL and intends to support their diffusion on the Internet. In this way, the Library aims to facilitate the access to knowledge, to support contacts and exchanges between scientists and all members of the communities of other Universities, High Schools or scientific Institutes, and intends likewise to contribute to the prestige of Ph.D. holders and all other members of the academic body of the EPFL. This facility is offered to authors of theses having obtained the imprimatur of the Ph.D. examining board, once all corrections have been carried out. The authorization granted to the Library is not exclusive and the author reserves the right to publish or to diffuse his/her work in any other form under his/her own responsibility. Im ortantinformation: If you have already published the whole or part of your thesis or contacted a publisher, you may be required to obtain the authorization of your publisher before publishing your work on the Internet. If in doubtit is recommended thatou ask hisermission: this is generally a mere formality. Please also note that if, thereafter, you go to a publisher, the latter may consider the publication on the Internet as a first publication.
The author of the thesis hereby declares:
I accept that the Library publishes an electronic version of my thesis on the Internet and that it files a copy with the Swiss National Library for diffusion on other servers.
I certify that the electronic version given for electronic publication is identical to the official version of my work, approved by the Ph.D. examining board (imprimatur, with all required corrections duly carried out).
I certify that there are no rights of third parties which would restrict the electronic publication of my thesis.I remain exclusively responsible, in accordance with all applicable legal provisions, for the contents of my thesis, in particular for the quotation or other uses of works of third parties.
Bibliothèque de l'EPFL, 23.2.2010
Name and first name:
Thesis title:
E-mail: Handing-over of the document (to specify): I transmitted the computer file to the EPFL printing service (Repro) after June 1, 2004. I provide the computer file of the official version of my thesis. I do not have a computer file and request the Library to create at its expense a PDF version on the basis of the printed version registered for legal deposit.
Declaration of the Library:
The Library is committed to publish and publicise widely on the Web the entrusted thesis. In order to guarantee the integrity of the document, the Library shall take the necessary measures to lock the documents in order to prevent any modification. The Library disclaims any responsibility for the use made by parties accessing the thesis and gives no other guarantee for the safety and reliability of equipment used to store and access data. The present authorization does not modify the copyright which remains in full force. If the author wishes subsequently to publish his/her thesis with a conventional publisher and is rejected because of the present authorization, he/she has the right to ask the Library to suspend the access to his/her thesis on the Internet for a given or for an unspecified period. The Library will inform the thesis advisor (director) of this electronic publication authorization. The Library shall bear all expenses incurred in connection with the electronic publication of the thesis on the Web.No remuneration is due to the author of the thesis in consideration for his/her authorization. The Library reserves the right to withdraw the thesis from its site for any reasons whatsoever.
Agreed in
The author of the thesis
Bibliothèque de l'EPFL, 23.2.2010
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