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SKETCHES OF ENGINE AND MACHINE DETAILS. PRICE 2s. 6d. NET. POST FREE nd.2s. Price in the Colonies and all Countries,Foreign Net. 3/- "The sun never sets on Books."Benthys LIST OF PRACTICAL ENGINEERING BOOKS! BY WALLACE M.I.MECH.E.BENTLEY, Svo. Cloth. Post Free 2s. 11d.Demy OF ENGINEi. "SKETCHES AND MACHINE DETAILS." over detail from the latestContains 250 up-to-date drawings practice, dimensioned. fully " and Machine details."An excellent collection of Engine Engineering. "The Book ... is excellent." Engineer. 8vo. cloth. Post Free 1s. 2d.Reap. " 2. MACHINE SHOP COMPANION." OVER 80 ILLUSTRATIONS. Turner and Fitter in the should thisEvery Mechanic, Kingdom carry Book in his Pocket.popular Price 6d. each net. Post Free 7d. IN MACHINE CONSTRUCTION."3. "QUESTIONS (WITH ILLUSTRATIONS). " IN APPLIED MECHANICS." 4. QUESTIONS ANSWERS COMPLETE,) ILLUSTRATED.(WITH " RULES AND DEFINITIONS." 5. ENGINEERING(FOR STUDENTS.) PRACTICAL WORKSHOP MECHANICS6. OVER ILLUSTRATIONS.(WiTH 30 HALIFAX : THE BENTLEY PUBLISHING CO.. LONDON: CHAPMAN & HALL, LIMITED. fl QVCT/ INDIA: SPINK & CALCUTTA. / ,, TTT ,,THACKER, Co., j ^ OF ENGINESKETCHES AND MACHINE DETAILS. BOOK FOR THE USE OFA REFERENCE ENGINEERS, DRAUGHTSMEN, AND AND A TEXT BOOK FORMECHANICS, AND DRAWIN'GMACHINE CONSTRUCTION CLASSES. BY WALLACE BENTLEY, M.I.MECH.E., CONSULTING MECHANICAL -HALIFAX.ENGINEER, AUTHOR OF MACHINE SHOP COMPANION." IN MACHINE CONSTRUCTION"QUESTIONS 14 "IN APPLIED ANDMECHANICS." RULES DEFINITIONS."QUESTIONS "AND PRACTICAL WORKSHOP MECHANICS." SIXTH EDITION. HALIFAX: THE BENTLEY PUBLISHING CROSSLEY STREET.Co., LONDON : CHAPMAN & HALL HENRIETTA \V.C.LIMITED, u, STREET, 1916. [All Rights Reserved.} ;U'' CONTENTS. Pages. 1 to 9Instructions on etc...General Preparing Drawings,(1) and Riveted Joints 16Eivets 10,,(2) 20Nuts and Screws 17,,Bolts,(3) 24and PinsCotters 21,,(4) Keys, 26and Joints ... ... ... ... 25 ,,Pipe(5) Pipes 30and Clutches 27 ,,Couplings(6) Shafting, etc.... ... ... 31 3&,,Pedestals, Hangers,(7) Bearings, 42and 39,,(8) Pulleys Flywheels 46Toothed 43,,(9) Gearing 73Details 47,,(10) Engine 74 83Valves ,,(11) Details 9SMachine Tool 84,,(12) and Details 99 105Electric Motor ,,(13) Dynamo Steam and Details 106 109-Boilers(14) 110 111Details(15) ,,Hydraulic 112 118Miscellaneous Details(16) ,, and Stresses 119 121Notes on(17) Materials, ,,Weight Estimating For see 124 and 126.Index, 123,Complete Pages PREFACE. T~N of the success attainedconsequence great by my previous and at the of a numberengineering publications, request large of Technical School andTeachers, Students,Engineers, Mechanics, in all of the United I have in thisparts Kingdom, pleasure issuing "book of Sketches of and Machine and trust thatEngine Details," it will as successful as other works.prove my such an in allSketching plays important part engineering as well as in the of theexaminations, everyday occupations engineer and that it is of the that studentsdraughtsman, greatest importance and should be trained to answerapprentices practical questions by means of neat and sketches. One of the ofproportionate objects this book is to suitable workedsupply examples, fully out, showing students the kind of and another is toexactly thing required, give dimensioned details of the most recent in thepractice shops. With the wealth of material at some hasmy disposal, difficulty been in what was most suitable for theexperienced selecting purpose of the but I that this been sohave as towork, hope may managed, furnish a book valuable not to the allbut to interestedstudent,only in Mechanical Science. I wish to best thanks to the eminent andexpress my engineers firms names in the of the forengineering (whose appear body work) me with detail of their mostkindly supplying working drawings andrecent to Professor Professor Messrs.Unwin,practice, Adams, and and Messrs. Low and for a few sketchesJordan,Cryer Bevis, taken from their works. W.B. CBOSSLEY STREET, HALIFAX, 1898.March, 464530 PREFACE TO THE FIFTH EDITION. has beenT~N this new theedition,preparing opportunity again ataken of the work revision. thirtygiving thorough Nearly added and muchof new have beenpages drawings descriptive been discarded and morematter. A few of the older havedrawings of the detailswhilst standardsubstituted,up-to-date designs many have been re-drawn. The former of the book into two viz :practice dividing parts, and Advanced has now been and theabandoned,Elementary subject matter is in as shown the Contentsarranged together sections, by This feature I make the book more forpage. will, trust, handy reference. and firmssincerest thanks are due to the eminentMy engineers who have so me with to ; son,kindly supplied working drawings my muchMr. Hubert G.I. Mech. who has undertakenB.,Bentley, in connection with the and towork,responsibility my junior Mr. Horace for the of some ofdraughtsman, Horsfall, preparation the drawings. I take this to thank the number ofFinally, opportunity large Technical School Teachers and inothers,Engineers, Draughtsmen, all of the who have written to me theirworld,parts expressing kind of the work.appreciations W.B. PREFACE TO THE SIXTH EDITION. ^HE Fifth edition been it hasrevised,having thoroughly not been found into make thenecessary any change issue.present W.B. 1916.HALIFAX,
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