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Straight forward to use Mattress Toppers for family homes

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Straight forward to use Mattress Toppers for family homes

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Ajouté le : 28 octobre 2011
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Straight forward to use Mattress Toppers for family
Mattress toppers are put on top of a mattress for any of various reasons. For beds that are too hard, a
topper can supply plushness. Certain others toppers can yield support to a bed that is too soft, while
prolonging the life of the mattress. Toppers can also provide additional comfort and warmth.
Here are the most common types of toppers:
Memory Foam
A memory foam
mattress topper
is a piece of viscoelastic foam, approximately seven centimetres in
depth that can be set on top of your mattress.
Many people will tell you that a memory foam mattress is the ultimate sleeping experience. By quite
literally moulding itself to your body shape, temperature-sensitive memory foam gives total support for
your spine and joints, helping to relieve any aches and pains you might have, thus ensuring you have a
restful night's sleep.
Obviously, if you're buying a new mattress anyway, it’s an investment definitely worth thinking about.
However, if you already have a relatively new regular mattress and would like to try sleeping on memory
foam, then a memory foam topper is a much more affordable alternative for you. It will provide you
with all of the support and comfort of a memory foam mattress.
Latex Foam
Latex foam is fashioned of rubber and provides similar support to what memory foam does and
somewhat moulds itself to your body. Latex, like memory foam, doesn’t transfer movement between
people who are sleeping together.
But latex doesn’t possess the faint chemical smell that memory foam does, and it's antimicrobial. Latex
also breathes, regulating body temperature better than memory foam does, so you’re less likely to
perspire. Latex, for most people, is hypo allergenic. It’s also fairly lasting, but will flatten over time. Latex
toppers are somewhat hard to clean.
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Feather and Down
Feather and down toppers are filled mostly with feathers, but they also include a thin layer of goose or
duck down on the top for added warmth and softness. These
bedding sets
toppers add cushioning
rather than support for those who want to feel swaddled in softness while sleeping.
They’re ideal for people with mattresses that are a little too hard for their liking. They do tend to get
matted fairly easily, causing bunching, so they have to have an occasional shake to fluff them back up.
Down and feathers do a terrific job of controlling body temperature. They keep you warm when it’s
cool, yet they breathe quite well, so you’re less apt to sweat when you warm up.
It’s best to get this type of topper with a twin-seam box construction that will keep the filling’s shape
while still providing terrific comfort.
These typically have elastic straps that offer a secure fit.
Although the idea of sleeping on a wool mattress topper may not sound terribly appealing, wool toppers
are surprisingly plush and comfortable, and they aren’t itchy.
Since wool is natural, these have several advantages over synthetically made toppers; for instance,
natural wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and mould. They’re also exquisitely warm and
comfortable, and of course are eco-friendly.
They come in a variety of
waterproof mattress protection
and wool blends, and they provide optimal
softness and temperature regulation, but they tend to be rather costly.
Like feather mattress toppers, wool toppers are designed for comfort rather than support, so they tend
to mat easily and need to be fluffed occasionally.
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