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Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit Buyer's Guide

7 pages
portion of weak pistons while using wrong opening size within the skirt , affected cycles consume to
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Suzuki GSF1200 Bandit Buyer's Guide
How different ways is it possible to move a motorbike ? retro , all-rounder, sports activities
tourer, streetfighter, muscles cycle , avenue normal – the Bandit 1200s match every one of
these bills. More than ten years these types of ‘basic’ cycles have been providing big-bore
bicycling on the world – which means these day there are world to get purchased in silly rates.
First samples of this kind of very appealing motorbike have become charged inside winter
compromise property.
Thelaunch of the Bandit 1250, including a raft of trendy new bare cycles , have got genuinely leant
hard on used Bandit 1200 valuations. You'll find absurd offers to become had and also ‘a buyer’s
market’ is an understatement.
Whatyou receive to your small funds are 1 substantial , very clean , torque-ladenmotorbike. The
Bandit is actually real-world punchy-fast, if not on the innovative of rapier sports activities products.
There’s a lot of room for your significant of body , secure managing , two-up potential , and also the
form of powerplant reliability that will notch-upsix-figure mileages.
Butpeople are just the practical reasons regarding running a Bandit. These types of are really cycles
which feel great to ride – they might barely become thus prosperous in any other case.When there’s a
chicken influenza poultry , it’s the unfaired Mk2 edition , deficient both grit and also practicality. For a
collectable, go for early , bare cycle. Faired Mk2cycles are generally cast iron invariably winners ,
although first , faired cycles , going in very seem condition as low as £1100, are the most useful of
most industrys.
Bandit buying
Which model ?
TheBandits really are a indigneous group of 4 : outdated and also new ; faired and also bare. That
suits you is dependent upon what you look for to do with the idea and also what kind of
comfort/attitudetrade-off you are wiling to reside together with. The after cycle is actually much softer
plus much more sophisticated ; the earlier lighter in weight plus much more experiential.
Atthe bottom finish of the price size you have the roughest of the great deal – the unfaired GSF1200.
If you're able to find a very good , clean up , near-standard cycle , you then may use a potential
classic on your hands coming from as low as £1000. The purchase price can have reached regarding
just it is going to proceed , thus wear and tear may barely become a great concern and also rates of
minters may even surge in the coming years. nOnetheless , it’sworth considering the earlier faired
cycle is likely to have been held by simply an even more sympathetic group , plus a bit of plastic-type
material doesn't detract coming from which bonkers sensation.
Withrates thus low , the condition of consumables and also service elements are generally high in
agenda. Purchase a £1200 cycle together with shagged old tyres , string , sprockets, wires ,insides
linkages plus a dripping backed jolt and you really are successfully spending one more £800 possibly
even. Bare this in front of your head because you look , because a cycle wonderful these factors
inside great lean pricing £500 more is likely to have got been better taken care of overall.
AnABS-equipped cycle seemed inside 1997 , within the GSF1200 SA status. nO dreadful great deal
ended up marketed , nevertheless those who gone ab muscles usually are associates of the wise
Inyear 2000 Suzuki created many changes on the bike’s chassis , together with reduced seat , new
forks and also six-piston tires replacing the four-potters. Suzuki claimed somewhat additional torque ,
nevertheless electrical power has been unrevised. The S-model acquired an extremely more
substantial faring and also larger , better headlights.
Later-modelfaired types make exceptional all-rounder-cum-sports-tourers. 1 together with total
baggage may be the bargain a person can have. The SK-models begin in about £1500regarding one
thing approximately 25k on the wall clock.
Whena peppermint , inventory 2004 faired cycle together with lower than 10k on the wall clock can be
purchased regarding £2000 secretly , then it’s barely well worth spending more. Sufficient reason for
so many cycles available available in this sort of low prices , it’s not well worth holding something
that’s not clean up , recorded and also near-standard. You're in a situation just to walk away when in
a hesitation within the condition or legitimacy of just about any cycle.
Bandit models
GSF1200Bandit, 1995-on
Engine: Air/oil-cooled, 1156cc,inline-4, DOHC, 16v
Power:98bhp @ 8500rpm
Torque: 67lb/ft @ 4500rpm
Seattop : 835 mm (33.nIne inside )
Dryweight : 208kg
For: feels gentle , speedy , stunts just like a adolescent with a skateboard. nAtural.
Against: natural , several feelings ,neck-stretcher, questionable finish
GSF1200S(faired) Bandit, 1996-on
Engine: Air/oil-cooled, 1156cc,inline-4, DOHC, 16v
Power:98bhp @ 8500rpm
Torque: 67lb/ft @ 4500rpm
Seat top : 835mm
Dryweight : 214kg
For: additionally feels gentle , speedy ,stunts just like a sack-full of androgen hormone or testosterone
with a BMX. nAtural. All-round helpful.Comfy.
Against: natural , several feelings , questionable finish.
GSF1200Bandit 2001-on
Engine: Air/oil-cooled, 1156cc,inline-4, DOHC, 16v
Power:98bhp @ 8500rpm
Torque: 69lb/ft @ 4500rpm
Seattop : 790mm
Dryweight : 214kg
For: comfy in low velocity ,civilised, clean.
Against: feels large and also does not have perspective in contrast to Mk1. Finish still not wonderful.
GSF1200S(faired) Bandit 2001-on
Engine: Air/oil-cooled, 1156cc,inline-4, DOHC, 16v
Power:98bhp @ 8500rpm
Torque: 69lb/ft @ 4500rpm
Seattop : 790mm
Dryweight : 220kg
For: very comfy , superbly helpful length cycle. Phenomenal sports activities tourer bargain
Against: regardless of finish , small wrong. Delicate seems , delicate jolt , delicate impression. Large.
The check-over
Check engine/chassis figures , mileage versus outdated MoTs, bills ,service history and so forth. Can
almost everything mount up ?
Look meticulously in welds, fish tank appears and so forth regarding symptoms of over-painted rust.
Use a close go through the oil-cooler regarding symptoms of leaks/repairs – they may be expensive
for change.
Bikeswhich have been standing will often experience gummy carbohydrates. Guarantee the cycle that
will fire upward rapid and also goes easily upon all cylinders. Pay attention to smoking in the deplete
(notice ‘Reliability’).
Checkbranch seal condition as well as gemstone destruction on the stanchions. On the backed , look
regarding essential oil leakages in the damper. While using backed wheel totally free of a floor , raise
the backed wheel to evaluate regarding participate in within the linkage, which will make an
appearance since totally free movements.
Accident damage
Besidesthe standard products , take a good look on the cycle in the backed – can almost everything
look right ?
Bandit owning
This is often a relatively easy cycle which to perform basic offering jobs – essential oil and also filters
– but remember you’ll require a small bump once you market when you’ve not acquired the full
service history. Lower on the vendor ,anticipate paying about £100 for a small service , two times this
kind of once the control device clearances will need carrying out. Maintain bills.
Bandits,specifically first ones , use a good reputation for weak building. Cycles which have been used
by means of winter seasons will tend to be suffering from mouldy nails and also rust about welds.
This can only remain from exploding together with frequent cleaning and also the use of WD40, or
comparable. A metal deplete charges , nevertheless will save on knee.
TheBandit 1200 just isn't specifically tyre-sensitive and merely regarding every single road-touring
tyre, within the appropriate fitment – gets great testimonials. Back again old tyres may proceed ten
,500 a long way , if you can get 50 percent this kind of driving under the influence frisky while using
throttle. Track-type old tyres really are a waste of funding.
TheBandit sports activities one of the most dependable motors about with not many difficulties. There
are many isolated stories of cam-chains getting upset , nevertheless this is very , very rare and ,
sometimes the consequence of high-rev intonation – you'll find uprated,guide adjusters to avoid this
kind of. Handbags experience wheelie maniacs and also amateur move racers and when you’re
planning to take pleasure in , match a heavy-duty springtime system.
Thereis often a particular challenge with several 2001/K1 and also 2002/K2 designs. As a result of
portion of weak pistons while using wrong opening size within the skirt , affected cycles consume to
some litre of essential oil every single one thousand a long way. This may lead to more operating and
also starting up difficulties as the top-end soots upward and also owners statement the powerplant
requiring a dose of gasoline additive every single ten ,500 a long way.
Along term remedy entails installing year-2000 pistons, together with smaller holes. Suzukiaccepted
there was clearly an issue with several 01 cycles , replacing pistons underneath warranty ,
nevertheless there was clearly no recollect. Owners additionally statement comparable issues with
several 02 cycles.
OlderBandit 1200s utilize the usual braided brake collections. Shocks usually get delicate soon after
years. Although a wordpress entirely adaptable backed jolt charges about £375, a cheaper
fix/upgrade entails installing a second hand Hayabusa jolt , together with several small re-
engineeering. This kind of mod is a lot more effortlessly accomplished on the after edition of the cycle
and in addition raises ride top , which assists ground clearance and also quickens the guiding.
rEgarding facts , check out :maximum-suzuki.nEt. Soaring charge branch rises are another popular
Anotherlocation regarding worry with a bare cycle together with (the earlier edition ) an inexpensive
finish is actually road crud and also deterioration.. A fender extender helps maintain top of the
powerplant and also deplete downpipes clean up. A hugger can a similar employment on the backed
and also several ‘tail-tidys’ and also underneath trays smarten the trunk finish of the cycle , although
defending body tubes and also making for less complicated cleanup. Belly kitchenware guard the
engine’s bottom , but sometimes additionally hide and also harbour deterioration..
Once you’ve equipped the everywhere end-can– worthwhile cosmetically in addition to being a
weight-saving measure – £120 invested in carb and also airbox improvements need to provide your
Bandit approximately 120bhp. Following that upon ,possibilities are generally countless because of
the Bandit revealing a similar basic powerplant since the GSX-R1100s. Lashing away several great
with a 1340cc big-bore and also very hot cameras will discover anyone looking to wait to 170bhp and
also 100ft/lb of torque.
Bandit Selling
The Punter
Bandit1200s market commonly , to every person coming from Simpson-wearing Stormtrooper
wannabes to middle-aged, colour-coded bimble-tourers. The ‘streetfighter’ finish with this size is likely
to yield with a go filled with bolt-ons, an easy wallet and turn into selecting between cared for
equipment plus a ‘repairable’ GSX-R1000 that’sgone through along side it of a shuttle.
The more aged client requirements reassurance , nevertheless would prefer to pay a tiny dividend for
it and also won’t weary anyone together with stories of where did they wheelied to Mars and also
back again
The Ad’
To appeal to the right individuals , you need the correct sculpt :
‘Suzuki 1200S Bandit. 2002/51 plate.
Fully developed owner , effectively cared for , service history , new brake patches.’
using terms for
‘fast’, ‘great stunt bike’
and also
do not the correct impact make.
Banditry is often a buyer’s market. Establishing a higher price and also making leeway regarding
purchasers to bargain will mean few hits on the entrance. Make use of the information here setting an
enthusiastic price and also unless the customer provides great validation to renegotiate deals , stick
near to the idea. You'll have compiled a great evidential dossier upon exactly why your cycle may be
worth top dollars.
The Sale
For viewings, ensure consumables look wise. Shagged old tyres and also organizations often see
anyone going into a downward bargaining control. Better a whole new set of low-cost malay old tyres
when compared with rectangular Pirelli monitor silicone. When you’ve equipped pricey aftermarket
bits , squeeze original documents back again upon – except the end-can, cos the idea seems better
together with. Only make use of the more bits since bargaining equipment if you need to. Close the
purchase , wring hands , take the money…after which supply the parts available. If the purchaser
doesn’t want them , drive them to internet avenue market.
Expert Interviews
Adam Shaw, Pidcock Suzuki – Servicing
“Basic offering is rather easy , while using control device clearancesaltered by simply mess and also
locknut. Suzuki advises they are examined every single service , nevertheless many of us offer
customers an opportunity like away encounter it’s definitely not required. Absolutely nothing appears
to go wrong using these cycles – they could run rough when the carbohydrates go out of stability , so
this wants examining on a regular basis. Key companies are generally every single 7500 a long way
and also expense about £250. The more advanced offering is actually every single 3300 and also
expense £150.’
Owen Phillips, Cambrian Tyres
“Sports-touring old tyres are generally most widely used together with Bandit owners ,especially the
Bridgestone 0201. For those who don’t desire to invest Bridgestonedollars , the continental road
strike can also be common. For the people wanting larger mileage still , together with les sportiness,
elderly models like the Metzeler MEZ4. Several individuals invest in a sports activities tyre, but they
could be used up in under 3300 a long way. The more touring opinionated old tyres average
regarding 4000 a long way , nevertheless it’s very dependant on how we ride and also the road
materials anyone ride upon. Always employ the tyre designers strain assistance , rather than the
Mark Brewin, BSD * Tuning
“The sky’s the reduce while using Bandit 1200 simply because despite the fact that it’s a fantastic
road cycle , there’s much scope regarding enhancement and you will really feel large increases
regarding small cost. A great end-can will add 10bhp and also they’re an easy task to re-jet without
spending on a Dynojet system. Match a big-bore system and a few functionality cameras and also
you’re taking a look at 150bhp and also 90lb/ft or torque – not to become sniffed in with a cycle like
the Bandit.”
John Burton coming from lincoln goes Bandit Mania and also is the owner of three
Bandit 1200s, new and also outdated.
“The Bandit’s a genuine do-it-all cycle , just about unburstable and also a stonking purchase.
Handbags can let proceed when used quite difficult. In no way go for low-cost substitutes , employ
both authentic plates or known makes just like Barnett or Lucas.Using the most up-to-date synthetic
oils doesn’t aid which enable it to begin the clutch i465 sliding ,thus work with a basic essential oil.
“Compared to offering similar to a VFR, the Bandit’s thus low-cost it’s nearly totally free. I’ve
witnessed motors still operating fine with more than 100 ,500 a long way.
“The insides usually could accomplish having an update ,specifically after a few years. Hagon shocks
(£255) do the job effectively are available together with a fantastic promise. Enthusiast packing
containers go rotten and also guiding go showing don due to lack of manufacturing facility greasing.
Apart from that the only typical difficulties my spouse and i notice are generally faulty gasoline gauges
upon first cycles in which the line provides snapped and also the occasional sticking camchain
tensioner, that is effortlessly preset.
“There are a number of cycles available which have been failed challenging. To identify 1 that’s were
built with a challenging front-ender, you need your fingers in under the fish tank and also confirm the
triangular in shape steel plate in front of the body. Detail provides flaky fresh paint , check out more –
when it’s as the plate is actually creased then…”
power bills info