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tiiimnaBJi... '^ Presented to the LIBRARY ofthe •JNIVERSm- OF TORONTO hy ^ss Jean Robinson DISEASES OFTHE CHILDREN A WORK FOR THE PRACTISING PHYSICIAN EDITED BY Dr. M. PFAUNDLER, Dr. A. SCHLOSSMANN, Professor of Children's Diseases, and Director Diseases and Director of thtof the Professor of Children's Children's Clinic at the University of Munich. at the Medical AcademyChildren's Clinic Dü ENGLISH TRANSLATION EDITED BY HENRY L. K. SHAW, M.D., LINNAEUS La FETRA, M.D., Albany, N. Clinical Professor Diseases of Children, Diseases of Children, Columy., New York, N.Y., Instructor of Albany Medical College Physician-in-Charge University of Diseases of : bia ; Chief of Department St. Margaret's House for Infants, AttendingChildren, Vanderbilt Clinic ; Ass't Albany. to the Babies' Hospital.Physician WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY L. EMMETT HOLT, M.D., York,New N. Y., Professor of Pediatrics, Columbia University IIVOLUME page inserts in color and black and coloredillustrations, 28 full 75//J text illustrations <£?PHILADELPHIA LONDON B. LIPPINCOTT COMPANYy Copyright, 1908 CompanyLippiNcoTTJ. B.By Copyright, 1912 Lii'1'i-NCüiT CompanyJ. a.By CompanyLippim:ottby J. B.Eledrotyped and Printed AU.S.Philadelphia,Square Press,The Washington Table of Contents VOLUME II. FAQE! Diseases of the Xewborx 1 Dr. W. Ivnöpfelmacher. Vienna; translated by Dr. A. S. Cleveland, O.Maschke, Prematirity and Coxgexital Debility 81 Dr. O. Rommel, Munich; translated by Dr. A. S. Maschke, Cleveland, O. axd AtelectasisAsphyxia 99 Dr. O. Rommel, Munich; translated by Dr. A. Maschke, Cleveland,S. O. Sclercedema axd Sclerema 105 Dr. O. Rommel, Munich; translated by Dr. A. S. Maschke, Cleveland, O. Diseases of Puberty Ill Professor C. Seitz, Munich; translated by Dr. John Howland, New York, N. Y. of the Blood axd of the Blood-preparingDiseases Orgaxs 131 translated by Dr. EdwardDr. A. Japha, Berlin; F. Wood, Wilmington, N. C. H.EMORRHAGIC AfFECTIOXS 175 Dr. R. Hecker, Munich; translated by Dr. Edward F. Wood, Wilmington, N. C. IXFAXTILE SCCRVY 192 Professor W. von Starck, Iviel; translated by Dr. Charles K. Winne, Jr., Albany, N. Y. Rachitis 202 W.Professor Stöltzner, Halle; translated by Dr. Charles K. Winne, Jr., Albany, N. Y. Diabetes Mellitus 225 Noorden, Dr. AndrewProfessor C, von Vienna; translated by Macfarlane, Albany, N. Y. Diabetes Insipidus 231 Professor C. von Noorden, Vienna; translated by Dr. Andrew Macfarlane, Albany, N. Y. Lymph.atic Diathesis 233 Professor Pfaundler, Munich; translated by Dr. C. G. Leo-Wolf, Niagara Falls, N. Y. Measles 243 Moser, Vienna; translated Dr. Harold Parsons, M.R.C.P., (London),Dr. P. by Toronto, Canada. Scarlet Fever 268 By Dr. C. von Pirquet, Vienna, and Dr. B. Schick, Vienna; translated by Dr. Isaac A. Abt, Chicago, 111. — —Rotheln Germax Measles Rubella 316 Bokay, Baltimore^ Md.Professor J. von Budapest; translated by Dr. John Ruhräh, " "Dukes' Fourth Disease 321 Professor J. von Bokay, Budapest; translated Dr. John Ruhräh. Baltimore, V — TABLE OF COXTF.XTSvi PAGE 3'25Erythema Infectiosum Faber, Schenectady, X. Y.Professor Pfauniller, Munich; translated by Dr. J. P. 330Varicella . translated by Dr. John Ruhnih. Baltimore, Md.Dr. X. Swobo