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/I THE NEW JERSEY (LOYALISTS) IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. I VOLUNTEERS"THE NEW JERSEY LOYALISTS) REVOLUTIONARY WAR.IN THE BY WILLIAM S. STRYKER, R OF NEWADJUTANT-GENERAL JERSEY. PRINTED FOR PRIVATE DISTRIBUTION. N. J.TRENTON, DAY &, BOOK AND JOB PRINTERS.NAAR, NAAR, 1887. N NEW VOLUNTEERS LOYALISTSTHE JERSEY IN THE WAR.REVOLUTIONARY The facts contained in this in refevenco "to thepaper service of theof New in theLoyalists Jersey military are comCrown the Revolutionary war, principallyduring Docufrom Force s American O sArchives,piled Callaghan of New Games Howe sYork, Register,mentary History s Moore s of theNarrative, Galloway Pamphlets, Diary Hat-American Dawson s HistoricalRevolution, Magazine, field s of Whitehead s of PerthElizabeth, HistoryHistory ofMinutes of the Provincial and CouncilAmboy, Congress of ofSafetv New Writings Washington,Jersey, Sparks Simcoe s Greene s Life of General Greens,Military Journal, Archives first and second sseries,Pennsylvania Lossing Field-book of the Tarleton s Southern CamRevolution, s sSir Clinton Narrative, Kingspaigns, Henry Draper Dawson s Battles Land and Barber &Mountain, by Sea, York JourHowe s New Historical NewCollections,Jersey s s South SimsGazette,nal, Ramsey Carolina,Rivington inSouth and the records on file office. But,Carolina, my of Sabine s of the American Revolutioncourse, Loyalists has been without it this sketch couldconstantly consulted; not have been written.certainly As soon as General William Howe arrived at Staten on withthe 7th of so was heIsland, 1776,July, pleased 970979 4 THE NEW JERSEY VOLUNTEERS (LOYALISTS) in the harbour of wrotehis New York that hereception these words to the British "I havegovernment: great reason to an enormous of the toinhabitantsexpect body join the from the of the and Conarmy provinces York, Jerseys in this time of universalnecticut, who, onlyoppression, for andwait to of theiropportunities give proofs loyalty zeal for men came over twogovernment. Sixty days ago with a few arms from the of Shrewsbury,neighbourhood in who were desirous to and I understandserve,Jersey, there are fiveihundred more in that to followreadyquarter " their * example/." General HbWe^soon after this to recruitingbegan appoint officers in different of New and toparts Jersey organize detachments of Provincials as fast as themthey presented selves for service in the Mr. Cortlandt Skinner,army. whose devotion to the of the British beforeinterests king the war had made him a man in Newprominent Jersey, was selected as the officer to and to comproper organize mand the men who were anxious to enroll themselves tinder the standard of Great Britain, He was commis sioned at first a and afterwards aColonel, Brigadier-Gen with to raise five battalions to consist of twoeral, authority " thousand and five hundred under command ofsoldiers, of the nominated himself." Hegentlemen country by established his at the of theorganizationheadquarters on Staten in New York and thisIsland,corps harbour, soon became the for all tories of New Yorkplace refuge and New as well as for deserters from theJersey, patriot General Skinner himself seems to have beenarmy. stationed on Staten Island and in New York city during most of the and it is seldom that we meet himwar, very with hiseven soldiers in other of theany part contiguous
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