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Autoera’s Multifunctional Tool With Tire Gauge Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Tires

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Autoera’s Multifunctional Tool with Tire Gauge Helps You Get The Most out Of Your Tires How do you get your car to perform better, go further per drop of fuel, drive better and feel safer? One of the most important factors is a great tire.

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Ajouté le : 13 janvier 2014
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Autoera’s MultifunctionalTool with Tire Gauge Helps You Get The Most out Of Your Tires
How do you get your car to perform better, go further per drop of fuel, drive better and feel safer? One of the most important factors is a great tire. Tire companies spend millions of dollars per year on research and development to get their tires to go further, drive better, be safer, and be tougher and so on. But did you know that even if you put the best tire in the market today on your car and yet do not put in the correct tire pressure that all the benefits your great tire has is greatly diminished? Yes, because tires have a pressure range that needs to be matched to your vehicles recommended tire pressure range as well.
Did you know that the right time to check tires is when they are coldmeaning not driven for at least an hour and of course not parked under the heat of the sun because heat changes tire pressure. That means you should check them before you driving your car and to do that you need to have a good & accurate Tire Pressure Gauge.
Autoera’s multifunctional Digital Tire Pressure Gauge AT-501has been a good investment for my tires plus it goes beyond just checking tire pressure. The tool is 5 in 1 which really means there are 5 different functioning tools in this one device. Even though it is such, the size and weight of this tool is perfect.Autoera’s Digital Tire Gauge will have you easily and quickly check your tire and the digital tire gauge has been very accurate for me and it reads the pressure in 3 different units: PSI, BAR and KPA. They have a website which gives you clear instructions and the best part is that its available in Amazon store so you can buy from the comfort of your home! Aside from the Digital Tire Gauge, it comes with an LED light obviously so you can use it even in the dark. It has a Tire Tread Depth Gauge which accurately helps you determine how much tread life is left in your tire. It’s really pretty straightforward. And the final two tools are your emergency escape tools: a window breaker and a seatbelt cutter. These two tools you can really hope and pray you do not need to use but you must have them. Maybe someone along the road might need help because seatbelts getting stuck after an accident or windows and doors getting stuck are all too common these days and those situations usually have only seconds or minutes to get out.
Almost every automobile today has a Cold Tire Pressure Chart on the driver’s side door frame or fuel flap, intended to remind the driver to check tire pressure regularly. Check them once a month at the least since tire pressure is expected to drop each month. What happens when you do not have the right tire pressure? For starters, know this: most tire blowouts are caused by underinflated tires because the tires get flexed beyond what they are designed to. Pretty dangerous huh? Underinflated tire causes the cars steering to get heavy causing stress to the drivers arms and they also reduce fuel efficiency as the car is heavier for the engine to push forward. It reduces stability especially in cornering. On the other hand, over inflated tires causes discomfort as it causes the bumps to be felt more. Overinflated or underinflated tires result in very uneven tire wear patterns and tire grip is compromised in either conditions. So again, all these major tire manufacturers spend millions on research to make the best tires but the end user, you, have to maintain it right to be able to enjoy the most of your tires. All the effects of over or under inflation in lesser quality tires have an even more dangerous effect. Bottom line is, we got to be more responsible for our safety and those we meet on the road. If you want to get this same one that made me a happy owner, you can find itclicking hereAdios!