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Autoera Tire Pressure Gauge AT-501 for Motorcycle, Bike, Car, SUV - Accurate Digital Tool W/Tire Tread Depth Gauge, LED light, Seat Belt Cutter Knife & Window Breaker Hammer for Emergency Escape - Check Your Tires, Save Fuel & Protect Your Lives - 6 Mos Guarantee
3 units of measure PSI, BAR, KPA; Accuracy: +/- 1 PS1 – choose between the 3 units depending on what unit you are used to or what units your user guide for tires use. NO need to convert, just push a button and find your unit for measure Seatbelt cutter knife and window breaker for emergency exit; Tire tread depth gauge helps you know when to change your tires or even when to start saving for the next set. Yellow = start saving and Red = change ASAP Pressure range: 2-150 PSI; Can be used on bike, motorcycle, car, SUV; Metal Gauge tip and tough ABS construction for long service life; Plastic gauge tips tend to deform just months after purchase, this one is made with tougher materials so you get to enjoy using it longer
Do you know what the number 1 cause of interstate tire blowout out is? •Improper tire pressure!  Maintain proper air pressure to prevent blow outs -Check tire pressure regularly -Keep your tire pressure within the recommended range
Benefits of keeping tire pressure within correct range -Prevent tire blowouts -Improve fuel economy -Extend tire life -Better handling vehicle -Safer road travel -Save money Manufactured with quality -Durable ABS construction -Uses high quality parts -Metal tire pressure gauge tip
 Tire gauge  
LED light
Autoera AT-501 is a 5 in 1 tool 
Tire tread depth gauge
Emergency Seatbelt cutter  
Emergency window breaker
Autoera Digital Tire Pressure Gauge lets you quickly, easily and accurately check your tire pressure with this light and durable ergonomic hand held device. 
This device comes with a variety of other tools rolled into one handy device so you're not just buying one but 5 tools! 
All of these combined makes this tool a no brainer investment which will save you money and help prevent tragedy. Coming with a 6 month guarantee and yes, batteries included 
Hurry andCLICK HEREand get serious with road safety! 
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