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Notice Système de voiture sécurité Compustar 2W8000FMR-3A

16 pages

Notice utilisateur, mode d'emploi du modèle '2W8000FMR-3A' de marque 'Compustar'

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Ajouté le : 28 mai 2011
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22WW990000FFMMRR -/2ebTiédliérceoctmiomnanneldlee FMGUIDE DE L’UTILISATEURBy Firstech, LLC. ww.wcompusta.rorg2W900FMR /2W900FMR-2ndUSER’S GUIDEBy Firstech, LLC. ww.wcompusta.rorg
Page 2TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Safety InformationPage 4dn2. Remote-Pager : 2W900FMR, 2W900-F2MRw/LCDPage 43. Description of Remote AppearancePage 54. CompuGLO Color LCDPage 55. LCD  IconsPage 66. Remote-Pager Button Functions Page 77. More Button Functions        Page 88. Remote-Pager Learn RoutinePage 99.Auto-Start FunctionPage 910. Reservation Mode Page 1011. Canceling Reservation Mode Page 1112. Valet ModePage 1213. Safety Shut Down FeaturesPage 1214. Turbo ModePage 12dn15.  2car ModePage 1216. Limited Lifetime Consumer WarrantyPage 14Page 3
Safety InformationDescription of Remote AppearancePlease take these safety precautions into consideration under the following conditions: The model name, 2W900FM, R2W900FMR -n2d stands for 2 Way FM 4 Buton 1. Servicing the vehicleR e m ot e. When servicing your automobile (i.e. changing the oil, washing your car), the CompuStar system should be in Valet Mode. There is a safety shutdown switch under the hood that deactivates the remote start function if the hood is open. However, if the switch has been damaged or the switch has been installed improperly,the vehicle may start when button I Iis pressed for 2 seconds, even if the hood is open2. Loaning your vehicle to othersWhenever you loan your vehicle to an individual who is not familiar with Compustar,please put the vehicle in Valet mode. This will prevent the vehicle loaner from accidentally activating the CompuStar auto-security system. 3. For manual transmission vehiclesIf the CompuStars ystem is installed in a manual transmission vehicle, extra precautions are required because the CompuStard oes not monitor the gear shifter :I m p or t a nt ! Under normal circumstances, Reservation Mode is cancelled when a door or hatchback opens. Please verify that the opening of any door orhatchback cancels Reservation Mode. If any of the doors or hatchback are notmonitored by CompuStarb ecause of improper installation or a faulty dome light switch,do not use the CompuStarand take your vehicle immediately to the dealer for repair.Do not set Reservation Mode if the window(s) are open or if there is anyone inside the vehicle, this includes animals. Remote start installation in a manual transmissionvehicle with a convertible top is not recommended.Remote-Pager : 2W900FMR/ 2W900FMR-2nd w/LCDThe model name, 2W900FMR, 2W900FMndR s t-a2nds forT wo Way 900MHzFrequency ModulatedRemote with Liquid Crystal Display.This transmitter allows you to activate multiple functions by pressing differentcombinations of the 4 buttons on the unit.Page 4FrontSide RearCompuGLO color LCDThe remote-pager comes with CompuGLO which is a unique color LCD displaythat visually tells you the security status of your vehicle as long as you are in range. There are differing icons that will appear on your CompuGLO LCD indicating what your vehicle is currently doing. 2W900FMR2W900FMR-2ndPage 5
LCD IconsIconExplanationIndicates that Timer Mode is on.Indicates that Turbo Mode is on. ( 2W900FMR ) Indicates that Passive Arming Mode is on. Indicates that n2dVehicle Mode is on. ( 2W900FMndR)- 2 Indicates that the Shock Sensor has been triggered.Indicates that the Shock sensor is turned off.Indicates if you are in Valet Mode.Indicates that your parking lights are flashing.Indicates that your siren is turned on when locking or unlocking your vehicle.Indicates that the RPS is on.Indicates that someone is paging you from your vehicle.Indicates that your remote-pager is transmitting signals to the controller unit.Indicates that Vibration Mode is on.Indicates that your car is locked or unlocked. Displays remaining battery life.1. Time Clock. 2. Remainder of the engine running time. Indicates that your door is open.Page 6IconExplanationIndicates that your vehicle has auto-started properly or that the ignition is on.Indicates that your Hood is open.Indicates that your trunk is open.Remote-Pager Button FunctionsButton(s)PressedFunctionroFLock / Arm1I1/2 secUnlock / Disarm2II 1/2 secAUX 1 3II I 1/2 secAUX 2 4I V1/2 secQuery Function5II- 2 secAuto-start Function  on/off6III- 2 secTrunk Release 7I V- 2 secPanic, Press Ito turn off the siren.8(I +I I ) 1/2 secSiren Chirp   on/off9(I +I I I ) 1/2 secValet Mode  on/off10(I I  +I I I ) 1/2 secPassive Arming  on/off11(I I +I V) 1/2 secTimer Start Mode    on/off12(I I I +I V) Turbo Mode - on/of(f2 W900FMR)1/2 sec2ndCar - on/off (2W900FMnRd-)213(I +I I I ) - 2 secShock Sensor    on/off 14(I +I I ) - 2 secProgramming Menu 115(I+IV )-2 secProgramming Menu 2Note : ""Represents pressing the button for 2 seconds."()"Represents simultaneously pressing the buttons."()"Represents simultaneously pressing the buttons for 2 seconds.Page 7
More Button Functions(1) Time SettingButtonPressedFor FunctionSTEP 1(II+III)- 2 secTones will sound for confirmationSTEP 2(I ) 1/2 secTime setting is on. The numbers willflash, and tones will sound.(I ) 1/2 secChange hour.STEP 3(I I ) 1/2 secChange minutes.STEP 42 secTime setting is off.  Tones will(II+III)- sound.(2) RPS & ibVration mode on or off ButtonPressedFor FunctionSTEP 1(II+III)- 2 secTones will sound for confirmation(I I I ) 1/2 secRPS on or off, tones will sound for STEP 2confirmation.(I V )1/2 secVibration mode on or off, tones willsound for confirmation. Note : Step 2 must be completed within 15 seconds. If not, start over at step 1.Page 8Remote-Pager Learn RoutineThe CompuStar system will allow up to three remotes to be programmed to onevehicle. Please perform the following procedure to add or reprogram additionalremotes.Step1 :Activate Valet/Programming mode by manually turning the ignition on and off five times(between Acc and On)with the key within a 7 second period.The parking light will flash once with successful completion of this step.Step2 :Within a 7 second period after cycling the ignition for the 5t htime, press button I. The parking lights will flash once to confirm that the transmitter has been programmed. You can continue programming additional remotes. The parking lights will flash two times when the programming mode has expired.Auto-Start FunctionPress button I for 2 seconds to auto-start an automatic transmission engine.Remember, that a key in the ignition is required to drive the car. For manual transmission vehicles, please use reservation mode. Press buttonI I for 2 seconds in order to turn off an auto-started car.The engine will run 15 or 25 minutes (25 or 45 min for diesel) depending on presetoptions at the time of installation and then shut off.- shows the amount of run-time left in the remote start mode.A nt i - Gr i n dThe anti-grind circuit (an optional feature provided by your installer) prevents youfrom engaging the starter on a remote-started vehicle.Page 9
Diagnosing problems with Auto-Start Activating Reservation Mode(Manual Transmission only)If there is a problem in auto-starting your vehicle,the CompuStar system will do oneStep1 : After arriving at your destination, and BEFORE TURNING of two things; if it fails for any of the reasons listed in the table below, it will flash theYOUR ENGINE OFF,place the transmission in the Neutral position.parkinglights three times then flash the error number. Otherwise, it will attempt toStep2 : Activate the parking brake.start the vehicle three times. If, after three times, the vehicle will not start or stayStep3 : Remove your foot from the foot brake.running, the CompuStar system will shut down. In either case, please see your Step4 : Remove the key from the ignition, and the engine will remain running.installer to resolve the situation.Step5 : Exit the vehicle and close the door within two minutes after ac t i v at i n gthe parking brake. The engine will shut off and reservation Error Number(# of times parking lights flash)Error Reasonmode for theremote-starter is now complete.1Engine OnYour vehicle is now ready for auto-starting. However, the reservation mode will 2Key Onbe cancelled if a door is opened or the CompuStar system is put in Valet mode3Door Openafter the reservation has been set. Once cancelled, you will have to start the 4Trunk Openvehicle with the key and repeat the above 5 steps if you want to restore reservation5Brake On 6Hood Openmode. 7Reservation Off (Manual Transmission Only)Important!When the vehicle shuts off after reservation mode, theCompuStar system will lock/arm the vehicle. Take care to not lock your keysReservation Mode (manual transmission only)inside.In order to auto-start your manual transmission vehicle, you must first set theImportant!If you try to auto-start the vehicle when reservation CompuStar system to Reservation Mode before leaving your vehicle. The purpose of Reservation Mode is to leave the transmission gear in the neutralmode has not been set, the auto-start feature will not work. When you press theauto-start button, the remote will beep three times. position when you leave your vehicle. Reservation mode is intended for use onThe car parking lights will flash three times, pause, then flash seven times. MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS ONLY and NOT FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS.Reservation Mode must be engaged each and every time you leave your manualtransmission vehicle in order to auto-start it.Canceling Reservation ModeNote : The system is not recommended for vehicles with removable tops.If you do not want to set reservation mode, shut off the engine before you exit the Important requirements to activate Reservation Modevehicle. The engine will shut off for the following reasons: - The transmission must be in the NEUTRAL position. - You did not activate the parking brake or pressed the foot brake when - The vehicle windows must be rolled up. you turned the key to the off position. - Do not set the reservation mode with people in the vehicle. - You released the parking brake while the engine was running. - Do not auto-start the vehicle with people in the it. - You entered Valet Mode after the Reservation Mode has been completed. Page 10Page 11
Valet ModeWhile the vehicle is in valet mode, only the keyless entry function will be available.Valet Mode is very useful when loaning your vehicle or having it serviced.In order to enter Valet mode, press butt(oI +nI sI I  ) simultaneously for a 1/2 second. In order to manually enter Valet Mode, insert your key into the ignition and turn the ignition on, then o(fbfe,tween ACC and ON)five times within 10 seconds.You can exit Valet Mode only by pressing buttons(I +I I I ) simultaneously for a 1/2 second. Safety Shut Down FeaturesThe CompuStar 2W900FMR, 2W900FMndRs-y2stem has several shut down safetyfeatures. The following actions will shut down the engine or prevent the car from auto-starting : Opening the hood, pressing the brake, or if Valet Mode is turned on.Turbo Mode(2W900FMR)If this optional Turbo Mode has been programmed at the time of installation,you can turn this feature on and off by pressing but(tI I oI +nI sV ) for a 1/2 second.In this mode, if the emergency brake has been set, the engine will continue to run after the key has been taken out of the ignition. It will run until two minutes after theemergency brake has been set.• To utilize this mode, the emergency brake sensing wire has to be connected to the emergency brake wire of the vehicle. Consult the authorized dealer for this mode. • This option is ideal for turbo-charged vehicles because it allows the turbo too slowly cool after operation.2ndCar Mode(2W900FMR-2nd)This Remote-Pager is able to operate nad 2vehicle. Press buttons II&IV simultaneously for 1/2 second. If this mode is turnendd to 2Car, the Remote-Pager will not communicate withs thve h1icle. To Exitn d2Carpress buttonsI I I &I Vsimultaneously again.Page 12Page 13
Limited Lifetime Consumer WarrantyFirstech, LL.C is not RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGESWHATSOEVER,INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY CONSEQUENTIALiFni rsmtaetcehr,i aLl LanCd  Wwaorrrkanmtas ntsoh tihp eu onrdiegri nnaol rpmuarlc huasse ear ntdh acti trhcius mpsrtoadnuccets  sfhoar ltl hbee  pferreieo do f odf efects DAMAGES, INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF TIME, LOSS OF EARNINGS, COMMERCIAL LOSS, LOSS OF ECONOMIC teixmcee ptth atth atth et hoer irgeimnaolt eo cwonnetrr oolfl etrh ius npitr ofodru tcht eo pwenris otdh eo fv eohniec lyee ianr  fwrohimc ht hite  ids aitnes toafl led ; OPPORTUNITY AND THE LIKE that may or may not resulted from the operation ofinstallation to the original owner of this product. Compustar. When the original purchaser returns the product to the retail store where it was NOT WITH STANDING THE ABOVE, MANUFACTURER DOES OFFER A LIMITEDpurchased or prepaid postal to Firstech, LLC., 3415 St.h 1S1t 6Seattle, WA 98168, WARRANTY TO REPLACE OR REPAIR THE CONTROL MODULE AS USA within the warranty period, and if the product is defective, Firstech, LLC, will at itsDESCRIBED ABOVE. option repair or replace such.TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY LAW, ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES Your WarrantyARE EXCLUDED BY THE MANUFACTURER AND EACH ENTITY PARTICIPATING Tmhises ipnrgo dour catltse rweadr.r  aTnhtiys i sw aaurrtaonmtya tiwcial llnyo tv obied  ivf aitlis d duantele csso dyeo uo r hsaevriea lc onummplbeeter dis t hdeef aced,ITNH ITSH EE XSCTLRUESAIOM NO IFN CCOLUMDMEES RBCUE TT IHS ENROETW LIITMHI. T ED TO, THE EXCLUSION OF ANY registration card and mailed it to Firstech, LL.C, within 10 days after the purchase to theAND ALL WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND/OR ANY AND ALL WARRANTaYd dress listed on the registration card.OOFF  FNIOTNN-EISNSF RFIONRG AE MPAENRTT IOCRU LPAART EPNUTRSP, OISN ET AHNE DU/NOIRT EADN YS TAANTDE SA OLLF  AWMAERRRIACNATY AND/OR ABROAD. NEITHER THE MANUFACTURER OF ANY ENTITIES CONNECTED THEREWITHSHALL BE RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCIDENTALDAMAGES, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF TIME, LOSS OF EARNINGS, COMMERCIALTLHOES SA, BLOOSVSE , OMF AENCUOFNAOCMTIUC ROEPRP ODROTESU NOIFTFYE RA NA DL ITMHIET LEIDK EW.  ANRORTAWNITTYH TSTO ARNEDPILNAGC E OR REPAIR THE CONTROL MODULE AS DESCRIBED ABOVE. eSxocmlues isotant eosr  dliom nitoatt iaollno own  lihmoiwt altioonngs  aonn i hmopwli eldo nwg aarrna inmtyp lwieildl  lwaasrt roarn ttyh e weilxlc llaussti oonr  tohr e limitation of incidental or consequential damages. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary State to State.Page 14Page 15