Biotechnologie 1994-1998

EUROPÄISCHE KOMMISSION WISSENSCHAFT t«. ■ FORSCHUNG ENTWICKLUNG Praktische Hinweise und Programme Informationspaket CHECK LIST Check carefully the following points before sending in your proposal. All answers must be YES. Does your proposal correspond to the Work Programme scientific scope of the programme? pp 27­62 Does your proposal fall under an area Work Programme open in the third call for proposals Table III, p. 17 Ill (06/96)? f s Is the type (implementation modality) of Work Programmeyour proposal available in the selected Table I, pp14­15IÜ area? Has your proposal description been Proposal description III correctly completed? (attached to the Application forms) Are the Application froms correctly 1 completed? In particular: ­ Is the type of your proposal indicated? (p. A) ­ Is the programme subarea, in wich your proposal falls, indicated? (p. A) ­ Are all the totals consistent with Application forms individual amounts for all partners? (p. A and D) ­ Are amounts expressed in kECU? (p. A and D) ­ Are the amounts indicated for total costs and EC funding requested, consistent with the cost basis? (p. D) ­ Have all partners signed and dated the forms? (p. D) Are all Ethical statements present Information Package and signed? (Information and assistance) Information Package Is the acknowledgement of receipt ¡5 (Information and assistance) present and completed?
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