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Geo- and biodynamic evolution at the northern margin of Gondwana ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Geo- and biodynamic evolution at the northern margin of Gondwana during Late Silurian to Early Devonian time (Hazro Area,

Growth and characterisation of group III nitride based nanowires ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Growth and Characterisationof Group-III Nitride-basedNanowires for DevicesVon der Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und

Hard X-ray microanalysis with parabolic refractive lenses ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Hard X-Ray Microanalysis with Parabolic Refractive Lenses.Von der Fakult¨ at fur¨ Mathematik, Informatik und

Growth of undoped and doped IIInitride nanowires and their ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Growth of Undoped and Doped III–NitrideNanowires and Their CharacterizationVon der Fakultat¨ fur¨ Elektrotechnik und

Heat induced denaturation of fibrous hard alpha-keratins and their ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Heat induced denaturation of fibrous hard α-keratins and their reaction with various chemical reagents Von der Fakultät

Grain-boundary – fluid inclusion interaction in rocks and analogues ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Dissertation Joyce Schmatz Grain Boundary Fluid InclusionInteraction in Rocks and AnaloguesDissertationGrain Boundary –

h- and p-XFEM with application to two-phase incompressible flow ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen


Hamiltonicity of maximal planar graphs and planar triangulations ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Hamiltonicity of maximal planar graphs andplanar triangulationsVon der Fakult at fur Mathematik, Informatik und

Geodynamic evolution and petroleum system of Abu Gharadig basin, ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen


Graphite as radioactive waste: corrosion behaviour under final ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Grahtip e a s oacrdativ e : n bevaohiurund er fina l stoirepor y tino s an d thaermltrtmeatneV on d r Falku tä t r Gec n d

Group 4 metal and vanadium bis(phenolato) complexes [Elektronische ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Group 4 Metal and Vanadium Bis(phenolato) Complexes: Synthesis, Structure and Olefin Polymerisation Activity Von der Fakultät

Grain boundary motion under high temperature low cycle deformation ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Grain Boundary Motion under High Temperature Low Cycle Deformation -Study of Mechanism, Kinetics and Driving force Von der

Geometrical description of homogeneous shear turbulence using ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Geometrical Description of HomogeneousShear Turbulence Using Dissipation ElementAnalysisVon der Fakult˜at fur˜ Maschinenwesen

Goodness-of-fit tests for type-II right censored data ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Type-II Right Censored Data:Structure Preserving TransformationsandPower StudiesVon der Fakultät für

Experimental and numerical investigation of jet mixing ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Experimental and Numerical Investigationof Jet Mixing.Experimentelle und numerischeUntersuchungen einesStrahlpumpen-Modells.Von

Geometrically nonlinear higher-order shear deformation FE analysis ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Geometrically Nonlinear Higher-Order Shear DeformationFE Analysis of Thin-Walled Smart StructuresVon der Fakultät für

Global gene expression profile mining of stem cells and their ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Global Gene Expression Profile Mining in Stem Cells and Their Progeny Von der Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und

Generic modelling with graph rewriting systems [Elektronische ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Generic Modelling withGraph Rewriting SystemsVon der Fakultät für Mathematik, Informatik und Naturwissenschaften

Generalized detailed balance theory of solar cells [Elektronische ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Generalized detailed balance theory of solar cellsVon der Fakult¨at fu¨r Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnikder

Generation and characterization of single chain antibody fragments ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

“Generation and characterization of single chain antibody fragments binding to the coat protein of grapevine

Generic modeling and mapping languages for model management ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

GENERIC MODELING AND MAPPING LANGUAGESFOR MODEL MANAGEMENTVon der Fakultat¨ fur¨ Mathematik, Informatik und Naturwissenschaften

Generation and characterisation of plant produced recombinant ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Generation and characterisation of plant produced recombinant antibodies specific to LHRH for treatment of sex hormone

An investigation into the characteristics and potential therapeutic ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

An Investigation into the Characteristics and PotentialTherapeutic Application of Human Neural ProgenitorCell-Derived

Fundamentals of spatial vision in the barn owl (Tyto alba ... rheinisch-westfalischen_technischen_hochschule_-rwth-_aachen

Fundamentals of spatial vision in the barn owl(Tyto alba pratincola):Ocular aberrations, grating acuity,contrast sensitivity,