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Vivre la Corée


Coincée entre la Chine et le Japon, la Corée du Sud a longtemps été un dragon asiatique oublié. Mais voilà, les succès

OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Korea 2009


This report assesses the current status of Korea’s innovation system and policies, and identifies where and how the government

Korean Buddhism, history -- condition -- art: three lectures


0^C^f^ri!Jci)>^ DFOn 19IB .\ Division r—, , • on KOREAN BUDDHISM PLATE I Kim Ku Ha, President of Buddhist Committee FOR

Le Japon illustré


JAPON ILLUSTRE £9- &* -ius% v1§« »! />. W3à 3 fe*7 m te&l .msmF /*; Presentedto the U**AKY theqf VNIVEKSITY OF TORONTO h A

Narrative of a voyage, in His Majesty's late ship Alceste, to the ...


ri I 4 TO CHINA. 3 commanded Basil and the GeneralHall,by captain Hewitt, Indiaman, by captain Campbell, accompa- nied the

Leaves from my Chinese scrapbook


' '|' iMW^'ft\'«»^>'aWMI|i|[il lll l lllll|IIM III J||||| | ||| lirMlBiMi^^ T R U BN ER ' S ORIENTAL SERIES. LEAVES FROM MY

Every-day life in Korea;


y^ CvcrvDav .^Life- ^' PRINCETON, N. J. Purchased the Missior.ary Fund.by Hammill Division Section .G-^5 Number.

The Korean Anarchist Movement - Temps Noirs


Post: Postnet Suite 116, Private Bag X42, Braamfontein, 2017,. Johannesburg, South Africa E-Mail: zabalaza@union.org.za.

Genetic polymorphism and natural selection in the C-terminal 42 kDa ...


The carboxy-terminal 42 kDa region of Plasmodium vivax merozoite surface protein-1 (PvMSP-1 42 ) is a leading candidate antigen

Experimental infection of a newly emerging Korean type I porcine ...


Recently, new emergence of type I PRRSV has been reported in Korea by several research groups. Although specific subgroups of